Moving for Health Reasons Became a Priority

After living in Arizona for so long, I felt that I needed to move because I had so many problems with allergies there. It really affected my life on an ongoing basis. I was tired of not feeling good, so I began researching places that don’t really have plants and other things that affect people like me. After choosing a new state, I looked thoroughly at apartments in Shawnee Kansas to move into. I had heard great things about the state, and I felt that the city that I would be moving to would be comfortable for me. I had actually been there a couple of times in the past for business, so I knew what to expect.

Something about sneezing and a running nose always made me feel like such a wimp when I was in school. Kids would often tease me. No matter where I went in Arizona, I ran into things that brought on my allergies. I thought that I was destined to go through life that way until I took a couple of vacations outside of the state and noticed that I could breathe easier and never sneezed. My vacations were wonderful, but it was sad to learn that the place that I lived was too much for me. But I knew that moving is not always easy, so I stayed put for as long as I could.

My family is still back home, and they have promised to visit me often. I know that I can text, email and call them whenever I want to. My parents have even said that, after they visit me, they may even want to move to where I will be moving to. We are so close, that I don’t think we can be away from one another for very long. I would love it if they moved to my new state.

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Locating Potential Marijuana Dispensary Real Estate in California

I went to visit a friend who owns a marijuana dispensary in San Diego. Like most who do not live in one of the marijuana-friendly states, I found I had many misconceptions about the business and that just finding marijuana dispensary real estate in California was a big challenge that involved a lot of research and knowledge of laws and community-specific regulations.

My friend had been in the medicinal marijuana business for a number of years and his dispensary offered delivery to patients as well. He was looking at expanding his business to have another brick and mortar dispensary and was also interested in opening a grow farm with both indoor and outdoor space to grow marijuana plants. This required numerous meetings with county government, applications for permits and a lot of time spent attending local government meetings.

I quickly learned that opening a dispensary or farming marijuana wasn’t quite as simple as picking an empty store and setting up shop or finding a parcel of land and planting some seeds, While considered legal to use for medicinal, as well as for recreational purposes, marijuana is still highly regulated in California with each county, city and community having specific laws regarding locations for both dispensaries and growing facilities. While properties were abundant, finding one that fit within the very specific limits was challenging. I could completely understand why this process was so time-consuming and frustrating after several days of driving around and checking out properties proved fruitless.

While I had thoughts of moving to California to get into the business myself, I had a very different vision of what being in the marijuana business would entail. It is truly a business like any other and filled with far more regulatory demands that must be met and maintained to enjoy any success.

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You Just Can’t Beat Professional Carpet Cleaning

Winter is interesting, to say the least. I don’t mind the kids tracking in fresh snow, but when the thaw begins and it mixes with mud, all it makes is a mess everywhere. Even though we take our shoes off at the door, it seems that dirt, mud, grit and everything else gets ground into our carpet. We do not make guests take off their shoes, and that is probably a big source of the dirt. It’s not a big deal as we get great longevity out of our carpeted floor surfaces because we hire a professional carpet cleaning service to do the job on a regular basis. Continue reading

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Commercial Preventative Maintenance Contractor Pricing

My business has a fairly large complex of buildings that our operations are located in, and when you have several buildings, there is a lot of upkeep that needs to be done in order to make sure that everything stays in good shape and good working order. A lot of problems can rise up pretty fast from neglect, and I have seen that happen to other companies, so I want to make sure it doesn’t happen with mine. I am trying to find the cost of electrician in preventative maintenance contracts in NYC as I would like to hire a company to do routine maintenance on all of the buildings, in order to make sure that bigger problems do not happen at some point down the line.

I had employed a few people for maintenance previously, and for a long time I thought that they were doing a good job. Continue reading

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A Bump in the Road to Health

Sometimes in life we all hit a road block when trying to achieve our goals. We just don’t know what to do and get to the point of giving up. I was at that point with my own goal of weight loss. I would make a resolution at the beginning of each year to lose weight, and each time I would fail. This year I was close to giving up, when I found the answer in a food delivery company. I read a series of Bistro MD reviews on weight loss food delivery plans, and realized that I had found a way out of my block.

The main interruption in my weight loss attempts was always my lack of self control when it came to food. I would start off eating healthy foods, then I would have just a little bit of something unhealthy as a cheat snack. Continue reading

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Free Power Every Single Saturday

There are a lot of different companies that provide energy to Texans. CPL Retail Energy is just one of many that provides to not only homes but also businesses. I wanted to find out more about them after finding out so many friends and family members use their service as well. I found a site that had all kinds of information about CPL and other retail and residential energy providers. I was able to click here on several spots of the site to find out all the information I needed on this company, and it convinced me that I needed to change as well.

I had no problems with the company that I was with, but I also did not have a lot of praise for them either. They basically provided me with the power that I needed for my home, and I paid them for it. Continue reading

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We Need More Nationalized Energy

Knowing that the source of my energy comes from a local company here in Texas is a reassuring feeling. When I was living in Kentucky I discovered that one of the two companies to serve the Bluegrass State was actually a business owned by another, larger energy company with foreign ties. I may be old fashioned in believing this but I feel that the energy industry should be nothing but locally or nationally owned and that foreign investors can not have America’s or its people best interests in mind. I still firmly believe that all energy companies should be nationalized.

On the other hand it’s important that we continue to make progress in the industry sector. Already we’re beginning to see what our reliance on fossil fuels might be costing us both domestically and globally. Continue reading

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Moved in with These Guys from the IT Department

Of course at first I did not really know what these guys were getting at, but then I finally figured out what the deal was. There are these three guys who do the IT at work. Of course they are computer nerds and I am the maintenance guy. Of course that also means that I can fix things and this house needs work. These guys went in together and bought this house. They got a sports package from a place like this one from DirecTV and they have this ridiculous straight fiber optic internet connection. The thing is that they got such a great deal on this place that they did not think about all of the stuff they were going to need to do. These guys make a ton of money and they do not spend a lot money on much else. So they have a big house which a big list of things that has to be done to it.

They started to sweet talk me about a week before they asked me about this. Continue reading

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Foods for Helping with Gout

Living with gout is not going to be easy, but if I can make some smart changes to my diet, then I might not have such of a problem with gout in the future. That would be nice, because the pain in my feet is almost unbearable right now. I guess the problem is with high uric acid levels in my bloodstream, and that causes gout, or can be a reason why you get gout. I am browsing right now to learn more about foods that can help to decrease gout, and foods that need to be avoided to help to reduce the risk fo having my gout get worse than it already is.

It is no fun living with this disease, because it strikes at your joints, and makes it hard to get around. My hands are getting so bad that I can’t do something as simple as opening a bottle of soda pop. It is really frustrating to have to deal with the limitations, but I hope that my gout will get better. Continue reading

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The New New York Jews: Unaffiliated, But Not Unengaged

In a study released on May 19th by the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, social researchers Steven M. Cohen and Ari Kelman report that many Jews in their 20’s and 30’s in New York are highly engaged in Jewish life, even though, for the most part, they are not currently affiliated with traditional institutions such as synagogues and Jewish Community Centers.

Funded by a grant from UJA-Federation of New York’s Commission on Jewish Identity and Renewal, “Cultural Events and Jewish Identities” analyzes both the venues and participants in a variety of alternative Jewish performance events in New York City over a six-month period.

Copies of “Cultural Events & Jewish Identities” can be ordered from the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, 330 7th Avenue, 21st Floor, NY, NY 10001, 212-629-0500 or downloaded as a PDF file from:

“The import of this study on Jewish communal policy could be dramatic,” observes Richard Siegel, executive director of the National Foundation for Jewish Culture.  “Most other studies of Jewish identity link affiliation with engagement, as is appropriate for middle-aged and older Jewish adults.  By uncoupling these behaviors, Cohen and Kelman suggest an entirely different strategy for serving the next generation of American Jews.”

Rather than relying exclusively on the traditional institutions – synagogues, JCC’s, federations and Jewish communal organizations – the study suggests greater investment in contemporary Jewish artists, particularly musicians and performance artists, who perform in venues outside the organized Jewish community, such as bars, clubs and alternative performance spaces.

These events are appealing to young Jews, the study reports, because they attract diverse crowds, both Jewish and non-Jewish, and feature “cultural hybridity,” blending Jewish and other idioms, such as Matisyahu’s Hasidic-reggae, Balkan Beatbox’s Central-European dance beats, or the Hip-Hop Hoodios Spanish-Jewish hip hop.  The non-Jewish venues, such as Joe’s Pub, the Slipper Room or the Knitting Factory, provide considerable cultural cache, generational comfort, low entrance barriers, and no expectations for future obligation, all important criteria for this generation when choosing leisure time activities.

The full report also includes a first-ever cultural analysis of the 2000-01 National Jewish Population Survey, as well as a unique breakdown of the “functions” of Jewish cultural engagement.  In brief, analysis of the NJPS shows that “Jewish cultural engagement provides an important link to Jewish life for the intermarried, the geographically remote, the unmarried and the unaffiliated,” the most difficult populations to reach for the organized Jewish community.  The “functions” of Jewish cultural engagement include community-building, networking, challenging the conventional, and serving as a laboratory for new cultural ideas and forms.

Commenting on the study, Cohen and Kelman remarked, “These young adult Jews see organized Jewry as alien, uniform, coercive, and parochial, both socially and culturally. In contrast, cultural events create a new space where they can express themselves Jewishly in ways that are distinctive to their generation. They relish the unpredictable, the freedom to sample and assemble their identities, the presence of all kinds of Jews and non-Jews, and the opportunity to construct a hybrid culture where the Jewish meets the formerly non-Jewish and makes it Jewish again.”

“This study is important because it seeks to understand how young adults interact with and are influenced by arts and culture in a Jewish context, and it affirms that the arts can be a powerful medium for deepening Jewish connections,” said Alisa Rubin Kurshan, UJA-Federation of New York’s senior vice president for strategic planning and organizational resources.  “UJA-Federation commissioned this research because we seek to engage young people in Jewish life through innovative models of programming that foster Jewish connections at a time in life when many young people disaffiliate with the Jewish community. The findings affirm the value of Jewish culture as a means of reaching the unengaged and providing safe spaces for young Jewish adults to explore what being Jewish means to them.”

“The connection between Jewish culture and Jewish identity is a link that we instinctively feel is very strong,” said Scott Shay, chair of UJA-Federation’s Commission on Jewish Identity and Renewal. “However, the entire arena has been woefully under-researched. The study by Steven M. Cohen and Ari Kelman, commissioned by the National Foundation for Jewish Culture with funding from UJA-Federation, is a first step toward shedding light on how the Jewish community can leverage the growing interest among young adults in Jewish culture while not being overbearing,”

Reflecting on the report’s emphasis on the impact of cutting-edge artists, musicians and performers on Jewish identity, Carol Spinner, president of the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, observed that “There is limited support for the creatives whose work impacts on thousands of people over time.”  Noting that “this group needs to be educated, trained and mentored in order to nurture future expressions of Jewish creativity in America,” Spinner commended the UJA-Federation of New York and its Commission on Jewish Identity and Renewal, both on funding this study and on the recent award to a consortium comprised of the NFJC, AvodaArts and JDub Records to initiate an innovative Jewish artists fellowship program.

A symposium on the study is tentatively planned for September 18, 2006, to be convened by the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, in association with UJA-Federation of New York.  Copies of “Cultural Events & Jewish Identities” can be ordered from the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, 330 7th Avenue, 21st Floor, NY, NY 10001, 212-629-0500 or downloaded as a PDF file from.


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