Foods for Helping with Gout

Living with gout is not going to be easy, but if I can make some smart changes to my diet, then I might not have such of a problem with gout in the future. That would be nice, because the pain in my feet is almost unbearable right now. I guess the problem is with high uric acid levels in my bloodstream, and that causes gout, or can be a reason why you get gout. I am browsing right now to learn more about foods that can help to decrease gout, and foods that need to be avoided to help to reduce the risk fo having my gout get worse than it already is.

It is no fun living with this disease, because it strikes at your joints, and makes it hard to get around. My hands are getting so bad that I can’t do something as simple as opening a bottle of soda pop. It is really frustrating to have to deal with the limitations, but I hope that my gout will get better. I had been ignoring it, or trying to ignore it for awhile and did not really know what was going on with my joints.

But I didn’t change my diet over that period of time, so I was probably still eating foods that can contribute to gout while I was ignoring the problem. That is pretty silly in retrospect. But I will say that I would have never guessed that I would become a victim of gout. I had heard of it before, and I knew that it could get pretty bad. However, I have never known anyone that has had it and further, I did not know that it was associated with particular types of diets. All of that is pretty troubling information for me.

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