Prepared Meals Delivered

How do you choose a prepared meal delivery company? Finding the right balance of needs, quality, and price is how you find value.

Are you looking to buy gourmet meals? Are you looking to send senior meals to a relative? Are you send meals as a gourmet food gift?  The best place to start is to look for what you need these meals to accomplish. This page offers tips on what prepared meals are. We also offer guidelines on How to choose a meal delivery servce.

What Is A Prepared Meal?
We define a prepared meal as a complete meal, or complete meal components, that has been cooked and only requires reheating to serve.  Reheating methods may include microwave, oven, or stop top, via a sous-vide cooking method.  Sous-vide means to cook under vacuum in a pot of hot, but not boiling, water.
Basically, we are looking to match time-starved consumers with companies that deliver precooked meals that satisfy their time limitations.  Singles, senior citizens, caretakers, and families with newborn children are also very interested in this service. Reheating prepared food by microwave is our preferred method of choice.
Companies such as DineWiseHome Bistro, and Healthy Chef Creations, offer individual prepared meals, which include and entree,, and vegetable.  The other companies, such as Family ChefMagic KitchenPersonal Chef To GoSchwansPureFoods, and Send A Meal focus on package and meal plan sales. Often you are buying one meal in a quantity that serves two to four people.  The convenience of single serving compete meals will certainly help consumers create customized menus and get more variety from their order. 

Prepared Meal

Prepared food will normally come frozen, but there are a few that can deliver fresh prepared meals. This type of delivery service is normally available in large metropolitan areas and areas with dense populations. Most companies that offer a local fresh delivery service can have a national prepared frozen meal service with a different menu.
Gourmet Meals
Most companies refer to the selections on their menu as gourmet meals.  Technically, the word gourmet means fine food, made from high-quality or exotic ingredients, and with skilled preparation. Some meal delivery services, especially in the niche of weight loss meal plans, may overuse, or exaggerate the term.  
This section of meals does not include weight loss meals, and focuses on what should be the best of the gourmet meal offerings.
Just like the gourmet meal you might have a fine dining establishment, no nutritional values are considered for the companies listed in this section. However, some companies listed in the meals prepared section, also have nutritional menus.
Prepared Meals Delivered
Most national meal delivery service companies will ship their meals via FedEx or UPS. Frozen meals that are prepared are delivered on dry ice, which is a carbon dioxide frozen to a solid state.  It is normal to find warnings in the packaging alerting you not to handle dry ice with your bare hands. The gas will evaporate shortly after it arrives at your home, and then it is safe to handle the bag the dry ice is in.
In order to maintain frozen temperatures, Styrofoam coolers are used to have your preparedmeals delivered. Meals will generally stay frozen even in the case of the dry ice evaporating. This should not be a concern as the technology and experience of the industry as nearly mastered the art of shipping frozen meals.
In the event your dry ice did evaporate, your food should still be frozen to the touch. If you have any questions regarding the quality of how your meals arrived, you should immediately contact the customer service department of the company you purchased your meals from. Generally speaking, prepared meals that may have thawed should not be refrozen.
Prepared Foods Shipping Rates
Shipping rates will vary from company to company, but are generally closely priced. You can expect shipping fees to start around $15, and increase with the size of your order.
As your order prepared foods increases, more dry ice, larger coolers, and even multiple coolers may be needed to fulfill your order.
Consumers will get the value from their shipping dollar with larger orders instead of more frequent smaller orders.
FedEx and UPS do not normally require you to be home to sign for your delivery.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Most prepared meals delivered providers offer some form of guarantee on the quality of their food products and the condition in which your meals will arrive. It is important for you to verify the terms and conditions of the guarantee offered by each company.
  • Some companies may refund your money.
  • Some may replace parts of your order.
  • Some may give you the option of what is best for you.
Lots of people are praising the efficiency of prepared foods. Yet other aren’t; it’s probable that they’re choosing the incorrect meal delivery services. This indicates you’ll have to locate reliable meal delivery reviews so you can get yourself great 1st impressions. You could be overwhelmed by the sheer choice of various reviews of different services. You can make your own decision on prepped meals by seeing if any service has the upcoming attributes that make said services excellent. 
You’ve got to determine if the meal service is able to bring meals to your front door. Great meal delivery services ought to have efficiency in mind since the concept is getting the precooked meals to you fast so that you’re able to heat them up efficiently without the requirement to shop outside for any ingredients. Evaluate the shipping details of the website in order to see to it that the service brings food to your region.
You must discover which chef prepared meals are being offered and what said meals are constituted of. People pick meals that are prepared since they’re made by experts who know about making nutritious meals that are good for even the harshest of diets. These meals must also be good enough so that people can surrender those fast food diets. You might have greater success in locating a prepped food delivery service if it is meant for kids.
If they’re good for kids, they ought to be great for older folks, too. Variety’s really vital, too, since you should not be consuming the same foods every couple of days! When you discover that all of said foods possesses the correct nourishment, all in the home ought to be pleased with this service. This is also vital if you’ve got special requirements because some of the superior services might let you pick diabetic- or vegetarian-friendly foods. 
Great services that provide prepped meals ought to be capable of delivering the meals to your residence in 1 or 2 days. It ought to take you just up to 10 minutes to make those meals. It’s even sweeter if the service permits you to select the shipping service you want. Quicker deliveries in the same day are costlier than deliveries that take two days, yet are still dependable. You could always plan in advance in order to deal with other stuff while awaiting the meals that you know will already be ready for you.
The nicest prepared food ought not to be the most expensive. You should have the privilege of buying some spectacular gourmet meals for less than 14 bucks. It’s probable that you’ll encounter services that’ll charge a bit more; thus, you can continue your search to find the perfect service. However, prior to choosing the more affordable meal delivery services, juxtapose the choices of both services since the additional cash you’ll pay might go to greater-tasting meals or a more dependable delivery service.
Due to all of the above good attributes, you could treat yourself to a nicely prepped meal that will lower your stress levels. You could prep and consume said meals without guilt since the pros behind said meals picked the quality ingredients to guarantee that your diet is well-balanced. After you begin to consume these prepped meals and foods on an ongoing schedule, you can finally stop those junk food routines that are causing you to be overweight and unhealthy.
If you run into many different meal delivery services that are making these advertisements, you can then go ahead so that you can research the reviews for the specific service that you have in mind. The safest decision that you can make for your own needs is to select the service that comes with the most positive reviews so that you can see for yourself just what all of the so-called buzz is really all about.
Picking out the greatest meal delivery service early on could just be extraordinarily helpful since you can then spend your time moving right on to determining other items of importance in this process. Examples of these other items that are also important in this process are plotting out your exercise routines for the sake of making sure said prepped meals are even that much more successful.
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