Effective Recycling in the Computer World

One of the benefits of modern technology is the opportunity it provides for individuals and companies to access information online, to store their information in a form that they can access immediately and provide access to others that are authorised. One of the downsides is that there seems to be new advances by the day and new devices that everyone wants to possess immediately. That adds up to a great deal of unwanted hardware. Competition is guaranteeing that the price of new technology will remain relatively low while demand is unlikely ever to show any sign of dropping.

The Greens

The ‘Green Lobby’ has an increasing presence. We are all being made conscious of the need to make our own contribution to the environment. That includes such things are reducing our use of energy, perhaps by buying a smaller car and not automatically taking it out of the garage just for the shortest of trips. We will be a little healthier at the same time if we walk or cycle more. Another obvious thing we can all do is to help with the whole process of recycling. That starts by following a disciplined waste disposal procedure so that domestic rubbish needing landfill will reduce. It should also mean we should look at whether we can recycle other things we no longer need.

Computer Components

The subject of computer recycling comes to mind. There are several components which are toxic and under no circumstances should such equipment merely be dumped in the household or office waste. Almost a quarter of any PC is plastic, slightly less is glass. The rest is primarily metallic. One of those metals is lead and its careful disposal is important.

In recent years there has been legislation put in place to prevent people disposing of computers as they wish; they now need a licence and a properly authorised means of that disposal. Some manufacturers actually run recycling schemes. Metals such as aluminium and steel can be recycled. Did you know that a recycled aluminium drink’s can may be back on a supermarket shelf within a couple of months? Some of the components of a computer are easier to handle than others.


Professional companies are available to take unwanted waste such as computers and dispose of them in the appropriate way. They will all have the licences required to do the job properly. It is certainly something that you will need to have in place if you are deciding to upgrade your computer system.

The whole subject of recycling is under the microscope. Individuals and companies have a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprints. If it can be recycled you should try to do it. If you are not certain one way or another, do some research and find out what recycling services are available in your area.

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