The Fresh Diet Review

The Fresh Diet is a weight loss meal delivery service, that does not deliver nationwide. Prepared mealsare shipped with prepayment of your order.
Weight loss meal plans come in different programs for men and women. Vegetarian and Diabetic Meals are also available.
You can have the option of making a small amount of substitutions, and your food is delivered to your home on a daily basis.
The Fresh Diet Reviews
It Is Diet Food But Tastes Like Restaurant Quality Food
I have heard what the other reviewers have said and I do not live in a major city but I do live in one of the delivery areas so perhaps this is why my delivery experience has been great thus far. I spend about 800 dollars a month on my premium choice selection from Fresh diet which allows me to select my daily menu choices. I do not have a family and work full time. Because of the Fresh Diet meals, I have not had to visit the grocery store which has freed up my weekends for hanging out with friends and pampering.
I have not had to touch another dirty dish or pot and the dish water may as well be obsolete. My electric bill went from 289 dollars a month to 65 dollars a month so I am also seeing extraneous savings from going on this meal plan. It saves me time in the morning not having to organize Tupperware and food for the day at work and in the evenings my meal is ready to go.
I used to spend about 1200 dollars on food (grocery and eating out) so this program has been a life saver. I was also trying to loose weight as I was 171lbs (78kg). After 2 months on the program with exercise mind you, I am 150lbs (68kg) and still loosing. I couldn’t be happier and am preparing to renew my plan. The taste of the food is beyond reproach. It is diet food but taste like restaurant quality food. They even add the little touch of flowers to decorate the waffles and pancakes breakfasts.
I love the variety and anything that doesn’t suit my taste gets a dash of hot sauce and a sprinkle of salt and it is good to go. I have tried a lot of food plans out there which I will not name but we all no the chicken Alfred that had to be reconstituted with boiling water….This is nothing like that. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of going on a meal delivery service plan. 
Save Your Money
I tried this company because I had a coupon that was a great discount on the normal prices. Now that I have tried it, I would never pay the exhorbitant amount of money they charge. Some meals are ok. Nothing is great. A lot were bad. Like the cornmeal cake – was just a mountain of soggy mess. And that was dinner. I got a cottage cheese w/ fruit. The cottage cheese was congealed. There was no way I was going to eat it. If you are thinking about ordering, save your money!
What You Receive is Another Story
The tuna wrap should come with chopped celery & onion to make it more palatable & not so bland! Maybe a tomato slice would be nice? All the pictures I have seen of the meals from the reviews, I have not received any of these so called gourmet meals, they look delicious, what you receive is another story, fair, fair, fair!
Their Food is Expensive
Trying to lose weight is a hassle. I am overweight and have made several recent lifestyle changes. A few months ago, I went on a diet. I had a good friend who is a personal trainer tell me the key to losing weight was 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. Using that information, I began searching for the perfect diet plan to fit my lifestyle.
I decided to give their food a try. They operate on a principal of 40/30/30. This means that 40 percent of my diet should be carbs, 30 percent should be from the fat category, and 30 percent should be some sort of protein. This sounded like a good plan to me, because with them, I shouldn’t have to cut any type of food out completely. I decided I could live with that and began to research the company.
I was hopeless at planning the meals. I could never figure out if each meal should be 40/30/30 or if I should be eating that weekly or monthly. I then found that they offered delivery was in my area. They plan your meals for you and delivers them fresh to your home. You can only participate in their diet food delivery plan if you live in the following areas:
  • The NY tri-state area, which includes New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
  • Select major metropolitan areas that include Chicago, Indianapolis, Dallas, Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Houston.
  • Other specific states including South East & West Florida, Southern and Northern California, and Virginia.
  • If you are Canadian and live in Toronto, you may also subscribe to Fresh Diet Food Delivery.
I found it limiting that they only deliver to select areas of the country. I am guessing it is because they deliver fresh to your doorstep each day. Food arrives in a cooler and contains three meals, and two snacks.
The food choices sounded delicious when customer service read them to me. I wish I had taken the time to read The Fresh Diet Reviews about the food. The food portions are small, even for diet food, and everything is microwavable. I got tired of eating out of the microwave all the time. I thought with the name “fresh,” I would be eating fresh food.
This food is expensive. I found a few of The Fresh Diet Coupon websites and was able to incorporate one of the Fresh Diet Coupon deals into my order, but the food was still outrageously expensive. If I let the chefs on staff select my Fresh Diet food, the cost per week is $349.93. That is for just me.
I live in an expensive area of the country. Normally, I feed myself, a spouse, and two teenage boys for around $150.00 per week. This is over double that cost for just one person. I am also a picky eater, but I just could not justify spending $420.00 per week to choose my own meals. If I wanted to substitute any selections, I had to pay the higher price.
Cancelling was difficult. I had started with the minimum pre-paid 14-day trial. After the initial two weeks, you can then order weekly if you like. You are billed on your credit card before each week. If you wish to cancel, you must cancel five days prior to the next week. It took me almost a month to cancel.
I have to follow the majority of the Fresh Diet Reviews I have read and say unless you enjoy spending large sums of money on bland, microwave food, stay away from this diet. While the concept of having food delivered is a useful concept, the price, taste, and limited delivery area do not make this a feasible diet. You can hire a personal nutritionist for less money than one month of the Fresh Diet. 
Bad Experience
I had a very bad experience with this company. There were delivery problems when I didn’t my food, and the food I received was so bad it’s hard to believe they can charge so much money for what they give you. If you want to buy something their customer responds immediately. Otherwise good luck. No one calls you back.
The fruit that comes with many of the meals looks like the daily specials you get at the supermarket before they have to throw it away. If you try to cancel your order they do everything they can to tell you that you can’t and you have to buy 4-5 weeks worth of their food. Here is their cancellation policy:
  • No cancellation after 3 days of food have been delivered for any DISCOUNTED program.
  • When a client cancels within the 3 days (written notice is required) they are charged a total of 5 days at the agreed price because it takes at least 48 hours to process cancellation, including instructions to kitchen.
  • Chef’s Choice program customers who decide to cancel after 3 days will be PRORATED at the full price of $ 44.99 per day, no matter how many days the customer actually used.
  • Premium Choice program customers who decide to cancel after 3 days will be PRORATED at the full price of $ 54.99 a day, no matter how many days the customer actually used. 
The Easiest Thing I’ve Ever Done
This plan is the easiest thing I’ve ever done.  I eat healthier, don’t have to grocery shop, and very much enjoy the food.  I highly recommend this.
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