Family Chef Reviews

In December 2011, Family Chef has announced they have partnered with DineWise, America’s most popular prepared meal website.

Family Chef joins Home Bistroand Colorado Prime Steaks as part of the DineWise family of prepared meals and unprepared gourmet food, including all natural beef products.

There are only twelve complete meals to choose from including pork, beef, chicken and turkey options. Pasta dishes like lasagna and spaghetti are also available. Seafood fanatics may want to try the Southern Shrimp Creole and Cajun Shrimp Pasta.

Dessert Combo Packs feature Mega Meals combined with your choice of dessert cake. Available sweets are cheesecakes provided by The Cheesecake Factory that are ready to thaw and serve and Turtle Cheesecake made by Lawlers. New desserts are added on a seasonal basis.  Meal delivery service is abailable throughout the United States.

Meal Pack selections include discount prices for six, ten or twelve meals when purchased at one time. There is a delivery service guarantee that offers your money back if your meals do not arrive on or ahead of the scheduled delivery date. Meals are shipped anywhere in the nation via Federal Express. You can order your meals up to three weeks in advance and choose your desired shipping date when you check out. They do not offer weight loss meals or weight loss meal plans.

Family Chef Reviews

Did Not Seem Like A Good Value
I paid over $100 for these four prepared meals. They are supposed to serve two people. I found that to be two small servings for two, but one great serving for one. $25 for one serving is a bit much for my budget, and $12.50 for two small portions did not seem like a good value to me. Almost every meal had the same vegetable side dish, which wasn’t anything you can’t get the supermarket, and the mashed potatoes seemed instant to me.
Cajun Shrimp Pasta
This is a meal I would defiantly consider one serving. The amount of water in the bottom of the tray was a turn off, but the sauce was good, and the pasta was cooked perfectly. The sauce was spicy and I would have liked to see more or larger pieces of shrimp.
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