Kosher Chefs Diet Reviews

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Kosher Chefs Diet Reviews
Shoddy Customer Service
While the food was delicious, it was overshadowed by the horrible delivery service.  They missed many days delivering to me as well as forgetting to pack all the days meals into my delivery.  It took hours and hours for a call back from customer service and when they finally did call me back, they made promises that they couldn’t keep as the week went on.  I could not recommend this diet to anyone I know because of the shoddy customer service as well as the poor delivery service.
Also Had Shipping Issues
I thought my meals were pretty good, once they arrived. I also had some shipping issues but not as bad as others. When I called customer service it took them a day to reach me but they fixed the problem and I didn’t have delivery issues after that.
The sizes of meals were perfect for me but the price made it hard for me to stay on the plan as long as I wanted to. I had some unexpected substitutions in my meals too, but there wasn’t anything that I hated. An unexpected car bill made me have to cancel the service. If you can afford them I would double and triple check the shipping information when you order.
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