22 Days Nutrition Review

22 Days Nutrition offers 100% plant-based meals with clean, wholesome ingredients that they prepare and deliver to your home. Their 22 Days Vegan Challenge is designed to encourage people to experience the benefits of plant-based living.
The meals are fresh, never frozen; naturally low in fat, salt and sugar; and flavored from vegetables, beans, grains, herbs and spices. They pride themselves with being environmentally friendly using 100% Organic, gluten-free, Non-GMO, dairy-free and soy-free ingredients.
22 Days Nutrition Reviews
Bland Tasting Rice Overload
OK SO I ordered the 22 days Nutrition meal delivery service 2 meals a day for 22 days @500$ The ordering process was easy and delivery was prompt when they said comes fresh in freezer packed container. However, meals are too heavily prepared with Rice. All kinds of Rice. Black rice, red rice, jasmine rice, wild rice. This program had me eating 2 rice meals a day with a quinoa meal and GF pasta meal a week 7 days. I for one do not eat that much grain daily or weekly and it wreaked havoc on my intestinal system. I would have preferred more vegetables in these meals. As far as taste. Every thing tasted the same to me, even the meals that were supposed to be flavorful with spice. Bland and unappetizing. Customer service is also lacking. Called the company 2 days in a row to only get voice mail so I left 2 messages explaining what I wrote here above. As well as sent email. No response until I called again on 3rd day and someone actually answered.
His response was they get a lot of calls and emails and have 24 hours to respond, um yep, its been more than 24 hours. Also it is stated that you have to call 10 days prior to delivery to cancel. I have only given them 5 days. But at this point my system could not take anymore RICE! This young man was very pleasant but could not help me. stating he was going to talk to his manager and call me back. Guess what I did not receive a call back! I’m very frustrated!! I’m only asking compensation for 1 weeks worth of meals out of the 3. I cannot possibly eat rice again for the rest of this year. File under: Bland tasting rice overload. Not enough vegetables. Poor customer response time and service.

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