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Seattle Sutton happens to be a new family-owned nutritious meal delivery organization situated in Illinois. The company promotes itself with a hassle-free and nourishing ready made weight loss meal plans, that are clinically developed in order to assist their customers get rid of excess pounds.

Some other wellness issues their weight loss meals support include diabetic meal, high blood pressure, cardiovascular illness, as well as obesity.

Seattle Sutton Cost
Prices are solely decided by where you reside. In the event that you live in an location where the organization provides a nearby distributor, one will be designated to you. The local provider arranges payments and deliveries. We noticed a 1,200 calorie food plan for the week costs $129, as well as $20 shipping and delivery through a local distributor in the 60610 (Chicago) zip code. It is not clear if the $20 shipping charge covers the two shipments made per week, or it is a $20 fee for each delivery. A 2,000 calorie meal plan costs $149.
Using a New York City zip code, we found the meals go up quite a bit. This area has no local distributor, consequently you would fall into the “National Prepared Meals” category. The same 1,200 calorie meal plan costs $249, and $279 for the 2,000 calorie meal plan. If you order by the half week, the prices go up more. Presently there is an option to pick up your weekly meals at their nearest distributor location to spend less on the shipping and delivery fees.
Weekly menus are posted up to 14 weeks ahead of time, and repeat every five weeks. We looked at their menu and found a typical day of meals included a bowl of cold cereal with dried fruits and nuts, a bean and pasta salad, and a flatbread pizza for dinner.
Individual product pictures do not seem to be available, like they are on most other websites, and it does not appear meal substitutions are available. If you have an allergy to any type of food, your meals will still come. If you happen to go out of town for a day, their FAQ page suggests you give those meals to a friend.
The portion sizes on the menu seemed “skimpy” to us, compared to other national prepared meal delivery services that offer about the same calorie meal plans. Your weekly will keep coming until you cancel in advance of the next shipping date. 
Seattle Sutton Reviews
I’m Very Happy With This Service
I’m very happy with this service. I have had better tasting food but the taste of this food is fine and better than I could prepare. What I really really like is all the contents of the meal is in one package….no extra containers with crackers, snacks, etc.
Day One: A Day to Forget
My first day on the Diet Plan was not too impressive to me. Breakfast was nothing more than two slices of raisin bread with peanut butter and two wedges of pineapple. The pineapple was fresh, but there certainly wasn’t any wow-factor.
Lunch consisted of a small turkey breast, a baked potato cut in half, and a collection of raw vegetables consisting of two pepper slices, two slices of raw zucchini, and five cherry tomatoes, which also came with a dill salad dressing. Most unusual was that the heating instructions said to not reheat this meal and eat it cold. I didn’t’ find this to be too enjoyable, and if the goal is to feel like you’re suffering on a diet, then I would say mission accomplished. This was a day to forget.
Dinner was stranger yet. The portion size was huge. There were five manicotti’s with sauce and cheese, and a huge side of green beans. This meal could have easily served two people. No time is provided to reheat this meal. Instead, the directions say to put the meal on a plate and reheat it until done. How long is that? As a result my meal didn’t reheat evenly.
The meal was good, but the manicotti were a little chalky. If you bought frozen manicotti at the market and reheated them in the microwave, this what you would get. The nutritional information said this meal had 41 grams of fat, and 21 grams of saturated fat, which is 105% of the daily recommended value. It also had 93 carbs. These numbers seemed out of line to me for a diet meal. 
Day Two: at $38.25 a Day, I’m Not Feeling the Love
I woke up extremely hungry from yesterday’s starvation and looked forward to a nice breakfast. Instead, my day was greeted with a Breakfast Pizza. Once again, there weren’t any microwave heating instructions except: Heat until done. I don’t know what the chef was thinking when they created this meal. It was as appetizing as it appears in the picture. One bite, and I threw it out. Breakfast for me was a bowl of Special K.
Lunch was Chicken Salad with Angel Food Cake and more cherry tomatoes. I started pulling the stems off the top of the cherry tomatoes until I got to the last one and left it on for the picture. The Chicken Salad was edible. I couldn’t tell if I was eating chicken, turkey, or tuna salad, and the walnuts and raisins didn’t work for me.
Dinner was Turkey Meatloaf, which was the best offering of the day. Although dry and flavorless, it stops my stomach from growling. The creamed corn probably came out of a can, and the mashed potatoes were certainly nothing special. There was a tremendous serving of cabbage, which looked like sauerkraut, but didn’t have any flavor at all. I could only fit a third of it on the plate. I didn’t eat it, but I would have if it were sauerkraut.
It was hard for me to give this day a bronze medal when I threw out so much of the food, but I did. At $38.25 a day, I’m not feeling the love.
Day Three: I Want My Money Back
I decided I am going to call Seattle Sutton and see if I can get my money back. Today’s meals were very disappointing. So ridiculous, I had to laugh. Two banana muffins and yogurt for breakfast, a salad with stale bread for lunch, and a horrible baked chicken with some vegetables, and more stale bread. My lunch was missing the flaked tuna they had on the menu.
Would you pay $38.25 a day for this? At $12.75 a meal, I can buy my own yogurt cup and a pre-packaged salad and save $25.50 from the breakfast and lunch I received from Seattle Sutton. The vegetables for dinner were fresh but unseasoned, and the chicken was bland and unimpressive. This is so not worth the money.
Day Four: I Am So Happy I am Done with this Food.
I am sure most people are excited about starting a new diet program. I am so happy I am done with this food. Breakfast was two machine generated omelets (why 2?) and far from the farm-fresh cheese omelet published in the menu. I didn’t see or taste any cheese at all. I could swear the potatoes were Healthy Choice frozen potatoes. They looked and tasted just like them, including the practically cooked potato and seasoning. I would have liked someone to remove the label from the fruit as a customer courtesy. The diced vegetables were crisp, but I hate when companies choose to use canned mushrooms over fresh. So not worth the money.
Lunch was the “Famous Tuna Bumstead” which had me wondering: famous for what? The tuna was okay. The English muffin was nothing special, and I have really become tired of the Seattle Sutton trays being packed with things I can get at the grocery store. In this case, baby carrots and blue corn chips. Dinner was the most tasteless turkey chili you would imagine. I could say chili soup, or watered-down chili soup would be a better description. The oyster crackers were the best part of the meal, and I can get those at the supermarket too.
When you have a bad customer experience at a restaurant, you probably will not go there again, and the experience can stay with you forever. Whenever the name of the restaurant comes up, like: “Have you ever tried Seattle Sutton?” it is easy to go back in time and recall the bad experience like it was yesterday. Like a loaded gun, we are only too happy to share our stories of a horrible menu, premium charges, and every attempt to cut corners to make money. That is how I always remember this company. 
Muffins for Breakfast?
All the reviews of websites, reheating, and shipping don’t mean anything to me. All I cared about is the food. I love food, in fact, I eat it all of the time, but I have put on some weight. I did lose two pounds on the first week which was the 1200 calorie plan. I can’t imagine someone over there would honestly call a muffin a breakfast, especially for a man.  Maybe if it were a giant muffin, but it wasn’t even a good muffin.  I can get my own apples and fruit from the store too. I was hoping for some light meals that tasted good.
The Variety, Taste and Convenience are all Top Rate!
Don’t know how anyone could ask for more! Some of the meals in the 1,200 calorie a day meal plan are small proportions, but I feel satisfied. And most of the meals are very filling. Sometimes I put something back in the fridge for a later snack because I’m too full. They are fresh and healthy, and I really like that! Sure you could do this yourself, and cheaper, but I wouldn’t do it and I know it! The variety, taste and convenience are all top rate! It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself, ever.
I work a split schedule six days a week, age 56, 150 pounds, 5’3″, could stand to lose some weight for better health, never seem to have enough time for cooking and am bored with my cooking choices, and I have two sons being married within the next year!  I want to look & feel good.  This SSHE plan is wonderful, and am looking forward to tomorrow’s shipment!
The meals cost me $6.61 each with shipping included. Not too shabby of a price for relieving stress, blood pressure, acid reflux and pounds!   I mean, you HAVE to eat, and you might as well find a diet you actually enjoy!  And I HAVE!
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