How to turn your writing into a book

I think it is a dream of many people to write their own book.  Being able to put your creative mind into a piece of artwork that can be published and enjoyed by other people is an amazing concept that even I dream of doing one day.  But there is a lot more to having your writing changed to a book than you would think.  You do all of your writing on a computer, most likely, or you write it by hand.  But in the end, you want your product to be an actual book.  Unfortunately, we aren’t just all born with the knowledge of how to get from Point A to Point B in this situation. But by looking to professionals to find out more information, you can see your idea turned into a hit for other people as well as yourself!

What should I have prepared before I go to a book printer?

  • Make sure your files are saved in the correct type

◦     While some companies will accept files that are sent in Microsoft Word, most companies prefer the files to be saved in the PDF format.  Confirm with them what their preference is and make sure to take the time to go in and change your formats and file names before submission.

  • Have a backup

◦     Even if you can digitally submit your files, it is a wise idea to keep a backup on a CD, DVD, or USB drive.  That way if something happens and the files are not able to be opened through the sending method they provide, you do have a hard backup saved on your external storage method.

  • Check specifications for particular businesses

◦     If you are printing a book that has color, you will have to check to see what their particular specifications are for use of images and color before you submit your work, otherwise you may have to go back in and change things.  The same goes for the layout of the pages-make sure it is done in the way that the company requires.

What should a good book printer offer?

  • The ability to publish from computer files

◦     Since predominantly people are writing their books on a computer, it is a very helpful thing to find a company that has the capabilities to turn what files you have on your computer into a physical book.  They should be able take your files and take them directly to the plate to be published.  Unless you’ve written out your book by hand, there is no reason you should have to take a copy of the final work to them if they have the ability to publish from your computer files.

  • Excellent finishing

◦     The old saying says to never judge a book by the cover, but we all do.  People want to read things that look nice and are well done.  Having the box of your published books arrive at your door with bad workmanship and poor binding will make your investment not worth it.  People want to spend their money on high quality products, and even if your book has content worth reading, the end product has to reflect that for other people to be interested.

  • Color capabilities

◦     While most fiction novels are black and white, if you are looking to publish nonfiction work, you may need to look for book printers who offer you a wide variety of color options.  This is usually not hard to find, but it will cost you more as color is more expensive than using just black and white.

  • Previews

◦     Nobody wants to hand in their final work and then see the results in a book without having the chance to look at it and make final decisions.  You need to be given some kind of proofing permissions where you can go in and look at how things are being laid out and make sure they are to your liking.  Some companies offer their proofing online, which is extremely convenient because you can look at it from home.

You don’t have to be one of the people that sits around and has a masterpiece of work on their computer, but never does anything with it.  Don’t let the process of publishing overwhelm you, because there are book printers out there that are experts and are just waiting to help you print your work!

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