Commercial Preventative Maintenance Contractor Pricing

My business has a fairly large complex of buildings that our operations are located in, and when you have several buildings, there is a lot of upkeep that needs to be done in order to make sure that everything stays in good shape and good working order. A lot of problems can rise up pretty fast from neglect, and I have seen that happen to other companies, so I want to make sure it doesn’t happen with mine. I am trying to find the cost of electrician in preventative maintenance contracts in NYC as I would like to hire a company to do routine maintenance on all of the buildings, in order to make sure that bigger problems do not happen at some point down the line.

I had employed a few people for maintenance previously, and for a long time I thought that they were doing a good job. But I feel like they were too stuck in a routine of checking a few things, and they weren’t really paying attention to signs of wear on the buildings and equipment. As such, we had a fairly large issue a few months ago where a number of our machines broke, and after an inquiry, it was clear that it could have been prevented if they had been given proper maintenance on a regular basis. So, I was forced to fire all of the people on the maintenance staff and to come up with another strategy.

I think that I would like to keep the general sort of preventative maintenance in the hands of an outside contractor, because that should help to assure higher quality of work, so long as I hire someone with a good reputation. But I am still thinking about hiring some more people in maintenance with a different role.

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