Great Job for Someone in College

Getting a job as a part time helper in Singapore did a lot for me personally. I’d been taking some classes at college during the summer, but still needed to come up with a plan to make some money in the time I wasn’t in class or studying. If I didn’t save up something during the summer months, I’d be in big trouble during the regular school year as I wouldn’t have extra funds for anything and I carry a heavy enough load of classes that working at all is impossible. Still, I didn’t want to over do it with working.

A friend suggested I come work with her at a cleaning company. She said they loved to hire college students and other people who needed very flexible schedules. She said the pay is good and that the other employees are awesome. She even said she’d try to pull some strings to get me assigned to her work crew so we could have fun cleaning up bars and office buildings together. That sounded great except the part about cleaning up stuff. Isn’t that a horrible job where you have to clean up really nasty stuff?

It turns out it’s nothing like what I thought. There is a pretty long list of things they won’t do and all of the customers agree to that list before hiring the company to come in and clean. The really unpleasant stuff, things like clogged toilets or vomit and such, falls on other people. We just come in and wipe things down and do some other things to tidy the place up. It’s actually a fun job because you get to talk and laugh with your co-workers. I couldn’t believe how fast the time melted away. It great because it’s a job where it doesn’t feel like work at all.

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