A Bump in the Road to Health

Sometimes in life we all hit a road block when trying to achieve our goals. We just don’t know what to do and get to the point of giving up. I was at that point with my own goal of weight loss. I would make a resolution at the beginning of each year to lose weight, and each time I would fail. This year I was close to giving up, when I found the answer in a food delivery company. I read a series of Bistro MD reviews on weight loss food delivery plans, and realized that I had found a way out of my block.

The main interruption in my weight loss attempts was always my lack of self control when it came to food. I would start off eating healthy foods, then I would have just a little bit of something unhealthy as a cheat snack. I would always say to myself that one wouldn’t hurt, and then from there one became two, and it grows until I’m back to eating unhealthy meals again. This time I cut that out entirely by not buying those food and simply having nothing but healthy food come to me.

The delivered meals helped me control my urges to the point where I wouldn’t even go to the junk food section of the grocery store whenever I went. Whenever I need to have a snack, I choose something healthy, like fruit or nuts. I even make my own trail mix with different nutrient packed ingredients to give me enough energy to make it through the day. Once I get home, I get ready to eat one of the healthy meals that were sent to me. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, but I think I’ll keep having the meals delivered, because they taste so good.

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