Bistro MD Reviews

Bistro MD is a website that provides numerous dining services to all those interested in losing weight.  All of their prepared meals come with the claim they are proven to be healthy and certified doctor. These weight loss meals are designed to help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, and improve the working quality of their metabolism.

Their website has numerous meal plans, each that come in single servings designed for one person, though specifications can be made in the order for additional serving sizes.
The food is prepared to be fresh by a team of chefs, and it is sent frozen to the home, where it can reheated in a microwave.
Guarantees are made that the customer will begin to lose weight within the first few weeks with this program, so long as the diet plan is followed, and exercise is incorporated.
All orders are automatically shipped each week. The customer can cancel their plan at any time and will only have to pay for that week’s order, with future orders canceled as well until the customer decides to start ordering again. Free Shipping is available with Bistro MD Coupons.
Video Review
Here is a video review we found of actual diet meals delivered covering a one week period. The reviewer found the meals to be above average in quality and taste. He also considered this diet program to be a good value.
The primary benefit of this video is that it will show you what your actual meals will look like.
Bistro MD Reviews
Rewarding Meals
Eating delicious meals and losing weight at the same time is what I have always wanted. And they gave me just that. I was in search for a diet meal that could satisfy my appetite and help me lose weight for years now, and I thought I won’t be able to find it. A friend finally recommended them and I tried their diet pack for a week. I absolutely admire how their customer support agents checks on me from time to time to see how I feel about their meals, and if there’s anything I want to be changed. Of course, I would always say none. Their meals are rewarding and no doubt life changing. 
Serving Sizes are Fulfilling
They make the best diet meals. They all look great in pictures and even more appealing once you take them out of the microwave. What you see is what you get. Their beef tips with wine and mushrooms is a must try. Serving sizes are fulfilling. My meals are fresh and nutritious, which is a big factor for me. I loved getting free shipping with my Bistro MD Coupons.
Mom’s Health Improved
I ordered once for my 60 year old mother for her birthday, and to my surprise she loved it. She’s a picky eater, her nurses say so themselves. She has too many health complications, which I think adds up to her finicky diet. But with these meals, her health improved, and so did her appetite. Her doctors even approved of them and recommend she continue this diet. 
I Would Recommend This Service to Anyone
I almost didn’t order this service becuase it makes you buy breakfast. I am not one to have breakfast, aside from a piece of fruit and maybe a yogurt, so I didn’t like the fact I had to buy them. If there was another diet meal delivery that didn’t force you to buy breakfast, I would have purchased there.
I chose the 7 day plan without snacks (which I can buy myself) and spent $160 for 21 meals.  Roughly, $7.50 a meal which was in my budget. I was quite happy with my decision. The meals had a menu that left wondering what was next. I found them easy to warm up and they traveled well with me to the office.
One of the surprise things I learned about myself while I was on the program is how much time I spend in the kitchen. With this program I was only in the kitchen to feed my dog and make coffee. I’m sorry if that is too much detail.
I enjoyed my food, and even the breakfasts. There is a lot of chicken and pork dishes (hard to tell the difference), and I would like to see more meat meals. But I would recommend this service to anyone.
Thumbs Up!
This was the perfect diet for me to lose 4 pounds in a short amount of time. I was expecting to suffer a week of eating diet food, but I was surprised how good the food was. Shipping was great, and I didn’t have a need to call customer service. The sizes of the meals were good too. Thumbs up!
Better than Average
Your rating scale is based on one to four If it were based on one to five, I would give the Bistro MD meal I purchased a 2.5. Exactly in the middle average.  Some were good, some were very disappointing. I had a little difficulty canceling future orders. I thought the pictures would help everyone see what they are getting.
Grilled Pesto Chicken
Following the heating instructions, the chicken never heated up to temperature, and the pesto was in a solid state compared to more of a sauce. The vegetables were good.  The kidney beans appeared to have poured right from a can, with that gooey-like fluid, they pack kidney beans in, and they were the best part of the meal. Fair Meal.
Vegetable Beef Stir Fry
It reheated well, the beef was cooked more than the rice, and the vegetables were not soggy. The beef tasted like real pieces of steak. Vegetables were not mushy, but boring. Their packaging says DO NOT REMOVE film, and I wasn’t sure what that meant.  But this meal reheated well, and I thought it was a Pretty Good Meal.
Turkey with Cranberry Quinoa
Following the heating instructions, it was still cold. The sauce didn’t melt.  After two more minutes, the meal was hot. The sauce is so sweet I couldn’t eat it. The turkey consists of just two small slices, which was arid. I wouldn’t call it dry. It was, however, real sliced turkey.
The pilaf of Quinoa, was edible but far from good. There was little in the way in the seasoning or flavor, and it too was dry. The puree of squash looked and tasted like baby food.  This is a bad meal.
Chicken Mushroom Crepe
Following the heating instructions, the crepe was warm and the vegetables were cold. The crepe couldn’t stand the additional cooking and became impossible to cut with a fork.  Inside the crepe was diced chicken, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese, but only the chicken had any flavor.
There was a strange spice that left a bad aftertaste in my mouth, which I couldn’t identify from the ingredients list. The filling is held together with food starch. The squash and zucchini medley was the best thing in the meal, but not worth getting just for them. Fair Meal.
Cinnamon Sweet Potato Pancake
Cooked from frozen 3 minutes per directions. The Syrup melted all over the turkey sausage patty, which was petrified from cooking and only ¼ inch thick. The three small pancake patties were stuck together.
The top pancake was too hard to eat. The bottom pancake was mushy. They tasted like fibrous sawdust with a hint of pumpkin, not a sweet potato. Not a good meal.
Apricot Glazed Pork Tenderloin
Following the heating instructions, meal came out hot and evenly cooked.  The spinach was exceptional, without any water at the bottom of the tray like you might expect with a frozen meal.  The brown rice pilaf also reheated well. It tasted a little bland, but okay.
You can see the pork tenderloin doesn’t come with much of a portion. Three small slices, but it was real tenderloin meat, it reheated moist, and the apricot-mustard glaze was surprising good. A very good meal, probably the best so far.
Broccoli and Beef Dinner
Following the heating instructions, the broccoli was still cold.  I didn’t continue to cook the broccoli for fear of ruining the meat. The beef is the star of this meal. It is plentiful and tender.
The sweet and sour sauce is nice too.  The rice was less enjoyable and had a crunchy or grainy texture to it.  With the sauce, it was good. The broccoli was nothing more than you would find in the freezer section of your local supermarket. Overall, a Good Meal.
Ham and Turkey Dinner
The ham is sliced from a real smoked spiral sliced ham, and the turkey is sliced from a real turkey breast.
The fruit chutney was not too sweet like most of the other sauces I had tried so far. You get two slices of ham wedged between a small slice of turkey. The Confetti Rice Blend is flavorless with a little kick of heat. It didn’t have much texture for a grainy rice dish. The Broccoli Raab was a delightful surprise. It was well seasoned, flavorful, and the roasted corn kernels were a nice touch.  No excess water at the bottom of the tray either.  Overall, a good meal, but I didn’t eat the rice.
Spinach Mushroom Crepe
Unlike the other crepe meal, these crepes were tender and cut easily with a fork. The dill Hollandaise sauce could have used another 30 seconds to get hot, which probably would have dried out the crepe. The filling was mostly spinach, I saw very few mushrooms, and what I saw was bits.
It tasted okay, like cream of mushroom soup, mixed with spinach, and stuffed in a crepe. The roasted sweet potato cubes heated well and didn’t have any water in the bottom of the tray. Overall, a good meal, but not one I would order again.
Buckwheat Berry Pancakes
The pancakes came out much better than my last try. They were warm, cooked evenly, and tasted good, butthey were a little sweet. The Canadian bacon also reheated well, but it was way too salty for my tastes.
The Fruit Compote consisted of a strawberry in a blueberry mixture, which was way too sweet for me to enjoy. The only thing I ate from this breakfast were the three pancakes. Fair Meal. 
I think I would have been happy with meals that tasted just OK because my main concern was losing weight. I felt disappointed and unsatisfied after eating most of my meals. Most of the time my meal didn’t evenly too. I felt like there was always something on the plate I would never order in a restaurant or make at home.
I also felt hungry most of the day and to supplement this food with salads, fruit, and chopped up vegetables. I had to decide between a tight budget and my tight jeans. I think I might have been better off saving money with frozen diet dinners from the supermarket. The Bistro MD Coupons saved me some money, but I probably wouldn’t order again.
A Decent Plan for the Money
I think I may have been on some kind of diet most of my life, so I feel exceptionally qualified to speak on diet food. There are some meal programs out that taste disgusting and others that have tiny tiny portion sizes, which is how you lose weight.
I don’t think this company falls into either category. Are they wonderful and delicious dinners you have eating out? Absolutely not, but you have to grade all “diet food” on a scale anyway. Michael P. might not realize this.
They’re pretty good compared to the competition and the price you will have to pay. I wouldn’t be one to spend $50 a day on diet meals, so this is a decent plan for the money. And the Free Shipping you get with the Bistro MD Coupon is an added bonus!
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