Cuisine Solutions Reviews

Cuisine Solutions offers prepared mealsto other restaurants and has a meal delivery service for consumers. They specialize in the sous-vide method of cooking, which mean their gourmet meals are cooked in plastic bags, vacuumed, and immersed in warm water for long periods of time.

Home Bistro is another meal delivery service that specializes in the sous-vide method of cooking.Food prepared using the sous-vide method of cooking is always moist. The result is known to bring flavors together, similar to other slow cooking methods, such as a crock pot or slow roasting.

The company has been selling their gourmet food to hotels, airlines, restaurants, and the military for almost twenty years.

Unlike most prepared meal companies, Cuisine Solutions only sells entrees. Their limited retail menu includes one seafood entree, three poultry entrees, and three meat entrees. According to their website, pasta, rice, vegetables, and sauces are coming soon. It appears the menu offered to retail customers is significantly larger than what is available for retail. The website does feature an online catalog which shows their entire menu.
Prices vary, but all entrees come in servings for two:
  • Lamb Shank will cost $29.99
  • Beef Wellington is $36.50
  • Chicken Marsala is $20.85
None of the selections on their menu are under $20, or $10 per serving. Of course, you have to add your own side dish and vegetable to have a complete meal.
In our Cuisine Solutions review, we learned these entrees can be reheated on the stove, in warm water, in the microwave, and in a regular oven. The entree can be reheated from its frozen state or from thawed. Their products can be kept unopened in a refrigerator for up to six days.
There are some entrees that may fit into a nutritional profile for dieters and healthy eaters, but most of the meals we reviewed have high fat content and high sodium levels. For example:
  • Chicken Florentine has 18 grams of fat and 1,310 of sodium
  • Beef Short Ribs has 44 grams of fat and 1,500 mg of sodium
  • The Tilapia entree has 3.5 grams of fat, but 670 mg of sodium
To see their shipping rates, you will first have to create an account. It appears there is a shipping fee of $7.95 for each entree you order. We could not find any mention of a customer satisfaction guarantee. 
This may be an interesting company to watch down the road, and see if they can transform their restaurant supply success to the national retail consumer market. While they may have a long way to go in offering single servings of complete meals for consumers.
Cuisine Solutions Reviews
Wish They Had More of a Menu
I first saw boxes of their food while I was taking a tour of a kitchen on a cruise ship. The cruise was serving their Chicken Marsala, and it was amazing. I have ordered a few times online, and love to use their food for occasions where I am entertaining. I wish they had more of a menu because their products are that good. If they pass the standards of a cruise ship, than they are good enough for me.
A Big WOW Factor
A great company for the best lamb shanks. My husband thinks they are too. We both used to spend our quality time dining out a lot, which has become impractical these days, but when we tried Cuisine Solutions, it immediately gave us a big WOW factor.
Their meals are just like what we normally have in II Cielo. I first tried their lamb shanks, then their steak selections like their beef top sirloin, and their seared beef short ribs; all were tasty, tender, and juicy. Now, we can conveniently enjoy private time together, without having to spend much. 
I Would Definitely Recommend Them to My Friends
I’ve been into a vegetarian diet for a year now, and I always find it hard to look for vegetarian selections in most online food shops. I mostly do not have time to fix my own meal, so I have to rely on prepared meals sold online. Once I found out about the vegetarian diet from Cuisine Solutions, I was so relieved.
Now, I don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner. I get them in bulk orders and all I have to do is to reheat them within minutes. The meals are properly seasoned and aren’t bland. Plus, I get enough savings with their discount coupons. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.  
I Give Them a Hearty Thumbs Up
Their seafood was okay. I tried them once, but I quite didn’t like it. As far as the serving portions go, I had Salmon En Croute, and I would have liked a larger portion. But, for the overall taste for everything else, I give them a hearty thumbs up. I was surprised, everything I tried cooked up juicy and flavorful. I like this “sous vide” method if this is how the food comes out!  
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