Free Power Every Single Saturday

There are a lot of different companies that provide energy to Texans. CPL Retail Energy is just one of many that provides to not only homes but also businesses. I wanted to find out more about them after finding out so many friends and family members use their service as well. I found a site that had all kinds of information about CPL and other retail and residential energy providers. I was able to click here on several spots of the site to find out all the information I needed on this company, and it convinced me that I needed to change as well.

I had no problems with the company that I was with, but I also did not have a lot of praise for them either. They basically provided me with the power that I needed for my home, and I paid them for it. When I started to look into CPL, it was very evident why so many of the people in my life went with this company. They have all kinds of nice things going for them, but what impressed me the most was their promotion called Free Power Saturdays.

This is typically a very busy day at most homes because parents are not usually working and kids are not at school. It seems this would be one of the main days of the week when a home’s occupants are going to use a lot of power for different things. CPL Energy wants to give back to their customers though, so for a 24 hour period every Saturday, electricity is supplied to the home at no cost. I am impressed with the app that enables customers to handle their account business better as well as the smart meter they provide, but this free day of power is the best part of all!

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