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The Chef’s Diet at Home, formerly named ZoneChefs, provides customers with prepared meals that simplify their schedules. They are a meal delivery service centered around the principles of the popular Zone diet.

These weight loss meals are based on a 40/30/30 ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat.
The zone diet works on the principle of everything in balance, and encourages participants to eat meals within a set ration of carbohydrates to proteins to fats.
Chefs Diet will allow you to make substitutions in your meal plan according to your likes and dislikes or allergies you may have.
Chefs Diet is a prepared meal delivery service available daily to clients in the NY Tri-State area and Los Angeles. Their line of freshly prepared gourmet meals and snacks have helped their clients, including many Hollywood celebrities, to reach their weight loss goals.  Chefs Diet provides shipment to 48 states if one applies for the Weekly Food program. Weekly weight loss meal plans can be delivered to other parts of the country.
Women who receive Chefs Diet meals will be consuming anywhere from 1,100 to 1,200 calories per day. Most men will consume anywhere from 1,400-1,600 calories per day. They believe the healthiest meal should have 40% amount of carbohydrate, 30% amount of protein, and 30% of good fat, which is not saturated. They also provide additional diet tips with their exercise program called 
The food ranges from fresh to microwavable packages, and the quality ranges from chef-prepared restaurant level food down to the sort of microwave meals that you could buy in a grocery store.
There are eight different programs to choose from including fresh and frozen food delivered daily for fresh meals and weekly for frozen meals. They also have a menu for vegetarians, kosher diets, and meals for kids.
The food is fresh and not frozen upon delivery, sealed and cooled with ice packs, and the meals themselves are vacuum-sealed soon after they are prepared. Send us your chefs diet reviews of their meal delivery service!  Sharing your personal experiences and insight can help others to make better value and quality buying choices. 

Chefs Diet Coupons and Coupon Codes

At this time, Chefs Diet does not offer any Coupons or coupon codes. If any Chef’s Diet coupons become available, we will post them right here. Other diet delivery services that offer coupons include:

Can Hire A Chef for Less Money
I have always seen them in health magazines before and I thought they were too good to be true, but honestly they are not. A lot of craftsmanship and care for details have been put through their meals, but they were too expensive. I think I can hire a chef for less money. 
This is a Program for Rich People
I wouldn’t compare this diet to any other prepared meals because I think they are incomparable. I think they are the best in everything that they do. The shipping is dependable, and the dinners are good. The quality of the lunches and breakfasts don’t have much value. I couldn’t afford them even if they throw me a 50% off special. This is a program for rich people without regard to what you get for money, but it is good.
I Want My Money Back!
I would never recommened the Chef’s Diet as they now call themselves. Their shipping and delivery is not very dependable, customer support can be very difficult to get in touch with and their sales people will call you anytime of the day (even Saturday and Sunday) to try and sell you into buying more food. Their food is good, but everything else about this company is dreadful.
Expensive for the Quality
I did my ordering over the phone, which I didn’t care for. I found the food to be very high priced for bland meals. I think I can do better go out to restaurants. The fruit and vegetables were less than par, and I didn’t find customer service too accommodating.  I tried to cancel but I was locked into another week of meals. But the meals I had in the second week were better, so maybe I had some bad luck in week one. The beef meals were especially good.
Aggressive Salespeople
I am really too busy to cook healthy food, so I found this service to have something to eat that was diet food. I thought the meals were good. They had a nice variety but the servings were much less than what I thought they would be. The salespeople can be aggressive if you order over the phone. That turned me off more than anything else. I got the impression they only cared about their commission. For the price, I thought the value was okay.
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