Freshology Review

Freshology provides fresh and well balanced diet food at your doorstep for those who are aiming for weight loss. Your food is prepared by calculating the appropriate amount of dietary needs for your body.

The variety of food is prepared by top chefs and the meals are delivered to your doorstep in stylish reusable coolers, which can be discarded is you don’t any additional use for them.

The special features of their food include nutritionally balanced food, handcrafted by top chefs, interesting and exciting gourmet menus, fresh and premium ingredients and use of all natural proteins.

If you choose a Freshology diet program the food will be door delivered accordingly.You will also receive small instructions on how to serve the food. Color codes of used for organizing the meals according to the time. You will not need to supplement other food materials because the program provides for the complete nutritional requirements.

Various benefits are associated with using their meals. It is an ideal way for effective weight loss, improves your blood pressure, energy and stamina, improves cholesterol levels and is heart & diabetic friendly. They have different programs according to your specific needs. Some of the popular meal programs offered by them are GetSlim Gold, GetSlim Silver and FreshMommy National. Each program is designed for special purposes and can be chosen according to your requirement. Apart from these programs there are the FreshDining, FreshLite and Lifestyle designed for weight loss and convenience. The program is also available for weekends.

This is a simple and healthy way to have a healthy lifestyle. The complete dining experience will help you reach your goal effortlessly because they use only natural and sustainable products. The packing materials used are biodegradable as well. You can have the convenience of eating freshly prepared healthy food anytime at home.

Freshology Reviews

Worth Every Penny, Highly Recommend to Everyone
I participated in this program over 2 years ago with a total of 100lb to lose. It was expensive but I had no trouble sticking to the program and lost a total of 50lbs.
I had to put the program on hold about a year ago due to the fact that I could not afford it. During this time I gaind back 15lbs, but still kept 35 off. I plan on going back on the program next week.
I can honestly say that I would probably be at my goal weight if I didn’t have to stop. In my opinion, it was worth every penny. The food was delicious and I lost weight consistently at a safe pace. I hated to go off the program and plan to be near my goal weight by this summer. Highly recommend to everyone!
Not Worth the Money
I have experience with other meal delivery plans. So far, for the money, I would not rate Freshology meals as particularly good. I rate the meals on a scale of 1-5 (bad-good) and so far out of 12 items (including desserts) tried, I’ve only got one 4 and two 3’s.  The rest are all 1’s (one meal even got 0). It seems in an attempt to call them “gourmet” they’ve not taken into account basic taste and texture. It’s particularly frustrating that they include so many egg dishes for breakfast where the eggs are these patties. Like “omelets”, these formed eggs do not hold up well to being dried, reconstituted, cooked, frozen then reheated.  The texture is just bad. And you can’t substitute them out (or make any logical substitutions).
They have a few categories of exclusions based on some odd logic that I can’t figure, but no way to ensure the meals you really dislike are left out. Also, they offer no opportunity with rating the meals on their website – all feedback would have to be in comments.  Other – heating instructions on one meal were wrong (failed to indicate something needed to be removed before heating) and one meal had different ingredients than on the packing list.  Overall, not worth the money.
Expensive But Okay
I know a lot of celebrities get these diet meals, but I thought they were just okay for the money you have to spend to have them delivered. I think I spent about $50 a day. I didn’t care for having to receive meals on their menu I didn’t want to eat. They do allow you pick different meals but my order came with some changes I didn’t order.
Highly Recommended if You Can Afford it
I got a discount for the 28-program, so investing in Freshology was well worth it for me.  I’m three weeks into the program and I’ve enjoyed every single meal they’ve sent.  I made three changes to the meals (no beef, pork or lamb) and they’ve honored my changes.
I’m happy there hasn’t yet been a repeat meal because the variety keeps me interested in sticking to the program. I’ve been very satisfied with my weight loss so far.
Also, I appreciated the call that I received from customer service giving me the option of opting out of a shipment because of the blizzard in the Midwest.  The woman I spoke to was VERY friendly.  I highly recommend them if you can afford this type of program.
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