PureFoods Fresh Start Reviews

PureFoods is a company that sells their weight loss meal plans to customers around the country.  The company prepares a variety of meals that can help one lose weight easily and healthfully.
PureFoods delivers fresh meals, not frozen or dried.  No preservatives are used in the preparation of the meals. 
Their meals are able to stay in the refrigerator for up to 14 days.
PureFoods Fresh Start meals are for weight loss, and are created in balanced using a restricted calorie program.  This is one of the most common ways that people around the world have used to diet for years. 
The company uses low glycemic index technology to further increase the food’s weight loss benefits.  The low glycemic principle is one that is relatively new but has rapidly gained popularity.
The diet delivery meals created by this company are delivered directly to customers.  Per day, the company offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, one snack, and one dessert.  One can follow the standard company menu, or create their own meal plan.  To see what is coming, a customer can visit the Purefoods website to see what is on the menu for the upcoming week.  To eat the meals, one simply has to pop them in the microwave.  
This company offers a number of purchase options to customers.  One can buy food for up to six weeks at once.  In many of the larger plans, one gets one week free after paying for the rest.  Customers can choose five-day plans that give dieters the weekend “off”.  One can choose a vegetarian meal or a gluten free meal if their preferences of health require it.  For potential customers, there is a three day sampler that one can try to see if these meals are right for them.
Your menu is fixed, meaning they decide what the weekly menus will be, but they do offer an a la carte menu for you to choose your own meals. PureFoods does not offer single meals, you must buy your choice of meal plans.
PureFoods Fresh Start Reviews
I Threw Out Two-Thirds of PureFood’s Meals
In a nutshell, I was excited (and motivated) to try and love, or at least like the food on the Purefoods Fresh Start Diet Delivery Plan. I have to say the food was, by and large, INEDIBLE. I ended up throwing out at least 2/3rds of the “food,” as no one in my family would touch it. The food I did eat, I had to gag down, cover with something to hide the flavor, or force down. I only enjoyed one lunch entree.  Even the smell was revolting.
I won’t go into product specifics though I do believe I was given rancid “beef” (and I use the term loosely as it tasted and smelled like no beef I’ve ever eaten in my life) and think it actually made me sick. The other meals were no better. (Seriously, how do you “ruin” cold cereal to make it taste rancid??) I’d go so far as to say anyone who writes a positive review of this company either got far different food than I did, or is simply not telling the truth. I have no reason not to be 100% truthful.
I asked the company for a refund. It defeated the purpose of my diet too, as each meal I had to discard, meant one more meal I had to rummage through my own refrigerator last minute to find. (I didn’t plan on a meal as I expected to eat Purefoods.) Please stay far away from this company as possible. Even if they offer “a good deal,” even if “free,” this food would not be a good bet. Sorry. 
Pure Foods is Delicious
I’m not sure what the other reviewing customers were eating before pure foods, I’m thinking food totally loaded with fat, sugar and salt to make it super palatable.  Pure Foods is delicious, it is closest to what we should be eating, with no extras.
If food is plated (as the directions say) there is no problem with heating up, it is the same as any other nuked food, it should be stirred.  I loved the convenience and after a properly cleansed palate and detoxed body, the meals are perfect.
Lost 81 Pounds on PureFoods
Wow, very surprised by the negative reviews. I’ve been on PureFoods for about 3 years (don’t ask), and I think it’s fine. I do prefer some of the meals they’ve discontinued, like the Thai chicken and mac & cheese, but some of their newer dishes are a welcome addition, like the Caribbean chicken.
Yes, portions are small. But guess what? That’s how you lose weight. This is how much we should be eating. After the first week or two of adjustment, I was not hungry except at meal time.
My one complaint about the food is that the meat can be dry. Some of the meals have sauces to counteract this. I’ve learned over time which ones to select and which to avoid.
When I follow the plan, I lose weight at the rate of 1-2 pounds per week. I’ve lost 81 pounds on PureFoods, eating far more variety than I would’ve if I had fixed my own food. And the customer service is terrific.
My doctor has been very impressed with the plan, too. I’m sure there are other good plans out there, but I didn’t find any that offered food without chemical-tasting preservatives at a price I could afford.
Not Too Good
I thought everything about this company was great, except for the food. But to me, that is the most important thing. It is hard for me to lose weight. I am always thinking about food and looking forward to my next meal. Here is a sample day on the PureFoods Fresh Startprogram:
Denver Omelet
I thought the Omelet was flavorless. If there was any cheese in it, it melted out. There was an excessive amount of water at the bottom of the tray (see picture) after heating too.
The diced ham, onions, and peppers were okay but soggy from the water in the tray. The omelet reminded me of a microwave one you could get at a truck stop.
Tomato Basil Pizza
I realize a microwave pizza is probably not going to be good, but I love pizza and it was on the menu, so I tried it. My suspicions proved to be correct. The crust is very soft, and boarder line mushy.
However, the tomato and basil had a nice flavor, which I really enjoyed, but there could have been a lot more cheese. The thick mushy crust doesn’t do anything to make this a decent pizza.
Stuffed Pepper
To make this diet they used a beef and turkey meat. Just okay. The rice was far from having any texture. Again, everything was mushy. The meat is not “stuffed” in a pepper, the peppers on the side.
There is a very strong flavor of vinegar, which wasn’t too good. I guess it was for the peppers but it contaminated the whole meal. I didn’t expect diet food to be too good, and I was right. This program has very small portions that would be too hard for me to commit to for any extended period of time. 
Most of These Meals I Never Finished
I expect diet food not to taste as good as regular food, and I expect smaller portion sizes. Overall, I found the portion sizes to be extremely small and unsatisfying. Many of the meals I tried had a vinegar flavor in them, which didn’t taste good to me. Most of these meals I never finished.
Chili Rubbed Beef Steak
This meal was included sweet potatoes and peppers. The portion size of the beef slices were very small and tough after I heated it in the microwave following the cooking instructions.
The peppers had strong vinegar taste which I didn’t care for. The sweet potatoes were the best part of the meal, but I didn’t find this meal to be enjoyable or satisfying.
Southwestern Egg Skillet
To be honest,I didn’t eat more than one forkful of this breakfast meal. It seemed like flavorless powered eggs, with diced potatoes, and black beans all mixed up into into one tray of food. It is as unappetizing in real life as it looks in the picture.
And it pretty much tasted just like it looks here. Flavorless and bland. I threw this out and had some instant oatmeal in order to stay on my diet plan.
Turkey Bolognese
I found this to be another disappointing meal from the Fresh Start menu. I thought the taste was one of the best I tried from them, but I am also teacher, grading them on a scale.
The portion size is very small. There is barely enough pasta to get three mouthfuls. What does make your mouth is the same mushy texture you would find in a supermarket canned pasta. The sauce was okay and tasted better than it looked in the picture.
Salisbury Steak
This is a very good meal. The Salisbury Steak tasted like it was made fresh. It was a little bland, and the portion size was small, but it restored my faith in the quality of these prepared meals.
There carrots were nothing special, and something you can find at the grocery store, but the potatoes were good. More gravy would be nice. I ate the whole meal.
Roast Pork Loin
The pork tenderloin slices were the best part of this dish, and really the only thing I ate. However, you only get one slice of pork that measures three inches wide by two inches high.
The barley pilaf had no flavor at all and the roasted vegetables just didn’t appeal to me. The tiny portion sizes are proving to be too difficult of a diet plan for me. I would much prefer a menu where I could pick out just the good meals.
Grilled Beef Steak
To me, this seemed more like a piece of corned beef than a grilled steak. It tasted like that too. Again, the pilaf had a strong vinegar flavor which didn’t work for my tastes.
The carrots looked homemade but also had a vinegar taste. The meat was really good, and there is nothing like a fresh prepared grilled beef, but one thin slice is hardly a meal in my book.
Cheese Macaroni and Beef
I was looking to having this meal for lunch, but unfortunately, it was not that good. If there is cheese in this lunch, I couldn’t find or taste any.
I was thinking mac and cheese with beef, but it is more like beef and macaroni. This meal also had a strong vinegar flavor, which I didn’t care for. Like the other meals, the portion is small.
I  can imagine chefs have a difficult time trying to make affordable weight loss meals that taste good, but the use of vinegar didn’t work for me. When I add up what I actually ate 
Not Good Either
I didn’t have as bad an experience has the previous poster, but my Pure Foods meals weren’t too good either. There were some meals I did throw out, but a few were pretty okay. Most of my meals never heated up evenly and to get them all hot, parts of some meals were over done. I wish I found this website sooner.
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