Moved in with These Guys from the IT Department

Of course at first I did not really know what these guys were getting at, but then I finally figured out what the deal was. There are these three guys who do the IT at work. Of course they are computer nerds and I am the maintenance guy. Of course that also means that I can fix things and this house needs work. These guys went in together and bought this house. They got a sports package from a place like this one from DirecTV and they have this ridiculous straight fiber optic internet connection. The thing is that they got such a great deal on this place that they did not think about all of the stuff they were going to need to do. These guys make a ton of money and they do not spend a lot money on much else. So they have a big house which a big list of things that has to be done to it.

They started to sweet talk me about a week before they asked me about this. Of course I knew something was up, but I was definitely willing to wait around and see what it was. I got a look at the place and then I started trying to figure out if any or all of them were going to be any help to me. I asked them some simple questions. Some of them knew which end of a hammer you hit the nail with. That is an exaggeration, but it is not a lot to say that these guys are not going to be any help with all of the stuff that needs to be done. They have checkbooks though and they know what they want me to do. Of course I am going to be staying here rent free while there is work to do.

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