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eDiets ships portion controlled meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, to people interested in losing weight and live throughout the country. Their prepared meals are frozen, although they use the term “fresh prepared meal delivery,” which may sound misleading to some people. 

They also lets customers customize their menu. Using this diet service for weight loss can be a long-term process. On their website they recommend an average of two pounds per week for the first five weeks of the program.

They do offer a money back guarantee to this fact, provided you join the seven day meal delivery program for four consecutive weeks.like you might find at NutriSystem or MediFast. They offer weight loss plans for men and women. The difference in the two is that the men get an extra snack per day. They also offer diet delivery options for the Glycemic Impact Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, and the ability to customize your own diet plan. They do not have any specific diabetic meals on the menu, but maintaining a lower weight is always good for a healthy diabetic lifestyle.

Their plans begin at only $21 per day and their program is week to week. They have also partnered with many major health care insurance providers to give weekly discounts to their members. When you join you are committing to automatic diet meal deliveries. You may cancel the service only by phone.

eDiets Reviews

Could Be Very Good – If Only They Cared
Because of a medical condition, I must carefully monitor my nutrition. I thought eDiets would be perfect because nutritional information is published on-line and customization is allowed. It would be perfect if the nutritional information were accurate and I received the food I ordered. A few weeks ago, they corrected the nutritional information on-line for many, but not all their food, but many (even some of the “corrected” ones) still don’t match the nutritional labels on the food. I have e-mailed and called many, many times to ask which is correct. I have been completely ignored.
Substitutions are very, very frequent, food I never order and don’t like are often sent, and food is frequently missing.  Trays have arrived broken and there is never ice remaining in the box, and food has begun to thaw. A friend had her food arrive completely thawed and smelly, but was told she had to deal with the delivery company and it wasn’t their problem.
Overall the food is good (when not swimming in a pool of water). You add three servings of fruit and two servings of calcium daily, which I like for the flexibility. eDiets could be very good – if only
A Horrible Experience
Their food delivery was a horrible experience. First my food arrived 3 days late and was delivered to a convience store across the street from me. When I tried to talk to customer service, team leaders and managers they were all very rude. I have never experienced such rude customer service. The food tasted awful and was not at all as pictured. Tasted like very low quality frozen food.
A Very Good Start to My Diet
My first day on their Fresh Prepared meal delivery was good, if not very good. The portion sizes are small. but I can live with that if the food is good, and I munched on salad occasionally. Shipping was right on time, and the Live Chat operator was exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely patient as she answered my many questions about the the terms and conditions. The packaging is great. They mark each meal breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and provide you with a menu for your meal plan. Once I ordered, I elected to pick my own meals, which is an option I appreciate very much.
Breakfast was the Cheddar Egg Scramble with Chicken Sausage and Raspberry-Peach Compote. It took longer than noted to reheat, but that was not a big deal. The scrambled eggs were good, there was one piece of sausage, which was also good, and one wedge of a red skinned potato. The compote was a little sweet for my likes, but also very good.
Lunch was a Turkey Meatball Sandwich. I found the turkey meatballs to be tasty, the sauce isn’t going to win any awards, but there was enough of it to cover my sandwich. The roll didn’t get crunchy during reheating, and made a nice little sandwich that stood 5 inches high.
Dinner was the surprise of the day. It was Chicken Meatloaf with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Cauliflower. I have no reservation about throwing out food I don’t like, and I have to say I cleaned my plate with this meal. All very good, and my own side salad filled me up.
My snack was some small chocolate chip cookies. Nothing too special about them, but they did satisfy my need to crunch on something.
Another Very Good Day of Meals
Day two was my Italian day. Breakfast started with a Mushroom and Swiss Cheese Frittata with two more Chicken Sausages and a Cinnamon Apple Compote. All were very good. The Frittata didn’t have an overpowering flavor of mushrooms or Swiss cheese, but they were there. The sausages were good and not overcooked to a stick like you can get at other services.
For lunch, I had Chicken Marinara over Linguini with Mozzarella Cheese. It was great. The sauce is good, and perhaps a tiny bit on the watery side. The pasta was a perfect a dente, and there was a chicken breast that was sliced in bit-sized portions. I would have liked to have a vegetable with it, but it was nice.
Dinner was their Classic Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese and a generous side of Escarole with Cannellini Beans. Very good. The lasagna is basically one long lasagna folded over and stuffed, but true to their word; it was a classic recipe. I was most excited about the side dish. It may have needed a little seasoning, but it was plentiful and very fresh-like.
My evening snack was two sugar cookies. It was hard for me to give this day a gold star just because of the portion sizes, but I did. For diet meals, what I have received so far has been very good.
A Bit of a Setback, But Dinner Was Good
Today was a bit of a setback. My day started with Stuffed French Toast with Blackberry Apricot Compote, which made it to the trash after one bite. It is more like a cream cheese sandwich than French Toast, and the compote soaked through the bread making it quite mushy. Instead, I had a bowl of cereal.
Lunch was Traditional Manicotti and Italian Vegetables. The manicotti tasted very close to a Weight Watchers frozen meal and didn’t have any flavor. The Italian vegetables were nice, if you enjoy pearl onions. I do. They can be expensive, so I was surprised, and pleased, to see so many of them.
Dinner was good, and saved the day. I had Swedish Chicken Meatballs with Egg Noodles, Green Beans, and Red Peppers. Their chicken meatballs were quite tasty, and I have come to the conclusion they have mastered substituting chicken for meat dishes. The noodles were perfectly al dente. The sauce was a little watery, but it had a good flavor. The string beans and red peppers were good and crispy fresh.
My snack was a small bag of trail mix which left me wanting more of them.
Lunch and Dinner Were Very Good
Í am not a big fan of diet meal delivery services sending me a meal I can get at the store, or in this case, any area stop on my way to work. This morning I had the their Bagel with Yogurt Cream Cheese. The bagel was not as good as I can get locally, but the yogurt cream cheese was good.
Lunch was a Beef and Cheddar Cheese Soft Taco with Mexican Corn. The meal is a little on the small side, but not bad. Once I built the soft taco, it only took two bites to eat. The corn was crisp and flavorful.
Dinner was their Breaded Alaskan Pollock with Fiesta Corn and Broccoli. The breading on the pollock was a little mushy, but this was a great-tasting  meal. The Fiesta corn was outstanding.
And my snack of the evening was a bag of popcorn, which I didn’t eat, but my daughter was all excited to have it. Lunch and dinner were very good.
I Lost 4.5 Pounds in Five Days
This is my last day of my 5 day meal plan. Breakfast was Oatmeal with Chicken Sausage and Peaches. The two chicken sausages could have had some crust on them, but they were good. The oatmeal was also okay, but I barely got two slices of peaches. I would have preferred another egg breakfast, as I can make my own instant oatmeal.
For lunch they gave me a Three-Cheese Pizza with Mushrooms and Peppers. I realize the public probably wants pizza in their diet meal plans, but they just never seem to translate to anything special in the microwave, and this pizza was no exception. It appeared to be intended as a thick-crust slice, but it was so mushy I couldn’t pick it up with my hands. There was also spinach under the cheese, so I am sure that added to the watery crust. I just ate the top, which was very good, but hardly a meal.
Dinner was their BBQ Flavored Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries and a Roll. My meal was missing the BBQ Chicken cutlet, so I just received mushy sweet potatoes fries and a hard roll. I am sure this was just a simple mistake, so I am not going to kill them for it, but the day was okay.
My snack was more of the trail mix I had earlier in the week.
I have been a little critical on the portion sizes, but I do have to admit I lost 4.5 pounds in five days. That’s pretty good. 
Surprised How Much Better The Food Is
I tried them many years ago and I have to say I am sympathic and understanding of the people that have shared their experiences with this company. Mine was similar. For some stupid reason, I decided to call them after seeing their never-ending commercials on TV. The new food menu was what had me most interested.
I do recall very pushy sales people that seemed like their job was on the line if they sell you something. They are still sales people, but they seemed much more respectful and polite to my needs. I gave the customer service the best rating I could because I appreciated the effort they made to improve.
I did place an order but not on my first call, I wanted to think about it first. I have to say I was very surprised with how much better the food is today than it was in years past. I used them for two weeks, and I didn’t have a problem cancelling. I only needed the program for a short amount of time.
I gave their website a “Fair” rating because of their pushy live chat people that pounce on you when you go there, but overall I was happy to see them improve as much as they did. I hope I won’t need six weeks of diet meals ever again, but if I do I think I would come back here.
I Would Recommend this to Anyone
The food is so good I told my boyfriend that I was never going to cook again. I really liked the breakfast and lunches, compared to what I would normally eat they are a good size. The dinners are small and the “snacks” are practically nonexistent, but they still taste good, just small.
I would recommend this to anyone, the only problem that I found was that in the beginning you are hungry all the time, but you get use to it. I just drank A LOT of water to keep me full.
The website is easy to use and very user friendly, I don’t like that I have to pick my food by Thursday, but I guess I have to give them time to cook and pack and send, so that is me just being picky.
I honestly don’t know what everyone is complaining about this food was delicious. Unless these people are the best cooks on the planet, for the price you pay, you really can’t complain. Plus it is so easy to pack my lunch bag, and go. I would love to see the kind of food these people are use to eating, if they think this tastes bad.
Too Many Delivery Issues
I tried the meal delivery plan years ago and the food was good, however, I started having problems with the delivery of the food, was scheduled one day, and did not received that day but two days after and the food was ruined. One week I did not get the food at all!  Customer services was not really helpful either, they refunded the money back but care less about the issues. I decided the terminate the meal delivery plan.
I decided to try again, so I started the five day meal delivery plan in January 2010.  The first week I received the meals on time and they were delicious. Good taste and fresh. Second week, not so lucky, the FedEx package never arrived. I was so upset. When I called customer service they told me that there was a “glitch” with the computers and my package was delivered to some one else.
Now, I have to wait until next week for the other package. At this point I will not continue the program as the food delivery is not consistent at all. This has been my experience with the ediets delivery program.  It’s unfortunate because the food is good, but can’t count on on time delivery!
Stay Away!
The meals were awful, some of them I threw out. They were not very big and in order to make a meal of it you had to add to it. They were mostly bland and tasteless. The veggies were like rubber as was most of the meat. You will lose weight but that’s because it tastes bad! The customer service is terrible. They will tell you anything you want to hear, they lie. When I tried to cancel the meals it took 5 phone calls and I still paid for a week of meals I didn’t want. Stay away from them.
I Contacted Them to Cancel and Get a Refund
I signed up for 8 weeks, with the 8th week to be free.  Each shipment had an occasional meal that developed puffiness in the plastic covering of the sealed meal package, and I threw those away. I advised them of the problem and got a small credit.
Midway through my subscription, I had a friend who works in food handling, open a carton when it arrived and test the temperature of the food upon arrival. We found nothing in the carton at proper temperature. Some were as high as 49 to 51 degrees. Bacteria in food thrives above 40 degrees. At that point I contacted the company to cancel and get a refund.  After working my way up to someone who would help me, I was given a credit and then I threw the food away.
I cancelled my contract, but one more shipment was in transit. I had that shipment tested on arrival and found it also to be at unsafe temperature.  This time eDiets director Cesar flagged my account with a requirement that I package it all back up and ship it back to them at my expense, and upon receipt of it they say they will give me a credit.
I have asked for a full refund of all sums paid to them, but am not getting a response. Can someone advise if there is a Federal or a California state agency who oversees the safety of interstate food shipments into California?  I cannot be the only person who receives a carton that has been in transit three days from Illinois that, if eaten, may cause illness.  I would like to report this.   
The Meals Were Pretty Bad
I have a very hectic schedule and don’t have time to prepare healthy, diet-friendly foods, so I decided to try their fresh meal delivery.  I guess for the cost and per the description I was expecting something along the lines of a semi-gourmet diet meal.  Gag.
Most of the meals with the meats were so dry I had to wash them down with water, the veggies were so-so, and the egg breakfasts were so awful I just tossed most of them after a few bites.  I think I lost weight, but mostly from not eating because the meals were pretty bad.  I’d say to save your money.
I cancelled after two weeks and the only reason I say “two weeks” is that I waited too long to cancel the second week and was told it was already in process.  I think it all comes down to portion control and when eating out or in, just heavy up on the veggies, some protein and limited carbs.
Read the Fine Print
This might be the first time I ever complained about a service.  One of my pet peeves is the huge difference between advertised pictures of products and what you actually get when you buy them.  I guess ediets is no exception.  I followed their directions exactly and my meal was so soggy it was inedible.
Read the fine print on their web site carefully before you join. I had to pay for a second week of meals.  I was able to cancel but it wasn’t easy.  They seem very well trained in trying to keep your business. 
Didn’t Get Any Support
This company has some fine print that states that you have to stay with them for 12 weeks (or have to pay $25) if you sign up with them and you can only cancel by calling them.  What a bunch of liars, they make it seem that everything is easy and they support you totally but they don’t, if you don’t want to continue with them you should not have to stay with them any longer than you want to.
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