We Need More Nationalized Energy

Knowing that the source of my energy comes from a local company here in Texas is a reassuring feeling. When I was living in Kentucky I discovered that one of the two companies to serve the Bluegrass State was actually a business owned by another, larger energy company with foreign ties. I may be old fashioned in believing this but I feel that the energy industry should be nothing but locally or nationally owned and that foreign investors can not have America’s or its people best interests in mind. I still firmly believe that all energy companies should be nationalized.

On the other hand it’s important that we continue to make progress in the industry sector. Already we’re beginning to see what our reliance on fossil fuels might be costing us both domestically and globally. Our forced relationship with the likes of Saudi Arabia is one that is growing more toxic due to the nature of the conflicts in the Middle East. We need to separate from foreign oil and the influence that it can have on our policy making; both on the state level and the national level. It’s an unfortunate diplomatic necessity but one that we can break free of if we continue investing in ‘Green’ energy.

We’re making strides toward that but we’re still not doing enough. We could be investing billions in a new, less vulnerable and dependent infrastructure but it’s undeniable how powerful the Oil companies actually are. The average voter takes for granted the kind of power those companies wield. They could hold the world hostage due to the fact that we haven’t nationalized them. No government, state or national, should ever be beholden to a corporate entity. While freedom of business is an important facet it’s more important for our government to function completely without paying service to corporations.

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