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eDiets ships portion controlled meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, to people interested in losing weight and live throughout the country. Their prepared meals are frozen, although they use the term “fresh prepared meal delivery,” which may sound misleading to some people. 

They also lets customers customize their menu. Using this diet service for weight loss can be a long-term process. On their website they recommend an average of two pounds per week for the first five weeks of the program.

They do offer a money back guarantee to this fact, provided you join the seven day meal delivery program for four consecutive weeks.like you might find at NutriSystem or MediFast. They offer weight loss plans for men and women. The difference in the two is that the men get an extra snack per day. They also offer diet delivery options for the Glycemic Impact Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, and the ability to customize your own diet plan. They do not have any specific diabetic meals on the menu, but maintaining a lower weight is always good for a healthy diabetic lifestyle.

Their plans begin at only $21 per day and their program is week to week. They have also partnered with many major health care insurance providers to give weekly discounts to their members. When you join you are committing to automatic diet meal deliveries. You may cancel the service only by phone.

eDiets Reviews

Could Be Very Good – If Only They Cared
Because of a medical condition, I must carefully monitor my nutrition. I thought eDiets would be perfect because nutritional information is published on-line and customization is allowed. It would be perfect if the nutritional information were accurate and I received the food I ordered. A few weeks ago, they corrected the nutritional information on-line for many, but not all their food, but many (even some of the “corrected” ones) still don’t match the nutritional labels on the food. I have e-mailed and called many, many times to ask which is correct. I have been completely ignored.
Substitutions are very, very frequent, food I never order and don’t like are often sent, and food is frequently missing.  Trays have arrived broken and there is never ice remaining in the box, and food has begun to thaw. A friend had her food arrive completely thawed and smelly, but was told she had to deal with the delivery company and it wasn’t their problem.
Overall the food is good (when not swimming in a pool of water). You add three servings of fruit and two servings of calcium daily, which I like for the flexibility. eDiets could be very good – if only
A Horrible Experience
Their food delivery was a horrible experience. First my food arrived 3 days late and was delivered to a convience store across the street from me. When I tried to talk to customer service, team leaders and managers they were all very rude. I have never experienced such rude customer service. The food tasted awful and was not at all as pictured. Tasted like very low quality frozen food.
A Very Good Start to My Diet
My first day on their Fresh Prepared meal delivery was good, if not very good. The portion sizes are small. but I can live with that if the food is good, and I munched on salad occasionally. Shipping was right on time, and the Live Chat operator was exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely patient as she answered my many questions about the the terms and conditions. The packaging is great. They mark each meal breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and provide you with a menu for your meal plan. Once I ordered, I elected to pick my own meals, which is an option I appreciate very much.
Breakfast was the Cheddar Egg Scramble with Chicken Sausage and Raspberry-Peach Compote. It took longer than noted to reheat, but that was not a big deal. The scrambled eggs were good, there was one piece of sausage, which was also good, and one wedge of a red skinned potato. The compote was a little sweet for my likes, but also very good.
Lunch was a Turkey Meatball Sandwich. I found the turkey meatballs to be tasty, the sauce isn’t going to win any awards, but there was enough of it to cover my sandwich. The roll didn’t get crunchy during reheating, and made a nice little sandwich that stood 5 inches high.
Dinner was the surprise of the day. It was Chicken Meatloaf with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Cauliflower. I have no reservation about throwing out food I don’t like, and I have to say I cleaned my plate with this meal. All very good, and my own side salad filled me up.
My snack was some small chocolate chip cookies. Nothing too special about them, but they did satisfy my need to crunch on something.
Another Very Good Day of Meals
Day two was my Italian day. Breakfast started with a Mushroom and Swiss Cheese Frittata with two more Chicken Sausages and a Cinnamon Apple Compote. All were very good. The Frittata didn’t have an overpowering flavor of mushrooms or Swiss cheese, but they were there. The sausages were good and not overcooked to a stick like you can get at other services.
For lunch, I had Chicken Marinara over Linguini with Mozzarella Cheese. It was great. The sauce is good, and perhaps a tiny bit on the watery side. The pasta was a perfect a dente, and there was a chicken breast that was sliced in bit-sized portions. I would have liked to have a vegetable with it, but it was nice.
Dinner was their Classic Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese and a generous side of Escarole with Cannellini Beans. Very good. The lasagna is basically one long lasagna folded over and stuffed, but true to their word; it was a classic recipe. I was most excited about the side dish. It may have needed a little seasoning, but it was plentiful and very fresh-like.
My evening snack was two sugar cookies. It was hard for me to give this day a gold star just because of the portion sizes, but I did. For diet meals, what I have received so far has been very good.
A Bit of a Setback, But Dinner Was Good
Today was a bit of a setback. My day started with Stuffed French Toast with Blackberry Apricot Compote, which made it to the trash after one bite. It is more like a cream cheese sandwich than French Toast, and the compote soaked through the bread making it quite mushy. Instead, I had a bowl of cereal.
Lunch was Traditional Manicotti and Italian Vegetables. The manicotti tasted very close to a Weight Watchers frozen meal and didn’t have any flavor. The Italian vegetables were nice, if you enjoy pearl onions. I do. They can be expensive, so I was surprised, and pleased, to see so many of them.
Dinner was good, and saved the day. I had Swedish Chicken Meatballs with Egg Noodles, Green Beans, and Red Peppers. Their chicken meatballs were quite tasty, and I have come to the conclusion they have mastered substituting chicken for meat dishes. The noodles were perfectly al dente. The sauce was a little watery, but it had a good flavor. The string beans and red peppers were good and crispy fresh.
My snack was a small bag of trail mix which left me wanting more of them.
Lunch and Dinner Were Very Good
Í am not a big fan of diet meal delivery services sending me a meal I can get at the store, or in this case, any area stop on my way to work. This morning I had the their Bagel with Yogurt Cream Cheese. The bagel was not as good as I can get locally, but the yogurt cream cheese was good.
Lunch was a Beef and Cheddar Cheese Soft Taco with Mexican Corn. The meal is a little on the small side, but not bad. Once I built the soft taco, it only took two bites to eat. The corn was crisp and flavorful.
Dinner was their Breaded Alaskan Pollock with Fiesta Corn and Broccoli. The breading on the pollock was a little mushy, but this was a great-tasting  meal. The Fiesta corn was outstanding.
And my snack of the evening was a bag of popcorn, which I didn’t eat, but my daughter was all excited to have it. Lunch and dinner were very good.
I Lost 4.5 Pounds in Five Days
This is my last day of my 5 day meal plan. Breakfast was Oatmeal with Chicken Sausage and Peaches. The two chicken sausages could have had some crust on them, but they were good. The oatmeal was also okay, but I barely got two slices of peaches. I would have preferred another egg breakfast, as I can make my own instant oatmeal.
For lunch they gave me a Three-Cheese Pizza with Mushrooms and Peppers. I realize the public probably wants pizza in their diet meal plans, but they just never seem to translate to anything special in the microwave, and this pizza was no exception. It appeared to be intended as a thick-crust slice, but it was so mushy I couldn’t pick it up with my hands. There was also spinach under the cheese, so I am sure that added to the watery crust. I just ate the top, which was very good, but hardly a meal.
Dinner was their BBQ Flavored Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries and a Roll. My meal was missing the BBQ Chicken cutlet, so I just received mushy sweet potatoes fries and a hard roll. I am sure this was just a simple mistake, so I am not going to kill them for it, but the day was okay.
My snack was more of the trail mix I had earlier in the week.
I have been a little critical on the portion sizes, but I do have to admit I lost 4.5 pounds in five days. That’s pretty good. 
Surprised How Much Better The Food Is
I tried them many years ago and I have to say I am sympathic and understanding of the people that have shared their experiences with this company. Mine was similar. For some stupid reason, I decided to call them after seeing their never-ending commercials on TV. The new food menu was what had me most interested.
I do recall very pushy sales people that seemed like their job was on the line if they sell you something. They are still sales people, but they seemed much more respectful and polite to my needs. I gave the customer service the best rating I could because I appreciated the effort they made to improve.
I did place an order but not on my first call, I wanted to think about it first. I have to say I was very surprised with how much better the food is today than it was in years past. I used them for two weeks, and I didn’t have a problem cancelling. I only needed the program for a short amount of time.
I gave their website a “Fair” rating because of their pushy live chat people that pounce on you when you go there, but overall I was happy to see them improve as much as they did. I hope I won’t need six weeks of diet meals ever again, but if I do I think I would come back here.
I Would Recommend this to Anyone
The food is so good I told my boyfriend that I was never going to cook again. I really liked the breakfast and lunches, compared to what I would normally eat they are a good size. The dinners are small and the “snacks” are practically nonexistent, but they still taste good, just small.
I would recommend this to anyone, the only problem that I found was that in the beginning you are hungry all the time, but you get use to it. I just drank A LOT of water to keep me full.
The website is easy to use and very user friendly, I don’t like that I have to pick my food by Thursday, but I guess I have to give them time to cook and pack and send, so that is me just being picky.
I honestly don’t know what everyone is complaining about this food was delicious. Unless these people are the best cooks on the planet, for the price you pay, you really can’t complain. Plus it is so easy to pack my lunch bag, and go. I would love to see the kind of food these people are use to eating, if they think this tastes bad.
Too Many Delivery Issues
I tried the meal delivery plan years ago and the food was good, however, I started having problems with the delivery of the food, was scheduled one day, and did not received that day but two days after and the food was ruined. One week I did not get the food at all!  Customer services was not really helpful either, they refunded the money back but care less about the issues. I decided the terminate the meal delivery plan.
I decided to try again, so I started the five day meal delivery plan in January 2010.  The first week I received the meals on time and they were delicious. Good taste and fresh. Second week, not so lucky, the FedEx package never arrived. I was so upset. When I called customer service they told me that there was a “glitch” with the computers and my package was delivered to some one else.
Now, I have to wait until next week for the other package. At this point I will not continue the program as the food delivery is not consistent at all. This has been my experience with the ediets delivery program.  It’s unfortunate because the food is good, but can’t count on on time delivery!
Stay Away!
The meals were awful, some of them I threw out. They were not very big and in order to make a meal of it you had to add to it. They were mostly bland and tasteless. The veggies were like rubber as was most of the meat. You will lose weight but that’s because it tastes bad! The customer service is terrible. They will tell you anything you want to hear, they lie. When I tried to cancel the meals it took 5 phone calls and I still paid for a week of meals I didn’t want. Stay away from them.
I Contacted Them to Cancel and Get a Refund
I signed up for 8 weeks, with the 8th week to be free.  Each shipment had an occasional meal that developed puffiness in the plastic covering of the sealed meal package, and I threw those away. I advised them of the problem and got a small credit.
Midway through my subscription, I had a friend who works in food handling, open a carton when it arrived and test the temperature of the food upon arrival. We found nothing in the carton at proper temperature. Some were as high as 49 to 51 degrees. Bacteria in food thrives above 40 degrees. At that point I contacted the company to cancel and get a refund.  After working my way up to someone who would help me, I was given a credit and then I threw the food away.
I cancelled my contract, but one more shipment was in transit. I had that shipment tested on arrival and found it also to be at unsafe temperature.  This time eDiets director Cesar flagged my account with a requirement that I package it all back up and ship it back to them at my expense, and upon receipt of it they say they will give me a credit.
I have asked for a full refund of all sums paid to them, but am not getting a response. Can someone advise if there is a Federal or a California state agency who oversees the safety of interstate food shipments into California?  I cannot be the only person who receives a carton that has been in transit three days from Illinois that, if eaten, may cause illness.  I would like to report this.   
The Meals Were Pretty Bad
I have a very hectic schedule and don’t have time to prepare healthy, diet-friendly foods, so I decided to try their fresh meal delivery.  I guess for the cost and per the description I was expecting something along the lines of a semi-gourmet diet meal.  Gag.
Most of the meals with the meats were so dry I had to wash them down with water, the veggies were so-so, and the egg breakfasts were so awful I just tossed most of them after a few bites.  I think I lost weight, but mostly from not eating because the meals were pretty bad.  I’d say to save your money.
I cancelled after two weeks and the only reason I say “two weeks” is that I waited too long to cancel the second week and was told it was already in process.  I think it all comes down to portion control and when eating out or in, just heavy up on the veggies, some protein and limited carbs.
Read the Fine Print
This might be the first time I ever complained about a service.  One of my pet peeves is the huge difference between advertised pictures of products and what you actually get when you buy them.  I guess ediets is no exception.  I followed their directions exactly and my meal was so soggy it was inedible.
Read the fine print on their web site carefully before you join. I had to pay for a second week of meals.  I was able to cancel but it wasn’t easy.  They seem very well trained in trying to keep your business. 
Didn’t Get Any Support
This company has some fine print that states that you have to stay with them for 12 weeks (or have to pay $25) if you sign up with them and you can only cancel by calling them.  What a bunch of liars, they make it seem that everything is easy and they support you totally but they don’t, if you don’t want to continue with them you should not have to stay with them any longer than you want to.
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Eatology Reviews

Eatology is a diet program that was created to mimic the paleo diets of our ancestors. This includes eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and seafood. Research has shown that a paleo diet can significantly reduce degenerative diseases and provide balanced energy throughout the day.

The Eatology diet is defined as a “lifestyle” not a diet and provides 80 percent of the foods a person should be eating while trying to lose weight and build muscle mass.

When a meal “block” is ordered, it consists of food for 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 5 dinners.
There is then a snack list included that allows for snacks throughout the day as well as suggested zone meals to be eaten the other two days of the week.
The meals come in two different sizes. There is a 2-block meal for women as well as a 3-block meal for men. This simply provides men with more protein, carbohydrates and fat. All of the meals are created on the basis of a balanced ratio of those three items. The company also prides themselves on offering gluten-free meals and the items have no preservatives and no refined sugars. The focus is on lean means and low glycemic carbs.
There are over 450 different entrée options. Each week, a new set of meals are prepared and sent out to the customer. This allows a variety of foods to be sent, ensuring people do not get bored with eating the same foods over and over again. This diet is also able to cater to food allergies and welcomes people to send in new food ideas.
The Rise ‘n Dine breakfasts include such items as eggs benedict and olive frittata while the Lunch Box lunches include items including fish ceviche and Roman chicken. The Dinner Table is dinner items with protein and starch, such as eggplant lasagna or bacon cheddar meatloaf with mashed potatoes. Testimonials written from past and current customers of the program have raved about how flavorful and filling the food is.
The meals are sent out on a weekly basis. This allows all of the food to be sent as fresh as possible. It is all packed in dry ice and ready to go into the freezer. The meals can be microwaved or placed in the oven for preparation each week. Customers are not committed to recurring billing. They can order by the week or by the month and stop at any time they choose. Even if a person orders food by the month, it is still shipped on a weekly basis.
Along with the food is free nutritional training. This is support to ensure everyone is capable of meeting all of their goals. Eatology feels that communication is key. They offer phone and text support at all hours of the day to allow people to voice their concerns and obtain assistance whenever they feel they have hit a wall. The program also encourages the use of food logs. Those who keep food logs are more likely to maintain the weight loss and the logs will be reviewed by the program nutritionists when sent in. All customers are given an email address to send their food logs into for review.
In addition to the packaged meals and the nutritional training, there is also the suggestion to “sweat” once a day. They do not have a specific workout plan but encourage everyone to do cardio or something each and every day to get their heart rate up.
Instead of issuing Eatology Coupons, the company provides nationwide shipping for just $15. This can be as much as $50 for other national diet meal services, depending on where you live in the country.
A Good Value
I ordered the 5 Large Lunch and Dinner Meals for $51 without using a Eatology Coupon. The thought the price per meal was a little better than other diet services. The food was good, and I certainly didn’t feel like I was eating diet food. 
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Diet-To-Go Consumer Reviews

This meal delivery service offers convenient prepared diet meals geared towards losing weight, with several different weight loss meal plans designed to be low in fat. While they do not guarantee weight loss, testimonials and success stories are offered on their website by clients who swear by their prepared meals and service.

The nutritional, nourishing and delicious meals are conveniently delivered right to your door including all of the condiments necessary to add some flavor to your dish.

DietToGo Coupons make this plan competitively priced and conforms to the dietary guidelines of all top rated health organizations.  They offer single serving meals as well as a strict calorie controlled diet of 1200 to 1600 calories depending on your age,

The company strives to reduce the temptations of an unhealthy diet with meal plans that will promote healthy living.  You no longer have to slave over a hot stove and count calories of every condiment or seasoning you add to your dish with this convenient alternative.

Diet-To-Go Reviews

Diet-to-Go has Changed for the Better
The first time I tried diet to go, I HATED IT  -and that’s putting it lightly. The food I got was wrong and I’m a SUPER picky eater however, diet to go HAS changed. The food is excellent and very easy to cook (you can’t always go by the heating instructions though!). My only issue with diet to go now is that some of the packaging breaks while in shipping which means some of my food leaked out into the bottom box and I couldn’t reheat it in the microwave. The price has also gone up which sucks but for me, it’s worth it.
Everything Just Tastes Fresh and Delicious
What I like about Diet To Go is the meal packages they offer. They have low-carb, traditional, and vegetarian meals. I personally love their vegetarian meals. It’s not easy to find a good vegetarian precooked meal, and I was pleasantly surprised at the taste. I especially loved their grilled veggie burritos, penne pasta, and Spanish stuffed peppers. They are cooked to perfection. The pastas aren’t soggy; the vegetables are firm, and everything just tastes fresh and delicious. The best part is I’m finally losing weight!
Diet To Go always blows me away. I find all their menu meals amazing. I even tried their vegetarian meals to see how it would taste, and I was surprised; they too taste great. I would, however, think they need to add more menu selections to offer. Also, I suggest they follow other prepared meals that allow their clients to customize their meals. Say, if they don’t like one particular item in their package, then simply replace it with items they want. Lastly, I hope they improve their serving sizes. I want to see family packs, and meals good for 2 people. I think that would be cool. Other than that, I’m satisfied.

They Offer Great Food, Great Service, and Great Value

My mom loves the Traditional Meals, and I like them too. They offer great food, great service, and great value for their products. We both love their Chicken Philly Subs. Plus, they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, which I know is rare to find in most prepared meals. Spaghetti pie is another unique treat that everyone must try. They make me feel like they are not strictly after my money, but that my well-being is more important to them. For a weight loss company, I believe this is important. I think every company should follow their lead.

Taste of the Food was Quite Good
I used this service for several months and overall really liked the process. But…couple caveats…
Overall the taste of the food was quite good. I rank the meals I get and on a scale of 1-5 (bad-good) they had many foods in the 2-4 range.  Very few 5’s but not too many 1’s (or worse, 0’s). I liked that there was a little fresh fruits included, but I hate that they add V8 vegetable juice regularly, even though I like it. The problems, however, were:
  • They use huge amounts of dairy products and some meals are essentially big blocks of melted cheese.
  • Vegetables do not reheat well, although I found if I thaw them, squeeze the water out and then saute or roast them they are pretty good.  But that negates the value of “not having to cook”.
  • Egg dishes (omelets) are just flat out bad. As usual, these companies have not yet realized that dried, reconstituted, cooked, frozen, then heated eggs are just not good.
  • They offer essentially unlimited substitutions.  This sounds like a good thing and I do give them props for trying. But not once did they ever get my substitutions completely correct.
Every week something was not right and I didn’t make constant changes. Every week I’d review the menu, eat it once to see what I wanted to substitute, then put in my request for that week and not change it again. Never was it correct. I don’t actually believe it was the fault of the packers completely though because the website is so poorly done. It is a discredit to the company and they really need to bring in professionals to build it for them. And I’m only complaining because they OFFER the substitution service, therefore I believe they are obligated to actually fulfill the requests correctly.
Decent Food at an Okay Price
The pricing is fairly decent compared to others. Most of their meals are quite tasty. I’ve been with them for 6 weeks. I’ve lost 11.5 lbs by just doing the 5 day lunch and dinner plan. For breakfast I make myself oatmeal with fruits & nuts. Weekends I generally am less strict with my diet since I do enjoy going out. I weighed 209.5 lbs when starting and am down to 198 lbs. I haven’t done any additional exercise along with this food program. I chose the 1600 calorie plan.
For the Christmas weekend they accidentally sent me 4 breakfast meals instead of lunch and dinner. I called them and they credited me the difference for my following week. From having their breakfasts I can tell you I do not think they are worth it. Having a high fiber oatmeal breakfast is much more filling and costs much less. I did not find myself remotely full with their breakfasts.
Since I mostly do the lunches and dinners I can says they are satisfying. The meals repeat on a one month cycle. You can call and substituted one of your standard dinners for one of their week’s special if you want. I have never used this feature since I am using this service to save myself some time. Usually what I do is have the dinners for lunch and the lunches for dinner. I am generally less hungry after work anyway’s.
It’s easy to sign up on their website. I think their meal substitution forms aren’t the most user friendly. I am mostly using this service to eat healthier and save time cooking. I would generally make bad choices since I would be hungry and not have time to prepare meals. I use the local pickup service which is a block and a half from me so it’s convenient.
If you are looking for a service you can sign up for and want decent food at an ok price this is where to go. I will probably use them until I get down to 185 lbs. After that back to healthier grocery shopping to save on some money. You are looking at spending an extra $160 per month vs. just buying groceries.
I Can’t Justify Spending $10 for Soggy Bread and a Small Side
I had just one order before I canceled.  They completely got my order wrong — instead of low carb lunch and dinner, I received low fat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They didn’t send me a Fed Ex tracking number. I had to call for that (which came in handy because I found out that my meals were misdelivered, but that was a bad on Fed Ex, not Diet to Go).
Customer service isn’t always there. They’re only open until 8PM on Tues. and Fri.  Even during working hours you might have to leave a message for a call back.  When customer service did call me back, they told me they did nothing wrong (which customer service should never ever say to a customer).  Now mind you, they offer 3 different meal plans. To select low carb meals you click the button on the left, to select traditional low fat (which is what I received) is on the right.  I know which button I clicked.  I CAN read.
To shine more questionable light on things, you are unable to view what you ordered after you order it.  An email confirmation does contain a link to your invoice, but clicking on that leads you to a page on their website that says ‘Access Denied’.  They have a My Account tab on their website, but the only information that contains is how long you’ve been a member.  And that’s it.  Seriously.
As for the meals, most of the lunches are sandwiches which would only taste good if they were baked and darn it, my office doesn’t have an oven.  The food is good.  But I estimate that with delivery I’m paying $10 per meal.  Which wouldn’t be a bad deal for no clean up, grocery shopping, or cooking.  But I can’t justify spending $10 for a lunch that consists of soggy bread and a small side.
I’ll just go to Central Market and buy freshly prepared meals from their deli for $8-$10 and freeze them.  In addition, their meals aren’t that healthy. They use high fructose corn syrup, other added sugars, and lots of chemicals.  And that’s in the low fat plan.  Not worth it.
The Best Diet I Have Tried
I just finished my first week of meals, and I have to say I was very impressed with the service. I thought there were a few meals that were just okay, but there were also some meals I wouldn’t have dreamed came from a diet company. I have tried some other services, and this is the best one I have tried so far. 
I just reordered for my second week, and my husband would love to have some of the meals without having to get the whole diet plan, but that is not possible yet. I would have assumed the quality of my meals would have cost much more than they did.
The Food Was Very Good
I am a frequent customer of meal delivery services and I have to say my meals were pretty good compared other diet delivery meals.  Like others, I found their website very difficult to navigate if you are looking for any details about meals and ordering. During checkout, I read all of the fine print to see if I getting automatically enrolled in a weekly service, and I kept getting messages that were very unclear if I was getting just the one week I wanted to try them out. My only experience with customer service was a response to my email query confirming my one week order. They responded within 15 minutes.
On my first day I had the Chicken over pasta for lunch and the Turkey and Vegetables for dinner. The food was very good. One of my pet peeves about weight loss meal plans is that manufacturers don’t put enough vegetables in their meals. The turkey meal was loaded with string beans, the chicken dish could of used more broccoli and carrots.
The Turkey meal came with a cracked tray, which was something I never experienced before. It made reheating my meal messy as all of the fluid leaked out through the cracks and onto my plate. Thank god I put a plate does and didn’t have to scrub down the office microwave. I have to say the cracked tray (and I hope I don’t have more of them) prevented me from giving these meals an excellent review.
Kudohs to the Chef: Two Home Runs
My second day on the weight loss plan was two home runs. I don’t think anyone can do a prepared salmon meal that heats up in a microwave with a traditional pink center, but aside from that the Harissa Salmon was outstanding. It has a great flavor and a very enjoyable blend of spices that complemented the fish perfectly. I also found the portion size of the salmon to be substantially larger than what I’ve received from other suppliers. The cous cous, which is another hard thing to make for a microwave, was very good, and not sticky or bland. The vegetables were crisp and plentiful. Kudohs to the chef for not shying away from preparing a gourmet meal that might have had difficulty reheating in a microwave.
For dinner, I had the Ravioli Troi Provencale. I have to confess, I wasn’t even that hungry after having the salmon for lunch. It was the lobster ravioli I was looking forward to the most, and I wasn’t disappointed. It was great. I received six raviolis, compared to three I received when I tried Nutrisystem some time ago.  As good as the ravioli and sauce were, the vegetable chutney was an experience by itself, and I am not a fan of yellow squash. The string beans were crisp, fresh, and filled up the tray. These were the best diet meals I ever had from a service, and the Diet To Go Coupon Codes were a bonus.
As wonderful as day two was, day three turned out to be as close to the exact opposite as you could get. I confess by having two “dinners” I left myself to having two “lunches” today. I am accustomed to meal plans having full meals so it didn’t matter which you had for lunch or dinner. My lunches are much smaller than the dinners.
Today I had a Tomato Basil Soup with a Corn Spinach Salad, Turkey Chili, and I had to grab another meal because I was still hungry. It was Pizza and Broccoli. The chili was the best, but it was watery. The corn muffin was dense, and the side salad wasn’t anything you couldn’t get at a grocery store. The Tomato Basil soup tasted like watered down pasta sauce. The salad tasted like frozen spinach with frozen corn and a hint of vinegar, and the shot glass sized yogurt didn’t satisfy. The portion sizes for the soup and chili were pretty small too. The broccoli that came with the pizza was boring, but the best thing in the meal. The bread for the pizza was soggy and unappetizing. I only ate the cheese. 
Lost Three Pounds Since Being on the Diet To Go Weight Loss Plan
So far, I have to say I was very surprised to see I had lost three pounds since being on the Diet to Go Weight loss plan. But I do have to confess I am battling with being exceptionally hungry on the days I get lesser meals. I wish every day was like my second.
  • Chicken Curry Sandwich – I have to say I am kind of disappointment with getting sandwiches as prepared meals. I work in an office complex, and I have a multitude of local establishments that offer sandwiches at a lower cost. This is one sandwich I wouldn’t ever want to have again. Basically it was a spoonful of chicken salad scooped on to a small whole wheat roll. The curry flavor was mild, which was good because I don’t care for it much. The tangerine wedges were okay, but didn’t have a fresh texture coming out of the freezer. If I were reviewing meal alone, I would say no little chef hats.
  • Penne Pasta – For dinner I had the tray of penne with turkey sauce. It was pretty standard fare by gourmet meal standards, but it was better than most other diet meals I have tried. There was nothing gourmet about the sliced carrots or the sugar snap peas. If you bought either vegetable in the freezer section of your market, you would have had the same thing. On it’s own, I would give this meal a fair review.
  • Szechuan Turkey Burger – This meal looks far from appetizing when I opened it up. It looked like a plop of turkey mush on the same whole wheat roll. After heating it up, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it tasted much better than it looks. The heating instructions left a lot to be desired as I didn’t know what was in the little cups and if they should be reheated. The plastic cups themselves didn’t look microwave friendly. Turns out they were chili and hot sauce, which made the burger. On its own, I would give this meal a good review.
  • Tuna Meltover – I’m not sure what was going through the chefs mind when they created this meal. It is awful. Imagine you made your own tuna salad, covered it with cheese, put it on some kind of unidentifiable bread, and microwaved it. The tuna salad was good, but why heat it? Who eats hot tuna salad? The cheese couldn’t cover the blunders of this recipe. I threw this one out after two bites. I had to take a second bite just to confirm how bad it was. Reviewed alone, I would give it less than no stars.
Lost Almost 6 Pounds!
I am happy to say I ended my weight loss meal plan on a happy note. The Chicken with White Sauce was great. Imagine the best Chicken Dumplings you’ve ever had (unless you live in the South) and this comes pretty close. Whatever the vegetable side was, that wasn’t too good, but the chicken more than made up for it.
Another sandwich, this time Turkey Ham Salad, which wouldn’t get my highest review, but it was the best of the sandwiches. The little lentil bean chili salad was surprising good too. Wedged between these last two meals, it was easy to forgive and forget.
And I saved the Fettuccini with Italian Meatballs for last because it looked so good right in the packaging. I was not disappointed. I was disappointed reheating trayed meals without covers, like most other meal delivery companies give you. When I was microwaving this meal, I spilled sauce all over my white blouse and had to wipe down the microwave too. I deducted a chef hat from the reheating convenience for that, even though it was my fault, but I did not let such a horrifying experience influence my overall consumer rating.
I had to walk around my office with a giant embarrassing sauce stain down the front of my white blouse, and I did so with a smile on face. This meal was that good. It’s not really “meatballs” though, because I got one and a half, but they are large and very good. They have mastered cooking with turkey meat in my opinion. They have all been moist and flavorful.
Overall I would prefer to see more meals that come in trays (with covers on them) and toss away the soups and sandwiches. They seem like a cheap attempt to stretch the cost of a weekly meal plan. If they charged a little more, and gave consumers meals like the salmon, chicken with white sauce, fettuccini and meatballs, and the lobster ravioli, I think more consumers would reorder. I know I would. If I have to buy small soups and sandwiches I can get anywhere, much cheaper, and much better, it makes me hesitant.
I ordered with high hopes.  My first meal in the first delivery I received from them was incorrect.  I immediately called to complain – their response was that they don’t give refunds, but that they would give me a credit on my next order.  
For the second week I couldn’t figure out how to order again so I called the 24/7 number advertised on their web site – apparently I woke up the sales rep (6:00 pm Sunday afternoon!)  He basically pushed me off to call customer service the next morning.  I did.
I explained that this was my second week – could they find me in their system – Yes, no problem;  did I have a credit?  Yes, no problem; how do I order for the second week?  go online and fill out the menu changes form; I did – received a confirmation email.  Great – so I go to pick up my food . . . it’s not there. The company says that I have to fill out a second form to “restart” my service.  I never stopped the service.  Why didn’t the guy on Sunday tell me about that?
Why didn’t customer service (CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!) tell me that?  Why didn’t my confirmation email tell me that there was a problem?
All they offered to compensate for my trouble was to ALLOW me to pick up the one meal for the credit that they owed me.  I want my money back from Diet to Go!  I want to be compensated for my time and effort!  I want someone in this company to take responsibility for how messed up their service and web site are.  STAY AWAY if you value your money and time.  
December 26, 2018 | Category: Diet

Chefs Diet Reviews

The Chef’s Diet at Home, formerly named ZoneChefs, provides customers with prepared meals that simplify their schedules. They are a meal delivery service centered around the principles of the popular Zone diet.

These weight loss meals are based on a 40/30/30 ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat.
The zone diet works on the principle of everything in balance, and encourages participants to eat meals within a set ration of carbohydrates to proteins to fats.
Chefs Diet will allow you to make substitutions in your meal plan according to your likes and dislikes or allergies you may have.
Chefs Diet is a prepared meal delivery service available daily to clients in the NY Tri-State area and Los Angeles. Their line of freshly prepared gourmet meals and snacks have helped their clients, including many Hollywood celebrities, to reach their weight loss goals.  Chefs Diet provides shipment to 48 states if one applies for the Weekly Food program. Weekly weight loss meal plans can be delivered to other parts of the country.
Women who receive Chefs Diet meals will be consuming anywhere from 1,100 to 1,200 calories per day. Most men will consume anywhere from 1,400-1,600 calories per day. They believe the healthiest meal should have 40% amount of carbohydrate, 30% amount of protein, and 30% of good fat, which is not saturated. They also provide additional diet tips with their exercise program called 
The food ranges from fresh to microwavable packages, and the quality ranges from chef-prepared restaurant level food down to the sort of microwave meals that you could buy in a grocery store.
There are eight different programs to choose from including fresh and frozen food delivered daily for fresh meals and weekly for frozen meals. They also have a menu for vegetarians, kosher diets, and meals for kids.
The food is fresh and not frozen upon delivery, sealed and cooled with ice packs, and the meals themselves are vacuum-sealed soon after they are prepared. Send us your chefs diet reviews of their meal delivery service!  Sharing your personal experiences and insight can help others to make better value and quality buying choices. 

Chefs Diet Coupons and Coupon Codes

At this time, Chefs Diet does not offer any Coupons or coupon codes. If any Chef’s Diet coupons become available, we will post them right here. Other diet delivery services that offer coupons include:

Can Hire A Chef for Less Money
I have always seen them in health magazines before and I thought they were too good to be true, but honestly they are not. A lot of craftsmanship and care for details have been put through their meals, but they were too expensive. I think I can hire a chef for less money. 
This is a Program for Rich People
I wouldn’t compare this diet to any other prepared meals because I think they are incomparable. I think they are the best in everything that they do. The shipping is dependable, and the dinners are good. The quality of the lunches and breakfasts don’t have much value. I couldn’t afford them even if they throw me a 50% off special. This is a program for rich people without regard to what you get for money, but it is good.
I Want My Money Back!
I would never recommened the Chef’s Diet as they now call themselves. Their shipping and delivery is not very dependable, customer support can be very difficult to get in touch with and their sales people will call you anytime of the day (even Saturday and Sunday) to try and sell you into buying more food. Their food is good, but everything else about this company is dreadful.
Expensive for the Quality
I did my ordering over the phone, which I didn’t care for. I found the food to be very high priced for bland meals. I think I can do better go out to restaurants. The fruit and vegetables were less than par, and I didn’t find customer service too accommodating.  I tried to cancel but I was locked into another week of meals. But the meals I had in the second week were better, so maybe I had some bad luck in week one. The beef meals were especially good.
Aggressive Salespeople
I am really too busy to cook healthy food, so I found this service to have something to eat that was diet food. I thought the meals were good. They had a nice variety but the servings were much less than what I thought they would be. The salespeople can be aggressive if you order over the phone. That turned me off more than anything else. I got the impression they only cared about their commission. For the price, I thought the value was okay.
December 26, 2018 | Category: Diet

Bistro MD Reviews

Bistro MD is a website that provides numerous dining services to all those interested in losing weight.  All of their prepared meals come with the claim they are proven to be healthy and certified doctor. These weight loss meals are designed to help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, and improve the working quality of their metabolism.

Their website has numerous meal plans, each that come in single servings designed for one person, though specifications can be made in the order for additional serving sizes.
The food is prepared to be fresh by a team of chefs, and it is sent frozen to the home, where it can reheated in a microwave.
Guarantees are made that the customer will begin to lose weight within the first few weeks with this program, so long as the diet plan is followed, and exercise is incorporated.
All orders are automatically shipped each week. The customer can cancel their plan at any time and will only have to pay for that week’s order, with future orders canceled as well until the customer decides to start ordering again. Free Shipping is available with Bistro MD Coupons.
Video Review
Here is a video review we found of actual diet meals delivered covering a one week period. The reviewer found the meals to be above average in quality and taste. He also considered this diet program to be a good value.
The primary benefit of this video is that it will show you what your actual meals will look like.
Bistro MD Reviews
Rewarding Meals
Eating delicious meals and losing weight at the same time is what I have always wanted. And they gave me just that. I was in search for a diet meal that could satisfy my appetite and help me lose weight for years now, and I thought I won’t be able to find it. A friend finally recommended them and I tried their diet pack for a week. I absolutely admire how their customer support agents checks on me from time to time to see how I feel about their meals, and if there’s anything I want to be changed. Of course, I would always say none. Their meals are rewarding and no doubt life changing. 
Serving Sizes are Fulfilling
They make the best diet meals. They all look great in pictures and even more appealing once you take them out of the microwave. What you see is what you get. Their beef tips with wine and mushrooms is a must try. Serving sizes are fulfilling. My meals are fresh and nutritious, which is a big factor for me. I loved getting free shipping with my Bistro MD Coupons.
Mom’s Health Improved
I ordered once for my 60 year old mother for her birthday, and to my surprise she loved it. She’s a picky eater, her nurses say so themselves. She has too many health complications, which I think adds up to her finicky diet. But with these meals, her health improved, and so did her appetite. Her doctors even approved of them and recommend she continue this diet. 
I Would Recommend This Service to Anyone
I almost didn’t order this service becuase it makes you buy breakfast. I am not one to have breakfast, aside from a piece of fruit and maybe a yogurt, so I didn’t like the fact I had to buy them. If there was another diet meal delivery that didn’t force you to buy breakfast, I would have purchased there.
I chose the 7 day plan without snacks (which I can buy myself) and spent $160 for 21 meals.  Roughly, $7.50 a meal which was in my budget. I was quite happy with my decision. The meals had a menu that left wondering what was next. I found them easy to warm up and they traveled well with me to the office.
One of the surprise things I learned about myself while I was on the program is how much time I spend in the kitchen. With this program I was only in the kitchen to feed my dog and make coffee. I’m sorry if that is too much detail.
I enjoyed my food, and even the breakfasts. There is a lot of chicken and pork dishes (hard to tell the difference), and I would like to see more meat meals. But I would recommend this service to anyone.
Thumbs Up!
This was the perfect diet for me to lose 4 pounds in a short amount of time. I was expecting to suffer a week of eating diet food, but I was surprised how good the food was. Shipping was great, and I didn’t have a need to call customer service. The sizes of the meals were good too. Thumbs up!
Better than Average
Your rating scale is based on one to four If it were based on one to five, I would give the Bistro MD meal I purchased a 2.5. Exactly in the middle average.  Some were good, some were very disappointing. I had a little difficulty canceling future orders. I thought the pictures would help everyone see what they are getting.
Grilled Pesto Chicken
Following the heating instructions, the chicken never heated up to temperature, and the pesto was in a solid state compared to more of a sauce. The vegetables were good.  The kidney beans appeared to have poured right from a can, with that gooey-like fluid, they pack kidney beans in, and they were the best part of the meal. Fair Meal.
Vegetable Beef Stir Fry
It reheated well, the beef was cooked more than the rice, and the vegetables were not soggy. The beef tasted like real pieces of steak. Vegetables were not mushy, but boring. Their packaging says DO NOT REMOVE film, and I wasn’t sure what that meant.  But this meal reheated well, and I thought it was a Pretty Good Meal.
Turkey with Cranberry Quinoa
Following the heating instructions, it was still cold. The sauce didn’t melt.  After two more minutes, the meal was hot. The sauce is so sweet I couldn’t eat it. The turkey consists of just two small slices, which was arid. I wouldn’t call it dry. It was, however, real sliced turkey.
The pilaf of Quinoa, was edible but far from good. There was little in the way in the seasoning or flavor, and it too was dry. The puree of squash looked and tasted like baby food.  This is a bad meal.
Chicken Mushroom Crepe
Following the heating instructions, the crepe was warm and the vegetables were cold. The crepe couldn’t stand the additional cooking and became impossible to cut with a fork.  Inside the crepe was diced chicken, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese, but only the chicken had any flavor.
There was a strange spice that left a bad aftertaste in my mouth, which I couldn’t identify from the ingredients list. The filling is held together with food starch. The squash and zucchini medley was the best thing in the meal, but not worth getting just for them. Fair Meal.
Cinnamon Sweet Potato Pancake
Cooked from frozen 3 minutes per directions. The Syrup melted all over the turkey sausage patty, which was petrified from cooking and only ¼ inch thick. The three small pancake patties were stuck together.
The top pancake was too hard to eat. The bottom pancake was mushy. They tasted like fibrous sawdust with a hint of pumpkin, not a sweet potato. Not a good meal.
Apricot Glazed Pork Tenderloin
Following the heating instructions, meal came out hot and evenly cooked.  The spinach was exceptional, without any water at the bottom of the tray like you might expect with a frozen meal.  The brown rice pilaf also reheated well. It tasted a little bland, but okay.
You can see the pork tenderloin doesn’t come with much of a portion. Three small slices, but it was real tenderloin meat, it reheated moist, and the apricot-mustard glaze was surprising good. A very good meal, probably the best so far.
Broccoli and Beef Dinner
Following the heating instructions, the broccoli was still cold.  I didn’t continue to cook the broccoli for fear of ruining the meat. The beef is the star of this meal. It is plentiful and tender.
The sweet and sour sauce is nice too.  The rice was less enjoyable and had a crunchy or grainy texture to it.  With the sauce, it was good. The broccoli was nothing more than you would find in the freezer section of your local supermarket. Overall, a Good Meal.
Ham and Turkey Dinner
The ham is sliced from a real smoked spiral sliced ham, and the turkey is sliced from a real turkey breast.
The fruit chutney was not too sweet like most of the other sauces I had tried so far. You get two slices of ham wedged between a small slice of turkey. The Confetti Rice Blend is flavorless with a little kick of heat. It didn’t have much texture for a grainy rice dish. The Broccoli Raab was a delightful surprise. It was well seasoned, flavorful, and the roasted corn kernels were a nice touch.  No excess water at the bottom of the tray either.  Overall, a good meal, but I didn’t eat the rice.
Spinach Mushroom Crepe
Unlike the other crepe meal, these crepes were tender and cut easily with a fork. The dill Hollandaise sauce could have used another 30 seconds to get hot, which probably would have dried out the crepe. The filling was mostly spinach, I saw very few mushrooms, and what I saw was bits.
It tasted okay, like cream of mushroom soup, mixed with spinach, and stuffed in a crepe. The roasted sweet potato cubes heated well and didn’t have any water in the bottom of the tray. Overall, a good meal, but not one I would order again.
Buckwheat Berry Pancakes
The pancakes came out much better than my last try. They were warm, cooked evenly, and tasted good, butthey were a little sweet. The Canadian bacon also reheated well, but it was way too salty for my tastes.
The Fruit Compote consisted of a strawberry in a blueberry mixture, which was way too sweet for me to enjoy. The only thing I ate from this breakfast were the three pancakes. Fair Meal. 
I think I would have been happy with meals that tasted just OK because my main concern was losing weight. I felt disappointed and unsatisfied after eating most of my meals. Most of the time my meal didn’t evenly too. I felt like there was always something on the plate I would never order in a restaurant or make at home.
I also felt hungry most of the day and to supplement this food with salads, fruit, and chopped up vegetables. I had to decide between a tight budget and my tight jeans. I think I might have been better off saving money with frozen diet dinners from the supermarket. The Bistro MD Coupons saved me some money, but I probably wouldn’t order again.
A Decent Plan for the Money
I think I may have been on some kind of diet most of my life, so I feel exceptionally qualified to speak on diet food. There are some meal programs out that taste disgusting and others that have tiny tiny portion sizes, which is how you lose weight.
I don’t think this company falls into either category. Are they wonderful and delicious dinners you have eating out? Absolutely not, but you have to grade all “diet food” on a scale anyway. Michael P. might not realize this.
They’re pretty good compared to the competition and the price you will have to pay. I wouldn’t be one to spend $50 a day on diet meals, so this is a decent plan for the money. And the Free Shipping you get with the Bistro MD Coupon is an added bonus!
December 26, 2018 | Category: Diet

22 Days Nutrition Review

22 Days Nutrition offers 100% plant-based meals with clean, wholesome ingredients that they prepare and deliver to your home. Their 22 Days Vegan Challenge is designed to encourage people to experience the benefits of plant-based living.
The meals are fresh, never frozen; naturally low in fat, salt and sugar; and flavored from vegetables, beans, grains, herbs and spices. They pride themselves with being environmentally friendly using 100% Organic, gluten-free, Non-GMO, dairy-free and soy-free ingredients.
22 Days Nutrition Reviews
Bland Tasting Rice Overload
OK SO I ordered the 22 days Nutrition meal delivery service 2 meals a day for 22 days @500$ The ordering process was easy and delivery was prompt when they said comes fresh in freezer packed container. However, meals are too heavily prepared with Rice. All kinds of Rice. Black rice, red rice, jasmine rice, wild rice. This program had me eating 2 rice meals a day with a quinoa meal and GF pasta meal a week 7 days. I for one do not eat that much grain daily or weekly and it wreaked havoc on my intestinal system. I would have preferred more vegetables in these meals. As far as taste. Every thing tasted the same to me, even the meals that were supposed to be flavorful with spice. Bland and unappetizing. Customer service is also lacking. Called the company 2 days in a row to only get voice mail so I left 2 messages explaining what I wrote here above. As well as sent email. No response until I called again on 3rd day and someone actually answered.
His response was they get a lot of calls and emails and have 24 hours to respond, um yep, its been more than 24 hours. Also it is stated that you have to call 10 days prior to delivery to cancel. I have only given them 5 days. But at this point my system could not take anymore RICE! This young man was very pleasant but could not help me. stating he was going to talk to his manager and call me back. Guess what I did not receive a call back! I’m very frustrated!! I’m only asking compensation for 1 weeks worth of meals out of the 3. I cannot possibly eat rice again for the rest of this year. File under: Bland tasting rice overload. Not enough vegetables. Poor customer response time and service.

22 Days Nutrition Coupons and Coupon Codes

At this time we do not have any 22 Days Nutrition Coupons or Coupon Codes available. Please check back often since we update our discount coupons on a regular basis and as they become available.

December 26, 2018 | Category: Diet

22 Days Nutrition Review

22 Days Nutrition offers 100% plant-based meals with clean, wholesome ingredients that they prepare and deliver to your home. Their 22 Days Vegan Challenge is designed to encourage people to experience the benefits of plant-based living.
The meals are fresh, never frozen; naturally low in fat, salt and sugar; and flavored from vegetables, beans, grains, herbs and spices. They pride themselves with being environmentally friendly using 100% Organic, gluten-free, Non-GMO, dairy-free and soy-free ingredients.
22 Days Nutrition Reviews
Bland Tasting Rice Overload
OK SO I ordered the 22 days Nutrition meal delivery service 2 meals a day for 22 days @500$ The ordering process was easy and delivery was prompt when they said comes fresh in freezer packed container. However, meals are too heavily prepared with Rice. All kinds of Rice. Black rice, red rice, jasmine rice, wild rice. This program had me eating 2 rice meals a day with a quinoa meal and GF pasta meal a week 7 days. I for one do not eat that much grain daily or weekly and it wreaked havoc on my intestinal system. I would have preferred more vegetables in these meals. As far as taste. Every thing tasted the same to me, even the meals that were supposed to be flavorful with spice. Bland and unappetizing. Customer service is also lacking. Called the company 2 days in a row to only get voice mail so I left 2 messages explaining what I wrote here above. As well as sent email. No response until I called again on 3rd day and someone actually answered.
His response was they get a lot of calls and emails and have 24 hours to respond, um yep, its been more than 24 hours. Also it is stated that you have to call 10 days prior to delivery to cancel. I have only given them 5 days. But at this point my system could not take anymore RICE! This young man was very pleasant but could not help me. stating he was going to talk to his manager and call me back. Guess what I did not receive a call back! I’m very frustrated!! I’m only asking compensation for 1 weeks worth of meals out of the 3. I cannot possibly eat rice again for the rest of this year. File under: Bland tasting rice overload. Not enough vegetables. Poor customer response time and service.
December 22, 2018 | Category: Diet

Frozen Prepared Meals Reviews

Are Frozen Meals Delivered better than grocery store Healthy Frozen Meals?
We decided to do a comparison and see how the consumer reviews of national meal delivery companies matched up to Lean Cuisine prepared meals.
Diet Frozen Meals is a very popular industry for weight loss programs. With consumers buying weight loss meal plan, we want to see if these meals are a realistic choice for quality.
Gourmet Frozen Meals
We purchased these Lean Cuisine prepared meals at a local grocery store, on sale, at four for $10, or $2.50 each. They average between 290 and 300 calories per meal, with 4 to 8 grams of fat, 35 to 50 carbs, and 500 mg to 800 mg of sodium. If a healthy sodium level is a concern for your diet, these meals can push the 1,500 mg per day limit for reduced sodium. Most prepared meal delivery companies offer low sodium meals in the vicinity of 500 mg each.
The average portion size was just less than 10 oz.  A complete meal of this size might be too small for most dieters to feel satisfied after a meal. Most of these meals did not have a full serving of green vegatables, and there were no breakfast meals available.

Frozen Meals Coupons and Coupon Codes

Frozen Meals Coupons are available through manufacturer’s coupons as well as some coupons through your local grocery store. Additionally, these meals go on sale periodically in your local supermarkets and grocery stores.
Frozen Meals Reviews
Very Small Portion Sizes
Many of these meals had very small portion sizes, especially as it pertained to the size of the protein, or the main course. None of these meals offered any type of green (non-starch) vegetable. The amount of fiber averaged between 9% and 12% of the USDA recommended value.
Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti
This was a very small chicken breast that barely measured three inches wide. It seemed more like a giant, machine processed chicken nugget than a fresh chicken breast. The pasta was far from al dente, closer to mushy, and the sauce probably made up a lot of the meals weight, which was just 10 oz. The cheese didn’t add any flavor to the meal. 
Swedish Meatballs with Pasta in Savory Gravy
We were expecting to taste the salty frozen meatballs available at any grocery store, but these Swedish Meatballs were tender and tasty. The noodles equaled the quality of the other pastas we tried, borderline mushy and clumped together. The sauce was okay, we wouldn’t call it savory. A green vegetable would have been nice.
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
The amount of meat available in the meat we tried is minimal at best. We counted just two sliced mushrooms, and they came from a can. The sauce had a pleasant pepper and basil taste. The pasta had little texture, and was mushy. It clumped together during reheating. There was a lot more sauce than there was pasta. And again, no green vegetable.
Roast Turkey Breast with Stuffing and Cinnamon Apples
Sadly, there was barely enough roast turkey for more than a couple of bites, however it was real turkey breast. The stuffing did not reheat evenly. Some of it was crunchy like microwave bread, and some of it was mushy from absorbing gravy. The gravy was okay, but the Cinnamon Apples were very good. Again, no green vegetable.
Baked Chicken with Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes
The best part of this meal was the red skinned mashed potatoes. They tasted creamy and homemade. Only the small portion size made them diet-worthy. The chicken breast seemed like it was the same giant chicken nugget we tried in the chicken parmesan. The stuffing reheated better in this meal than the Roast Turkey. Still no green vegetables.
Sesame Chicken with Pasta
This was the best of the meals we tried. The fried chicken tenders had some crunch to them, and the sauce was very good, at the cost of 14 grams of sugar. We also saw our first hint of green vegetables with a couple flakes of string beans. The pasta is the largest part of the meal, and like all of the pastas is mushy and without much flavor. 
While there some some good meal components, the portion sizes are probably too small for most people to be satisfied with. The lack of vegetables seems also seems odd to us. In the end, the old adage of “You get what you pay for,” holds true for this experience.
December 18, 2018 | Category: Diet

Consumer DineWise Diet Reviews

Trying to lose weight by yourself can be a stressful choice. It can be confusing when figuring out how much exercise to do and how to count calories. One of the hardest things to learn and decide in the journey of losing weight is planning meals.
Knowing what to eat to stay healthy and trim has now being made a lot easier thanks to the DineWise Diet and their Weight Loss Meals.
  • You have an entire selection of healthy foods to choose from, dinner meals, breakfast, lunch and snacks. Dine Wise Diet weight loss meals are all nutritionally engineered meals that are selected by food experts. You can now stick to your weight plan without worrying about what to prepare for yourself.
A common problem about remaining on a diet is preparation. People are tired when they come in from work and therefore neglect to stay on their food plan. Instead of cooking, they simply reach for the first item they can find, no matter how unhealthy it may be. This has negative consequences for your diet. Now your prepared meals will all be freshly prepared and ready for your dining pleasure. DineWise is one of the most popular meal delivery services.
Using the DineWise weight loss meal plans service is simple. All you need to do is browse through their well thought out selection of 7 day meal plans. This covers you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They even include two free meals. You do not have to worry about messing up your diet as food experts have arranged every meal specifically. They are all very healthy, and can help you to lose weight easily while enjoying your food. Some of the delicious meals contained are Lasagna, Scrambled eggs, Beef Stuffed Pepper, Waffles, Turkey burgers and many more 
These meals do not just cater for a normal week however. There is never any reason for you to go of your diet. Food is available to your for any day of the week no matter what the event is. This is also a clever gift idea for someone close to you who is struggling to keep up with his or her diet plans. Order them a meal for a week and they will be really grateful and pleased with the positive results and changes it will bring to their body.
Save money by using the DineWise Diet coupons and DineWise Diet couponcodes available on this page. If you have tried these chef prepared gourmet meals, please share your experience with thousands of other visitors. Sharing your personal experiences and insight can help others to make better value and quality buying choices in addition to utilizing any DineWise Diet coupons or DineWise Diet coupon or promo codes.
The Quality of Food is Incredible!
I became a DineWise weight loss client two weeks ago.  My order came right on time, packaged and wrapped with care with the food in frozen condition.  The quality of food is incredible, and it tastes delicious!  I already have my favorites, and I haven’t nearly sampled all of the meals yet.  Thank you so much for making eating healthy so much easier and tastier. 
A Pleasant Surprise
This is a sample day on the DineWise Diet wight loss meal plan, but I did have an extra meal. Not because I was hungry, but because my meals were good. I found the portion sizes to be satisfying, and on the larger size compare to other diet delivery meals I have tried.
Every meal was very good and a pleasant surprise for diet food. I started with the oatmeal and apples (which are to die for) and ended with lasagna, which was one of the best frozen lasagnas I have tried from a meal delivery service. The fish was outstanding, but I would have liked to see more mac and cheese and a green vegetable instead of strewed tomatoes. The chicken burrito was a home run too, again I would have liked to see some green vegetables.
The meals came in microwave trays which made reheating a piece of cake. So far, this makes dieting way too easy.
Tastes Very Good!
I was hesitant to order, but am now glad I did.  Much to my surprise the food tastes very good!  The weight loss meal’s do not make you think you are on a diet, and make portion control easier to recognize.  It is a great way to jump start weight loss, without having to join a group, go to meetings or adhear to strict limitations put on you by others!
Signed Up for Automatic Delivery
I tried other less expensive weight loss meals and had difficulty sticking to a long term diet plan because the meals didn’t taste that good.  I tried some regular Dine Wise meals, which I thought were exceptional. I tried their diet meals when I learned they carried them.
They are just as good as their normal meals, and I lost weight on my first week.  I signed up for their automatic delivery service for six weeks.  I lost over ten pounds and I did not feel like I was eating diet food.  The meals cost more than other programs, but I think it cost me less per pound because I stayed on the plan. 
Best Diet Meals Ever
The DineWise food is darn impressive for a weight loss meal plan. My turkey dinner tastes like my mother made it. I took the picture with my phone, but this is a delicious meal, and I am looking forward to my next one. 
Best Kept Secret in the Diet Business
I found the Dinewise diet by accident while I was shopping for other weight loss plans. We have tried the Chefs Diet and Bistro MD, and they were not quite what we were looking for. This company has to be the best kept secret in the diet business. I only ordered dinners for myself and my husband.
We both work late and have put on pounds (him more than me, of course) because of our crazy eating schedule.  We both live in the city, so getting a decent healthy lunch isn’t too hard.
The dinners we had over a two week trial period where exceptionally good, and easy to make. We used the “Make Your Own Meal” thing on their website, so we were able to create our own dinners. Very nice feature, I never saw anything like it. You can’t even order dinner like that in a restaurant, and all the meals we selected were under like 500 calories.
Why this company is not doing commercials on TV, or buying full page newspaper ads is beyond me. It is so simple, and you get to pick everything you want to eat. This is the future of weight loss meal delivery. Some day, all diet companies will be like this.
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Weight Loss Meals

With the popularity of companies offering weight loss prepared meals, consumers who want to capitalize on the convenience of prepared diet meals are turning to industry leaders such as NutriSystem and eDiets for weight loss meals delivered to their home. 

NutriSystem, a public company, generated $528 million dollars of revenue in 2009.  e-Diets, also a public company, produced $18 million over the same period. Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, which offer weight loss meal plans, but not for home delivery.

Weight Loss Delivery
Weight loss delivery services offer consumers the simplicity of having daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack menus shipped weekly, biweekly, or monthly.
Some companies offer custom delivery schedules. The benefit for dieters is that the diet meals are portioned and designed to adhere to standard nutritional guidelines for weight loss.
Customers no longer have to count calories, fat grams, saturated fat, and carbohydrates. Weight loss meal planning can be a daunting task for people unfamiliar with nutritional guidelines.  This service also has the obvious benefit of saving consumers the task of properly shopping, buying, and cooking their own meals.
Weight Loss Websites
Other companies offering meals for weight loss only companies include Chef’s DietMedifastSeattle SuttonBistroMDDiet to Go, and Freshology. As each vendor fights for their share of the market, 

but their meals are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration. Medifast is a company with a menu of mostly powered soups.  Most of the other suppliers have prepared meals, but there are quite a variety of offerings, so you should research them closely. Some vendors offer local or regional fresh weight loss meal plans. Some try to be unique in their strategy for how they calculate the nutritional values of their menus, and almost all companies want to have you commit to automatic deliveries.
Weight Loss Meal Plans
There are many companies with strong positions and reputations in the gourmet prepared meals niche, that also offer diet menu plans. Generally speaking, the quality of companies specializing in gourmet meal delivery, have higher quality diet meals. Many consumers are willing to accept less in the way of a quality complete meal because they are dieting. Consider the possibility that the largest diet meal delivery companies, such as NutriSystem, Weight Watchers,The DineWise Diet may have the largest a la carte menu of foods to lose weight, and Healthy Chef Creations offers organic weight loss meals. These companies have already specialized in large gourmet menus, so you will not find it difficult to create a custom meal plan for weight loss. Generally speaking, the diet-only companies have limited menu selections and substitution options. These companies are also not so reliant on requiring you to take advanced deliveries, but they do offer it as an option.
Weight Loss Reviews
Buying any weight loss meal plan online will require some research and comparison shopping to find the perfect service for you. The amount of weight you want to lose is directly proportionate to the length of time you will be on the service. These weight loss tips will help you make the best selection for your needs:
  • Read consumer weight loss reviews of any company you may be interested in. Consumers who take the time to share their experiences allow you benefit from their knowledge. If you have purchased a mael plan for weight loss, submit your review, and share your experiences with others. Testimonials found on the company website will generally be all positive.
  • Understand how many calories a diet plan offers. Daily caloric intake can vary from 800 to 2,000 calories a day. Finding the right amount of calories for you will help you from getting hungry and sticking to your program. It is always better to lose weight gradually.
  • Read the terms of cancellation carefully. Some companies make it easy to cancel, some companies will add a final week of their service depending on when you cancel.
  • Look for a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Guarantees can range from none, to shipping quality only, to a full refund if you are not happy with the service. Generally speaking, companies with higher cancellation rates have less in the way of guarantees.
  • Learn how much you may have to supplement the program. Will you have to buy salads, snacks, or cook your own dinner?  Do your best to understand what you get and what you will have to get.
  • Does the company also sell add-ons?  Some companies may try to get you on monthly nutritional supplement programs in addition to purchasing meal plans.
  • Know your budget. The way to find value is to choose a weight loss service that combines the value of high quality meals you will enjoy and the cost of their food. The cheapest food to buy will usually taste like the cheapest food to eat.
  • Study the menu if you are interested in any kind of weekly diet plan.  Look for a breakfast that doesn’t sound like it is well balanced. Some weight loss meal plans will provide you just a muffin or a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  Lunches and dinners should have a lean protein, a small starch (carb) side dish, and a generous portion of vegetables.  Use 400 calories as a guideline when evaluating coloric intake of meals on the menu.
Start out slowly with stretching, yoga, and brisk walks around the neighborhood. Progress to workouts with light weights, and you will see the unwanted pounds melt away.
If you have not worked  out in a while, it is always a good idea to see your doctor for a fitness physical.
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