Medifast Reviews

Medifast is comprehensive weight loss/nutritional program that should not be looked at as some type of fad diet, but rather as a lifestyle change. It is designed to educate the user about the benefits of proper nutrition and healthy eating.

The plan controls portions, balances nutrition levels, is low in fat and is clinically proven to help you lose weight faster and more efficiently than other weight reducing programs.

These products come in individual, single serving meals that are mixed with water and either microwaveable or refrigerated and are available in a variety of food choices. Some of these choices include hot and cold drinks, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, snack bars, puddings and pretzels. 

Fish, chicken, shrimp (shellfish), turkey, and lean beef are all allowable on the plan however it is advised that you select those meats that have the least amount of fat content. The protein provided in their products come from soy, which is considered to be a higher quality and more complete protein. Some of their products that contain soy for protein are shakes, soy crisps, pretzel sticks, brownies and soups.

The primary goal of the company is to help you achieve maximum results through proper nutrition, namely by decreasing the amount of calories you take in versus how many calories you burn. If the program is followed properly, you can expect to lose between 2-5 pounds a week.
As far expense goes most of those using the program say that what they spend to purchase foods on the plan is comparable to what they are already spending on food. Since 1980, this program has been advocated by over 20,000 doctors. They have recommended it to their patients and over one million customers have used it safely and effectively.
The diet comes with a 30 day money back guarantee where you can return any unused or unopened products for a full refund. 
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Medifast Reviews
I Can Get Powdered Meals Anywhere
First, may I say it is nice to see a website that posts true reviews. When I did my due diligence for Medifast it seemed every review was perfect. Maybe their sales people are writing them because this diet plan is far from perfect. I do believe if you live on a diet of powdered soups you will lose weight. But these taste terrible. I can go the store and buy my own powdered chili (yuck) for much less. I think I am going to eat just jello. That has about the same calories as this plan and tastes much better. You have to be very strong willed for this plan, which I’m not.
Always Hungry
I gave Medifast a medal because I did lose weight, but I gained it all back. I was always hungry and my shipments were late. The food is bland and the servings are so small it is hard to stick to. The shakes were watery too, and they had a funny smell. I can’t believe doctors recommend this as a true weight loss plan.
How Long Can You Last Without Something that Tastes Good?
I have to say if you stick to this you do lose weight. The only issue is how long can you last without something that tastes good? The cost was reasonable since you only have to purchase and prepare 1 small portioned meal of meat and veggies daily.
I found the soups and pancakes to be the most edible portion of the program and wished I could eat those all of the time. Anything that was intended to be sweet was sickening as it was poorly sweetened with an odd sweetener (could have benefited from some Splenda here) and the flavorings could not overcome the vitamin taste which was overpowering and made you want to gag.
The preparation was easy enough which made me hopeful that I could tolerate it long enough to reach my goal, but, am sad to say I did not make it past a month.  The final straw was the fact that the products are soy based and apparently I have a soy intolerance.
Although I can eat soy on occasion I can not live on it as my main source of nutrition without experiencing some very severe allergy type symptoms which eventually landed me in the urgent care x3 and to my Dr. x3 before realizing that it all begin weeks after I started the program and when I finally got too sick to eat (or swallow since my throat was swelling), the symptoms began to subside.
I hope no one ever has to go through what I did. Now I am searching for a program, reasonably priced, to continue my weight loss goal.  
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