Learning to Save Money a Dollar at a Time

I was thinking how the money was being spent at our house. It is the same way it is spent at your house-one dollar at a time. First, let’s consider your mindset about money. Would you pick up a penny you saw on the sidewalk? I would. Money is money. People talk about nickel and diming done by stores trying to squeeze money out of you. We do it to ourselves. We waste money a little bit at a time. Yes, about a dollar at a time. Adding it all up got me to first go to a website looking to save money on our electric bill. That was the first step.

The monthly savings was not enough to call it a fortune, but the yearly savings was a considerable sum. Then I tried to get a better rate on all of our utilities and insurances. We were only locked into our health insurance for a year. Oh, and we had the TV and cell phone contracts that were up in three months and six months. Definitely renegotiating when they are up. Should be a great time to save because I could always switch to another provider.

Spending money a dollar at a time turned into saving it a dollar at a time. Those dollars add up pretty quickly too. Enough in a few months to either get a swimming pool or pay for that vacation we wanted to take. We work for our money, but we often fail to work to save it. Every dollar has a time value to it. The time you spent to earn it. You do not get that back, so why waste even a single dollar? Maybe you can start by seeing how much you can save on your electric bill then just go from there.

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