I Started to Work at the GNC

I started dating this girl about a week and a half ago. Of course she is the manager of the place I am working, but it is not like that is a big deal. I am the stock boy at the GNC and I spend a lot of time stocking shelves with stuff like coq10 and all sorts of stuff like that. Of course it is weird when people walk up to me and ask me about the stuff, because I just stick the boxes where they go on the shelves. I really have no idea what any of this stuff does and when they ask me about the stuff they may as well be talking to the walls. I give you some sort of answer, but it is a kind of better safe than sorry type of message. I do not want to act like I know anything about this stuff, because I know almost nothing.

Now this girl knows pretty much what all of this stuff does or is supposed to do. She can recite it all forwards and backwards with no problems. Of course I guess it helps if you believe in this holistic stuff. That is what most of this stuff is. You have every type of supplement that you can imagine. Of course a lot of it is designed to help you lose weight. They have a couple hundred things that are supposed to do that, but of course there is not much way for me to know if it works at all. I think about how a to of people must be willing to try just about any pill, especially if it is a supplement. Those are pretty much not regulated in any way and there is not much way to figure out how to gauge what they do.

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