Gourmet Food

Who doesn’t love gourmet food? Gourmet food is delicious and is prepared in such a way as to delight our sense of taste and our palates.Gourmet food is also known for being expensive and hard to prepare.How many times have you wished you could give a dinner party or reception and have your guests rave about your wonderful food?

Now, you can do just that. By ordering your gourmet foods online, you can save yourself both time and money.
Gourmet Food Specialty Shops
You can have your gourmet foods delivered right to your home. Imagine a party where your guests rave about your food and you smile to yourself knowing they are enjoying gourmet foods that have been chef-prepared, just for you. Learn more about gourmet meals.
By ordering gourmet foods online, you are assuring that you will have the freshest food available. You can rest, relax, and enjoy your party without having to worry about getting hot in the kitchen or having to worry about how your food will taste. Regardless of the type of party you are planning, you will be able to find something to suit your needs.
Gourmet Station
Imagine impressing your friends and family with appetizer selections such as caramelized onion Brie in puff pastry, burger sliders with truffle oil, spring rolls, lobster scampi puffs, or chicken satay. There are a wide range of choices, so you can meet all your guests dietary needs.
Gourmet Station offers appetizers under categories such as vegetarian, seafood, Tex-Mex, Asian, even Kosher selections, just to name a few. Don’t forget to check out their “Good Deals” category, which offers savings of up to 70%. These selections change periodically, so check often.
Lobster Anywhere
How about having your very own “Lobster Fest?” Lobster Anywhere is a company that offers lobster anytime, anywhere. The lobsters shipped from Lobster Anywhere are freshly caught and delivered to your home overnight, ensuring you only receive the freshest lobster available. Unless you live on the coast and can catch your own lobster, you aren’t going to find lobster this fresh anywhere else. Whether you prefer whole lobster, lobster tails, lobster rolls, chowder, or bisque, you’ll find something to fit your needs and your budget.
They even feature “Maine Meals.” For one low price, you receive a starter soup or bisque, the “Maine” lobster course, and a genuine blueberry pie, with fresh blueberries harvested in Maine. Looking for the perfect gift for someone special? How about presenting your recipient with gourmet food and gifts they won’t find anywhere else.
Lobster Anywhere allows you to ship their lobster meals to others or purchase a gift certificate as a gift. You can also gift lobster crackers, lobster tablecloths, and of course, who wouldn’t enjoy lobster while wearing a genuine lobster bib?
Mackenzie Limited
For the number one seller of gourmet food and gifts, check out Mackenzie Limited. Mackenzie Limited specializes in gourmet food baskets that are guaranteed to tempt even the pickiest of palates. Mackenzie Limited was founded by a man who had a passion for the gourmet foods found in England, Scotland, and other areas of the world.
They offer everything you need to have a complete gourmet feast. Imagine serving your guests foods such as herbed lamb chops, imported Scottish smoked salmon, caviar from Russia, or petite fours created by a gourmet pastry-chef. You can also order special gourmet food baskets and have them shipped directly to the recipient.
Come Back and Share Your Review
Each of these outstanding food companies offers seasonal specials and money-saving coupons. Research carefully to find the best food to fit your taste and your budget. Once you’ve tried one, please come back and post a review and share your experience with other users of this website. Just think, you can play food-critic, while enjoying tempting, elegant food that was caught fresh and prepared with you in mind. 


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The Zone Diet Reviews

The Zone Diet is a diet that utilizes a plan known as “40/30/30.” The plan is composed of meals consisting of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats, and 30% proteins.

A person on the Zone Diet weight loss meals eats three meals and two snacks per day.
Attempting to prepare meals that follow such strict guidelines can be difficult, so Zone Delivery USA will deliver meals fresh to your doorstep each day.
Limited Service Area
If you are interested in having your Zone Diet delivered, then you have to live in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.Zone dieters who reside in California can also have their Zone Diet delivered to their doorstep. If you reside in the rest of the United States, you will have to try different weight loss meal plans.
For those who live in the tri-state area or California, this meal delivery service delivers fresh to your doorstep by 5 a.m. Breakfast and dinner can easily be heated in the microwave, while lunch is always a cold meal.
Extra for Customized Meals
While Zone Delivery USA offers each participant the opportunity to personalize meals based on preferences such as vegetarian, low-carb, gluten-free, or kosher compliant, there is an additional three dollar fee. They do offer pre-set menus that allow for special ordering as mentioned above, but customizing a menu with prepared meals you like is extra.
One does have to wonder why anyone who is following one of the Zone Diet planswould choose the low carb meals option. The whole point of the Zone diets are to emphasize a healthy balance of carbs, fats, and proteins.
Order 31 Days at a Time
To order the Zone Diet plans, you must be willing to order the diet for a minimum of 31 days of gourmet meals. Prepayment is necessary to join the program. After the initial 31 days, if you like the diet, then you prepay for another 31 days. At the end of the 31 days, you can choose not to renew with at least a five-day notice.
However, if you do not like the program after one or two weeks, you still must continue to receive the food for the entire 31 days. You order by phone and are paired with a consultant for your first order. After the first order, you may order via the Internet.
The Zone Diet foods are typical weight loss food:
  • For dinner, you will notice an emphasis on chicken and turkey, with green beans, broccoli, and other green vegetables included.
  • Breakfasts usually consist of some type of egg dish and oatmeal.
  • Lunch is a sandwich or wrap, and dinners are chicken, shrimp, or salmon.
  • Snacks may include cookies, the Zone bars, or small salads.
The cost for the Zone Diet foods is as follows for one person:
  • Chef Selected meals are $33.95 per day @ 31 days = $1,052.45
  • Personalized meals are 36.95 per day @ 31 days = $1,145.45.
  • Meals range from $28.95 to $41.95 per day, based on how long you agree to stay on the program.

The Zone Diet Reviews

The Worst Diet, and Customer Experience
Wow this is the worst diet, customer experience I have ever gone through. I signed up for two weeks, expecting the great, tasty food featured on the website. Also because they said they could accomodate my severe dairy and gluten allergies.
The first meal was covered in moldy, fuzzy cheese. The vegetables reminded me of hospital food. Like a bad hot lunch. Everything was frozen and wilted. As the week went on they sent me food filled with cream and gluten, as well as packaged bars. Basically charging me $8 for a balance bar that I couldn’t even eat!  The food was absolutely inedible. With my allergies and the gross quality, I ended up tossing each batch.
I wrote the company to complain and they said that the program was absolutely non refundable. I hadn’t seen this on the site when I placed the order so I offered to pay for the first week and then cancel the second week. They said no that they would work with me to send meals that avoided my allergies. I got very sick from the food I ate, so I knew it wasn’t being prepared in a gluten free kitchen. I said I just wanted my money back. I didn’t want to pay another $400 for a week of food I would just throw out. It was poor quality, total fraud from what was shown on their website.
This escalated into about 20 emails from the company owner, Mike Naples, verbally abusing me in the emails calling me a liar, saying I would never get my money back, and offering to send me the same disgusting food. I feel totally taken advantage of and worst absolutely sick from this subpar food. I feel emotionally abused and in awe that people still treat their customers this way.
Save your money and time and look for a quality food delivery service! 
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The Fresh Diet Review

The Fresh Diet is a weight loss meal delivery service, that does not deliver nationwide. Prepared mealsare shipped with prepayment of your order.
Weight loss meal plans come in different programs for men and women. Vegetarian and Diabetic Meals are also available.
You can have the option of making a small amount of substitutions, and your food is delivered to your home on a daily basis.
The Fresh Diet Reviews
It Is Diet Food But Tastes Like Restaurant Quality Food
I have heard what the other reviewers have said and I do not live in a major city but I do live in one of the delivery areas so perhaps this is why my delivery experience has been great thus far. I spend about 800 dollars a month on my premium choice selection from Fresh diet which allows me to select my daily menu choices. I do not have a family and work full time. Because of the Fresh Diet meals, I have not had to visit the grocery store which has freed up my weekends for hanging out with friends and pampering.
I have not had to touch another dirty dish or pot and the dish water may as well be obsolete. My electric bill went from 289 dollars a month to 65 dollars a month so I am also seeing extraneous savings from going on this meal plan. It saves me time in the morning not having to organize Tupperware and food for the day at work and in the evenings my meal is ready to go.
I used to spend about 1200 dollars on food (grocery and eating out) so this program has been a life saver. I was also trying to loose weight as I was 171lbs (78kg). After 2 months on the program with exercise mind you, I am 150lbs (68kg) and still loosing. I couldn’t be happier and am preparing to renew my plan. The taste of the food is beyond reproach. It is diet food but taste like restaurant quality food. They even add the little touch of flowers to decorate the waffles and pancakes breakfasts.
I love the variety and anything that doesn’t suit my taste gets a dash of hot sauce and a sprinkle of salt and it is good to go. I have tried a lot of food plans out there which I will not name but we all no the chicken Alfred that had to be reconstituted with boiling water….This is nothing like that. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of going on a meal delivery service plan. 
Save Your Money
I tried this company because I had a coupon that was a great discount on the normal prices. Now that I have tried it, I would never pay the exhorbitant amount of money they charge. Some meals are ok. Nothing is great. A lot were bad. Like the cornmeal cake – was just a mountain of soggy mess. And that was dinner. I got a cottage cheese w/ fruit. The cottage cheese was congealed. There was no way I was going to eat it. If you are thinking about ordering, save your money!
What You Receive is Another Story
The tuna wrap should come with chopped celery & onion to make it more palatable & not so bland! Maybe a tomato slice would be nice? All the pictures I have seen of the meals from the reviews, I have not received any of these so called gourmet meals, they look delicious, what you receive is another story, fair, fair, fair!
Their Food is Expensive
Trying to lose weight is a hassle. I am overweight and have made several recent lifestyle changes. A few months ago, I went on a diet. I had a good friend who is a personal trainer tell me the key to losing weight was 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. Using that information, I began searching for the perfect diet plan to fit my lifestyle.
I decided to give their food a try. They operate on a principal of 40/30/30. This means that 40 percent of my diet should be carbs, 30 percent should be from the fat category, and 30 percent should be some sort of protein. This sounded like a good plan to me, because with them, I shouldn’t have to cut any type of food out completely. I decided I could live with that and began to research the company.
I was hopeless at planning the meals. I could never figure out if each meal should be 40/30/30 or if I should be eating that weekly or monthly. I then found that they offered delivery was in my area. They plan your meals for you and delivers them fresh to your home. You can only participate in their diet food delivery plan if you live in the following areas:
  • The NY tri-state area, which includes New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
  • Select major metropolitan areas that include Chicago, Indianapolis, Dallas, Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Houston.
  • Other specific states including South East & West Florida, Southern and Northern California, and Virginia.
  • If you are Canadian and live in Toronto, you may also subscribe to Fresh Diet Food Delivery.
I found it limiting that they only deliver to select areas of the country. I am guessing it is because they deliver fresh to your doorstep each day. Food arrives in a cooler and contains three meals, and two snacks.
The food choices sounded delicious when customer service read them to me. I wish I had taken the time to read The Fresh Diet Reviews about the food. The food portions are small, even for diet food, and everything is microwavable. I got tired of eating out of the microwave all the time. I thought with the name “fresh,” I would be eating fresh food.
This food is expensive. I found a few of The Fresh Diet Coupon websites and was able to incorporate one of the Fresh Diet Coupon deals into my order, but the food was still outrageously expensive. If I let the chefs on staff select my Fresh Diet food, the cost per week is $349.93. That is for just me.
I live in an expensive area of the country. Normally, I feed myself, a spouse, and two teenage boys for around $150.00 per week. This is over double that cost for just one person. I am also a picky eater, but I just could not justify spending $420.00 per week to choose my own meals. If I wanted to substitute any selections, I had to pay the higher price.
Cancelling was difficult. I had started with the minimum pre-paid 14-day trial. After the initial two weeks, you can then order weekly if you like. You are billed on your credit card before each week. If you wish to cancel, you must cancel five days prior to the next week. It took me almost a month to cancel.
I have to follow the majority of the Fresh Diet Reviews I have read and say unless you enjoy spending large sums of money on bland, microwave food, stay away from this diet. While the concept of having food delivered is a useful concept, the price, taste, and limited delivery area do not make this a feasible diet. You can hire a personal nutritionist for less money than one month of the Fresh Diet. 
Bad Experience
I had a very bad experience with this company. There were delivery problems when I didn’t my food, and the food I received was so bad it’s hard to believe they can charge so much money for what they give you. If you want to buy something their customer responds immediately. Otherwise good luck. No one calls you back.
The fruit that comes with many of the meals looks like the daily specials you get at the supermarket before they have to throw it away. If you try to cancel your order they do everything they can to tell you that you can’t and you have to buy 4-5 weeks worth of their food. Here is their cancellation policy:
  • No cancellation after 3 days of food have been delivered for any DISCOUNTED program.
  • When a client cancels within the 3 days (written notice is required) they are charged a total of 5 days at the agreed price because it takes at least 48 hours to process cancellation, including instructions to kitchen.
  • Chef’s Choice program customers who decide to cancel after 3 days will be PRORATED at the full price of $ 44.99 per day, no matter how many days the customer actually used.
  • Premium Choice program customers who decide to cancel after 3 days will be PRORATED at the full price of $ 54.99 a day, no matter how many days the customer actually used. 
The Easiest Thing I’ve Ever Done
This plan is the easiest thing I’ve ever done.  I eat healthier, don’t have to grocery shop, and very much enjoy the food.  I highly recommend this.
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Seattle Sutton Reviews

Seattle Sutton happens to be a new family-owned nutritious meal delivery organization situated in Illinois. The company promotes itself with a hassle-free and nourishing ready made weight loss meal plans, that are clinically developed in order to assist their customers get rid of excess pounds.

Some other wellness issues their weight loss meals support include diabetic meal, high blood pressure, cardiovascular illness, as well as obesity.

Seattle Sutton Cost
Prices are solely decided by where you reside. In the event that you live in an location where the organization provides a nearby distributor, one will be designated to you. The local provider arranges payments and deliveries. We noticed a 1,200 calorie food plan for the week costs $129, as well as $20 shipping and delivery through a local distributor in the 60610 (Chicago) zip code. It is not clear if the $20 shipping charge covers the two shipments made per week, or it is a $20 fee for each delivery. A 2,000 calorie meal plan costs $149.
Using a New York City zip code, we found the meals go up quite a bit. This area has no local distributor, consequently you would fall into the “National Prepared Meals” category. The same 1,200 calorie meal plan costs $249, and $279 for the 2,000 calorie meal plan. If you order by the half week, the prices go up more. Presently there is an option to pick up your weekly meals at their nearest distributor location to spend less on the shipping and delivery fees.
Weekly menus are posted up to 14 weeks ahead of time, and repeat every five weeks. We looked at their menu and found a typical day of meals included a bowl of cold cereal with dried fruits and nuts, a bean and pasta salad, and a flatbread pizza for dinner.
Individual product pictures do not seem to be available, like they are on most other websites, and it does not appear meal substitutions are available. If you have an allergy to any type of food, your meals will still come. If you happen to go out of town for a day, their FAQ page suggests you give those meals to a friend.
The portion sizes on the menu seemed “skimpy” to us, compared to other national prepared meal delivery services that offer about the same calorie meal plans. Your weekly will keep coming until you cancel in advance of the next shipping date. 
Seattle Sutton Reviews
I’m Very Happy With This Service
I’m very happy with this service. I have had better tasting food but the taste of this food is fine and better than I could prepare. What I really really like is all the contents of the meal is in one package….no extra containers with crackers, snacks, etc.
Day One: A Day to Forget
My first day on the Diet Plan was not too impressive to me. Breakfast was nothing more than two slices of raisin bread with peanut butter and two wedges of pineapple. The pineapple was fresh, but there certainly wasn’t any wow-factor.
Lunch consisted of a small turkey breast, a baked potato cut in half, and a collection of raw vegetables consisting of two pepper slices, two slices of raw zucchini, and five cherry tomatoes, which also came with a dill salad dressing. Most unusual was that the heating instructions said to not reheat this meal and eat it cold. I didn’t’ find this to be too enjoyable, and if the goal is to feel like you’re suffering on a diet, then I would say mission accomplished. This was a day to forget.
Dinner was stranger yet. The portion size was huge. There were five manicotti’s with sauce and cheese, and a huge side of green beans. This meal could have easily served two people. No time is provided to reheat this meal. Instead, the directions say to put the meal on a plate and reheat it until done. How long is that? As a result my meal didn’t reheat evenly.
The meal was good, but the manicotti were a little chalky. If you bought frozen manicotti at the market and reheated them in the microwave, this what you would get. The nutritional information said this meal had 41 grams of fat, and 21 grams of saturated fat, which is 105% of the daily recommended value. It also had 93 carbs. These numbers seemed out of line to me for a diet meal. 
Day Two: at $38.25 a Day, I’m Not Feeling the Love
I woke up extremely hungry from yesterday’s starvation and looked forward to a nice breakfast. Instead, my day was greeted with a Breakfast Pizza. Once again, there weren’t any microwave heating instructions except: Heat until done. I don’t know what the chef was thinking when they created this meal. It was as appetizing as it appears in the picture. One bite, and I threw it out. Breakfast for me was a bowl of Special K.
Lunch was Chicken Salad with Angel Food Cake and more cherry tomatoes. I started pulling the stems off the top of the cherry tomatoes until I got to the last one and left it on for the picture. The Chicken Salad was edible. I couldn’t tell if I was eating chicken, turkey, or tuna salad, and the walnuts and raisins didn’t work for me.
Dinner was Turkey Meatloaf, which was the best offering of the day. Although dry and flavorless, it stops my stomach from growling. The creamed corn probably came out of a can, and the mashed potatoes were certainly nothing special. There was a tremendous serving of cabbage, which looked like sauerkraut, but didn’t have any flavor at all. I could only fit a third of it on the plate. I didn’t eat it, but I would have if it were sauerkraut.
It was hard for me to give this day a bronze medal when I threw out so much of the food, but I did. At $38.25 a day, I’m not feeling the love.
Day Three: I Want My Money Back
I decided I am going to call Seattle Sutton and see if I can get my money back. Today’s meals were very disappointing. So ridiculous, I had to laugh. Two banana muffins and yogurt for breakfast, a salad with stale bread for lunch, and a horrible baked chicken with some vegetables, and more stale bread. My lunch was missing the flaked tuna they had on the menu.
Would you pay $38.25 a day for this? At $12.75 a meal, I can buy my own yogurt cup and a pre-packaged salad and save $25.50 from the breakfast and lunch I received from Seattle Sutton. The vegetables for dinner were fresh but unseasoned, and the chicken was bland and unimpressive. This is so not worth the money.
Day Four: I Am So Happy I am Done with this Food.
I am sure most people are excited about starting a new diet program. I am so happy I am done with this food. Breakfast was two machine generated omelets (why 2?) and far from the farm-fresh cheese omelet published in the menu. I didn’t see or taste any cheese at all. I could swear the potatoes were Healthy Choice frozen potatoes. They looked and tasted just like them, including the practically cooked potato and seasoning. I would have liked someone to remove the label from the fruit as a customer courtesy. The diced vegetables were crisp, but I hate when companies choose to use canned mushrooms over fresh. So not worth the money.
Lunch was the “Famous Tuna Bumstead” which had me wondering: famous for what? The tuna was okay. The English muffin was nothing special, and I have really become tired of the Seattle Sutton trays being packed with things I can get at the grocery store. In this case, baby carrots and blue corn chips. Dinner was the most tasteless turkey chili you would imagine. I could say chili soup, or watered-down chili soup would be a better description. The oyster crackers were the best part of the meal, and I can get those at the supermarket too.
When you have a bad customer experience at a restaurant, you probably will not go there again, and the experience can stay with you forever. Whenever the name of the restaurant comes up, like: “Have you ever tried Seattle Sutton?” it is easy to go back in time and recall the bad experience like it was yesterday. Like a loaded gun, we are only too happy to share our stories of a horrible menu, premium charges, and every attempt to cut corners to make money. That is how I always remember this company. 
Muffins for Breakfast?
All the reviews of websites, reheating, and shipping don’t mean anything to me. All I cared about is the food. I love food, in fact, I eat it all of the time, but I have put on some weight. I did lose two pounds on the first week which was the 1200 calorie plan. I can’t imagine someone over there would honestly call a muffin a breakfast, especially for a man.  Maybe if it were a giant muffin, but it wasn’t even a good muffin.  I can get my own apples and fruit from the store too. I was hoping for some light meals that tasted good.
The Variety, Taste and Convenience are all Top Rate!
Don’t know how anyone could ask for more! Some of the meals in the 1,200 calorie a day meal plan are small proportions, but I feel satisfied. And most of the meals are very filling. Sometimes I put something back in the fridge for a later snack because I’m too full. They are fresh and healthy, and I really like that! Sure you could do this yourself, and cheaper, but I wouldn’t do it and I know it! The variety, taste and convenience are all top rate! It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself, ever.
I work a split schedule six days a week, age 56, 150 pounds, 5’3″, could stand to lose some weight for better health, never seem to have enough time for cooking and am bored with my cooking choices, and I have two sons being married within the next year!  I want to look & feel good.  This SSHE plan is wonderful, and am looking forward to tomorrow’s shipment!
The meals cost me $6.61 each with shipping included. Not too shabby of a price for relieving stress, blood pressure, acid reflux and pounds!   I mean, you HAVE to eat, and you might as well find a diet you actually enjoy!  And I HAVE!
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PureFoods Fresh Start Reviews

PureFoods is a company that sells their weight loss meal plans to customers around the country.  The company prepares a variety of meals that can help one lose weight easily and healthfully.
PureFoods delivers fresh meals, not frozen or dried.  No preservatives are used in the preparation of the meals. 
Their meals are able to stay in the refrigerator for up to 14 days.
PureFoods Fresh Start meals are for weight loss, and are created in balanced using a restricted calorie program.  This is one of the most common ways that people around the world have used to diet for years. 
The company uses low glycemic index technology to further increase the food’s weight loss benefits.  The low glycemic principle is one that is relatively new but has rapidly gained popularity.
The diet delivery meals created by this company are delivered directly to customers.  Per day, the company offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, one snack, and one dessert.  One can follow the standard company menu, or create their own meal plan.  To see what is coming, a customer can visit the Purefoods website to see what is on the menu for the upcoming week.  To eat the meals, one simply has to pop them in the microwave.  
This company offers a number of purchase options to customers.  One can buy food for up to six weeks at once.  In many of the larger plans, one gets one week free after paying for the rest.  Customers can choose five-day plans that give dieters the weekend “off”.  One can choose a vegetarian meal or a gluten free meal if their preferences of health require it.  For potential customers, there is a three day sampler that one can try to see if these meals are right for them.
Your menu is fixed, meaning they decide what the weekly menus will be, but they do offer an a la carte menu for you to choose your own meals. PureFoods does not offer single meals, you must buy your choice of meal plans.
PureFoods Fresh Start Reviews
I Threw Out Two-Thirds of PureFood’s Meals
In a nutshell, I was excited (and motivated) to try and love, or at least like the food on the Purefoods Fresh Start Diet Delivery Plan. I have to say the food was, by and large, INEDIBLE. I ended up throwing out at least 2/3rds of the “food,” as no one in my family would touch it. The food I did eat, I had to gag down, cover with something to hide the flavor, or force down. I only enjoyed one lunch entree.  Even the smell was revolting.
I won’t go into product specifics though I do believe I was given rancid “beef” (and I use the term loosely as it tasted and smelled like no beef I’ve ever eaten in my life) and think it actually made me sick. The other meals were no better. (Seriously, how do you “ruin” cold cereal to make it taste rancid??) I’d go so far as to say anyone who writes a positive review of this company either got far different food than I did, or is simply not telling the truth. I have no reason not to be 100% truthful.
I asked the company for a refund. It defeated the purpose of my diet too, as each meal I had to discard, meant one more meal I had to rummage through my own refrigerator last minute to find. (I didn’t plan on a meal as I expected to eat Purefoods.) Please stay far away from this company as possible. Even if they offer “a good deal,” even if “free,” this food would not be a good bet. Sorry. 
Pure Foods is Delicious
I’m not sure what the other reviewing customers were eating before pure foods, I’m thinking food totally loaded with fat, sugar and salt to make it super palatable.  Pure Foods is delicious, it is closest to what we should be eating, with no extras.
If food is plated (as the directions say) there is no problem with heating up, it is the same as any other nuked food, it should be stirred.  I loved the convenience and after a properly cleansed palate and detoxed body, the meals are perfect.
Lost 81 Pounds on PureFoods
Wow, very surprised by the negative reviews. I’ve been on PureFoods for about 3 years (don’t ask), and I think it’s fine. I do prefer some of the meals they’ve discontinued, like the Thai chicken and mac & cheese, but some of their newer dishes are a welcome addition, like the Caribbean chicken.
Yes, portions are small. But guess what? That’s how you lose weight. This is how much we should be eating. After the first week or two of adjustment, I was not hungry except at meal time.
My one complaint about the food is that the meat can be dry. Some of the meals have sauces to counteract this. I’ve learned over time which ones to select and which to avoid.
When I follow the plan, I lose weight at the rate of 1-2 pounds per week. I’ve lost 81 pounds on PureFoods, eating far more variety than I would’ve if I had fixed my own food. And the customer service is terrific.
My doctor has been very impressed with the plan, too. I’m sure there are other good plans out there, but I didn’t find any that offered food without chemical-tasting preservatives at a price I could afford.
Not Too Good
I thought everything about this company was great, except for the food. But to me, that is the most important thing. It is hard for me to lose weight. I am always thinking about food and looking forward to my next meal. Here is a sample day on the PureFoods Fresh Startprogram:
Denver Omelet
I thought the Omelet was flavorless. If there was any cheese in it, it melted out. There was an excessive amount of water at the bottom of the tray (see picture) after heating too.
The diced ham, onions, and peppers were okay but soggy from the water in the tray. The omelet reminded me of a microwave one you could get at a truck stop.
Tomato Basil Pizza
I realize a microwave pizza is probably not going to be good, but I love pizza and it was on the menu, so I tried it. My suspicions proved to be correct. The crust is very soft, and boarder line mushy.
However, the tomato and basil had a nice flavor, which I really enjoyed, but there could have been a lot more cheese. The thick mushy crust doesn’t do anything to make this a decent pizza.
Stuffed Pepper
To make this diet they used a beef and turkey meat. Just okay. The rice was far from having any texture. Again, everything was mushy. The meat is not “stuffed” in a pepper, the peppers on the side.
There is a very strong flavor of vinegar, which wasn’t too good. I guess it was for the peppers but it contaminated the whole meal. I didn’t expect diet food to be too good, and I was right. This program has very small portions that would be too hard for me to commit to for any extended period of time. 
Most of These Meals I Never Finished
I expect diet food not to taste as good as regular food, and I expect smaller portion sizes. Overall, I found the portion sizes to be extremely small and unsatisfying. Many of the meals I tried had a vinegar flavor in them, which didn’t taste good to me. Most of these meals I never finished.
Chili Rubbed Beef Steak
This meal was included sweet potatoes and peppers. The portion size of the beef slices were very small and tough after I heated it in the microwave following the cooking instructions.
The peppers had strong vinegar taste which I didn’t care for. The sweet potatoes were the best part of the meal, but I didn’t find this meal to be enjoyable or satisfying.
Southwestern Egg Skillet
To be honest,I didn’t eat more than one forkful of this breakfast meal. It seemed like flavorless powered eggs, with diced potatoes, and black beans all mixed up into into one tray of food. It is as unappetizing in real life as it looks in the picture.
And it pretty much tasted just like it looks here. Flavorless and bland. I threw this out and had some instant oatmeal in order to stay on my diet plan.
Turkey Bolognese
I found this to be another disappointing meal from the Fresh Start menu. I thought the taste was one of the best I tried from them, but I am also teacher, grading them on a scale.
The portion size is very small. There is barely enough pasta to get three mouthfuls. What does make your mouth is the same mushy texture you would find in a supermarket canned pasta. The sauce was okay and tasted better than it looked in the picture.
Salisbury Steak
This is a very good meal. The Salisbury Steak tasted like it was made fresh. It was a little bland, and the portion size was small, but it restored my faith in the quality of these prepared meals.
There carrots were nothing special, and something you can find at the grocery store, but the potatoes were good. More gravy would be nice. I ate the whole meal.
Roast Pork Loin
The pork tenderloin slices were the best part of this dish, and really the only thing I ate. However, you only get one slice of pork that measures three inches wide by two inches high.
The barley pilaf had no flavor at all and the roasted vegetables just didn’t appeal to me. The tiny portion sizes are proving to be too difficult of a diet plan for me. I would much prefer a menu where I could pick out just the good meals.
Grilled Beef Steak
To me, this seemed more like a piece of corned beef than a grilled steak. It tasted like that too. Again, the pilaf had a strong vinegar flavor which didn’t work for my tastes.
The carrots looked homemade but also had a vinegar taste. The meat was really good, and there is nothing like a fresh prepared grilled beef, but one thin slice is hardly a meal in my book.
Cheese Macaroni and Beef
I was looking to having this meal for lunch, but unfortunately, it was not that good. If there is cheese in this lunch, I couldn’t find or taste any.
I was thinking mac and cheese with beef, but it is more like beef and macaroni. This meal also had a strong vinegar flavor, which I didn’t care for. Like the other meals, the portion is small.
I  can imagine chefs have a difficult time trying to make affordable weight loss meals that taste good, but the use of vinegar didn’t work for me. When I add up what I actually ate 
Not Good Either
I didn’t have as bad an experience has the previous poster, but my Pure Foods meals weren’t too good either. There were some meals I did throw out, but a few were pretty okay. Most of my meals never heated up evenly and to get them all hot, parts of some meals were over done. I wish I found this website sooner.
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NutriSystem Reviews

The NutriSystem diet plan is a heavily advertised weight loss meal plan that offers dieters a fixed menu of meals at a super low price. The portions are small and packaged in non refrigerated, shelf-stable packaging that has a shelf life of about a year. 

With NutriSystem meals you eat three specially designed meals for 28 days. These meals offer a single serving, though they are very small portion sizes. A fiber bar can be a meal.

NutriSystem does offer an a la carte menu for those people that wish to try a few NutriSystem meals before committing to an entire month of food, which is a very good suggestion. It is very hard to find the link to the a la carte section, probably because they would prefer to sell the 28-day weight loss meal plan.you must also eat an additional carbohydrate.  As far as the meals themselves, they are the typical fare of an average American diet. Breakfast usually consists of cereal, muffins, snack bars, pancakes or eggs.  For lunch, you would have soup, sandwiches, rice dishes, hot dogs or another snack bar.  Dinner consists of the best meals, as you would eat pasta, Chinese food, Mexican food or pizza.  You can also eat standard meals consisting of meat and vegetables.

At the end of the day, you are allowed one snack.  If you prefer a savory selection, the plan includes Cheese Puffs, pretzels and flavored chips.  For sweeter tastes, the diet offers chocolate bars, cookies, cakes and candy.  You can also get ice cream if you are willing to pay a little extra.
If you do not like the NutriSystem meals they offer, it is possible to get a refund.  According to their Money Back Guarantee, you will get a full refund if you try their foods for a week and do not like them.  You just have to return the remaining portion of non-frozen meals.  NutriSystem does not have any discounts or coupon codes at this time.
NutriSystem Reviews
NutriSystem Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables
Nothing about this breakfast is convenient or worth the time it takes to make. It is nothing more than a bag of powdered eggs with vegetables that have to be hydrated in water for 5 minutes before you can microwave it. Even then, you have microwave it at 30 second intervals and stir before the start of the next cycle. It took me 5 times. The eggs are flavorless and unsatisfying. I feel like I didn’t have a breakfast at all.
NutriSystem Cheese Tortellini
This “meal” was actually okay, but nothing that you couldn’t get at the supermarket for about one third of the cost. The nutritional values are about the same as the ones you would find in the store too.
The sauce tasted like a sauce that comes from a jar. The tortellini were soft and almost mushy, like you would expect coming from a can.
It was very easy to microwave, but I prefer a complete weight loss meal that has a side and vegetable. 
NutriSystem Meatloaf and Potatoes
I may be marking this meal on a curve a little, because I understand NutriSystem is the least expensive diet delivery company out there, that sells meals.
The meatloaf is small but good. It’s not your Mom’s meatloaf, but it works. The mashed potatoes are instant, but there is a generous portion. The gravy gets lost in the reheating process. Again, I’d like to see a vegetable, but this NutriSystem meal I would recommend for the dieter on a very limited budget.
NutriSystem Southern-Style Biscuits and Gravy
I ordered this breakfast because I it had 4 out of 5 stars, on 382 reviews, on the NutriSystem website. I also love biscuits and gravy. It is one of my favorite meals I seek out when I travel down south.
Again, this another powdered breakfast that is far from convenient and not worth the effort. My biscuit never amounted to anything more than a blob, and the gravy didn’t have any flavor at all. Southern-style? I don’t think so.
NutriSystem Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Again, I’m marking this meal on the “NutriSystem Curve.” The meal is far from a spaghetti and meat sauce meal your Mom would make, and much closer to a Chef Boy-a-de canned spaghetti.
It is more like meat and spaghetti than spaghetti and meat sauce. You can’t twirl the spaghetti with a fork. It’s like eating sauce from a jar with some spaghetti tossed in. The sauce is a little watery too. Eat it with a spoon.
NutriSystem Chicken and Penne Alfredo
I was pleasantly surprised with this NutriSystem meal. Of the meals I tried, it had the most substantial portion size. Although no one could make the mistake of this being a gourmet meal, the penne was good, as was the sauce.
The chicken cubes were plentiful and tasty, but they did have an after-taste like they came from a can, which extended to the sauce. Some vegetables would be nice to make it a complete meal, but this was good.
NutriSystem Chicken and Pasta
Here is another meal that you can get at your local supermarket for about one third of the price. I always thought of these little microwave cans as food for small children. There is nothing about the food that is “diet,” it’s just the tiny portion.
It did have a very strange taste that took me a bit to figure out. Sliced black olives are hidden in the sauce. It doesn’t quite go with my tastes, but this meal is okay.
NutriSystem Lasagna
Lasagna is one of my favorite foods, and whenever I get the chance to order it from a meal delivery service, I do. I have to say that most places give very small portions of their lasagna, so NutriSystem was able to maintain pace on portion size.
But it was pretty good too. I’d say it is in the top five of all the lasagnas I’ve tried. It’s not a lasagna you’ll get in Italy, but none of them are. Be sure to get a few of these, and at $6 it’s not a bad deal.
I tried this beacuse they much a big deal about pizza on the menu on their TV commercials. As a New Yorker, we know a little something about pizza and I was eager to see how this microwave pizza compared.
Of course, it’s not fresh pizza, but it was okay. You do have to build it yourself, which doesn’t make it to convenient if you’re at work. The crust is very fluffy, similar to that of one of those premade pizza crusts from the supermarket. It’s okay.
Fettucchini Alfredo
There is nothing to say about this meal than it is just bad. It is something like cups of noodles meets Italian cuisine, but this is far from any cuisine you would want to have, and have it count as you mid-day power lunch.
It is so not worth the inconvenience of reheating the product. For me, the noodles never absorbed the liquid (notice I didn’t say sauce) and the only it had in common with a Alfredo Sauce is that it is white. The cup of noodles at the supermarket are better and about 1/6 the cost.Try another lunch.
I Returned the Whole Thing
They claim that they have nutritionist who can answer any question the customer has. I tried but only got to talk to somebody who had limited knowledge. They claim their food have 0 trans fat but most of them have hydrogenated oil which is trans fat. Most of their food tasted and smelled of fish.
Fish oil and fish jelly-whatever that is-were among the ingredients. I returned the whole thing. The guarantee does not cover shipping, which was very costly. I will strongly suggest to do thorough research before considering NutriSystem. Too bad I did not come across Prepared-Meal-Delivery-Reviews.com before I wasted my money and time!
NutriSystem did help me lose 97 pounds in 8 months, but it gave me a lot of problems with my gallbladdar.  I suggest that you lose weight on your own. Their food tastes awful.
Still Have To Buy Meals at the Store
The Nutrisystem Diet is not totally truthful with their advertising. I know because I had been on it, and very dissapointed.  They certainly give you meals to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. However these “meals” are, in fact, just the “shell” of their total plan. You have to include your own food items around their plan. If you don’t, you can almost starve.
The things they do not disclose in their commercials, as well as on their website, is that you have to go shopping and purchase additional food items to supplement their meals to get enough nutrition in your diet. I thought I was a buying all the food I needed when I signed up.

I Did Lose the Weight I Wanted to with NutriSystem Food
I expected to have lesser quality meals from a diet plan, so I was prepared for the worst. I just figured I would tough it out until I lost ten pounds. Granted, this is not a gourmet meal plan, but I thought the food wasn’t as bad as most others think, maybe because of my low expectations.

The sizes of the meals are tiny, but they are portable and that makes it easy to take them to work. I carry a spare in my pocketbook, in case I need to eat a meal when my schedule changes unexpectedly.

I did lose the weight I wanted to in about a month. I might buy some packages on eBay instead of going through Nutrisystem and paying full price. Then I can do the program for a few days, or as often as I like. It worked for me, but we all know dieting isn’t fun.

My Advice would be to Read the Fine Print
Most of the foods were actually pretty decent and I really like the tracking system online.  It helped me to maintain my daily intake and taught me how to track other foods.
Nutrisystem has terrible customer service.  I was given the wrong information regarding the auto delivery option and attempting to delay it so I ended up being charged before I anticipated and having the wrong items shipped to me.  I was told the situation was fixed and the right order would be shipped to me; all I needed to do was refuse the original shipment and have it sent back to Nutrisystem, which I did.
The correct order was never shipped so I had to spend another 20 minutes on and off hold trying to get what I already paid for sent to me.  We will see if I actually receive it without any issues.
It really seemed as though customer service reps who work for Nutrisystem are not all educated about the company’s policies.  I was told several different things and my complaints were quelled but the promised actions were never taken with anything that I called about, not even by a supervisor.  Very disappointing for such a large and apparently reputable company.
If you do decide to go with Nutrisystem, my advice would be to read the fine print on their materials when ordering and expect long wait times when you do actually need to contact them.
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My Cuisine Delight Reviews

My Cuisine Delight, is a food delivery service that allows clients to order meals touted as being healthy and following the USDA and FDA healthy guidelines.

They are presented as being recommended by doctors and physicians.

Their website offers tools such as “Ask A Nutritionist” where clients can read frequently asked questions, as well as email the nutritionist and ask their own questions.

There are other weight loss tools offered by the company such as a BMI calculator, a tracking log where users can track their diet and exercise, and nutrition tips.

While this food delivery company does stay within the guidelines put forth by the FDA and the USDA, they barely stay within. For example, while the FDA and USDA recommend a sodium intake of under 2,000 mg of sodium per day, they also frequently state under 1,200 mg is best. Each meal My Cuisine Delight packages has 600 mg of sodium. Three meals add up to 1,800 mg before adding snacks.
There are four different meal plans offered. Each is a one week supply of food, providing breakfast, lunch and dinner. The four meal plans offered are:
  • DeLight One– cost for 21 meals, seven days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is $182 plus shipping and handling. The breakfast menu repeats twice, so clients need to be a fan of oatmeal, rice pudding, and semolina. The breakfast menu is the same for all four meal plans. With meal number one, clients also need to be a fan of carrots, as they are served three times in a week, in meals such as Seared Pork Tenderloin with Spiced Green Lentils and Silky Carrot Puree. With the dinner menu, clients eat seafood in the form of fish and scallops four times and chicken three times.
  • DeLight Two– the cost here is the same at $182 plus shipping and handling. The breakfast menu is the same as DeLight One, and dinner consists of four fish meals and two pork meals, along with one turkey meal. Sweet potatoes are heavily featured in the lunch rotation as is veal and lamb.
  • Meat and Poultry Feast– the cost rises here to $210 plus shipping and handling. Same breakfast menu, carrots again are the main feature on the lunch menu, however, seafood disappears from this meal. Lunch and dinner are composed of veal, pork, chicken, and beef. Lentils are eaten almost every day for lunch.
  • Seafood Lovers– Yet another cost increase drives these 21 meals to a price of $238 plus shipping and handling. Again,the same breakfast is served. Lunch and dinner take a turn with the addition of Tilapia, Pollock, and trout. The word seafood is misleading, as each meal is a fish course, not a true seafood course.
Snacks are not included and it is strongly recommended by this company that clients add fruits, green salads, and dairy to the meals, as well as adding two snacks throughout the day. While technically there is a month of different foods if each meal plan is ordered, those who do not like fish are stuck with only being able to order the Meat and Poultry Feast, as fish figures prominently in every other plan.
While each meal is balanced and does adhere to the FDA and USDA guidelines, there are no meals for those who have chosen and labeled for a low-carb lifestyle, a kosher lifestyle, or who must follow a special diabetic lifestyle. There is no way to substitute and clients cannot pick their own meals day-by-day.
Unlike some meal delivery companies, there is no minimum purchase. A client can try for one week and then never order again. Ordering can be done online or via telephone, and customer service can be reached via phone, email, or postal mail.
My Cuisine Delight offers a 100 percent money back guarantee if clients are not happy with their meals. All food is prepared in the “sous-vide” style, which means it is cooked, then vacuum packed. Meals can be reheated in the microwave or by boiling the packages. They are delivered frozen via UPS and are only available in select portions of the East Coast. Participating states include:
  • Washington, DC
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
There are many tips offered by the company including recipes for snacks and desserts, exercise tips, and more. While the recipes offered sound delicious, unfortunately they use strange measurements.
My Cuisine Delight Reviews

If you have tried My Cuisine Delight, send us your personal review. By sharing your personal experiences and insight with thousands of other visitors, you may help them to make better quality buying choices.
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Medifast Reviews

Medifast is comprehensive weight loss/nutritional program that should not be looked at as some type of fad diet, but rather as a lifestyle change. It is designed to educate the user about the benefits of proper nutrition and healthy eating.

The plan controls portions, balances nutrition levels, is low in fat and is clinically proven to help you lose weight faster and more efficiently than other weight reducing programs.

These products come in individual, single serving meals that are mixed with water and either microwaveable or refrigerated and are available in a variety of food choices. Some of these choices include hot and cold drinks, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, snack bars, puddings and pretzels. 

Fish, chicken, shrimp (shellfish), turkey, and lean beef are all allowable on the plan however it is advised that you select those meats that have the least amount of fat content. The protein provided in their products come from soy, which is considered to be a higher quality and more complete protein. Some of their products that contain soy for protein are shakes, soy crisps, pretzel sticks, brownies and soups.

The primary goal of the company is to help you achieve maximum results through proper nutrition, namely by decreasing the amount of calories you take in versus how many calories you burn. If the program is followed properly, you can expect to lose between 2-5 pounds a week.
As far expense goes most of those using the program say that what they spend to purchase foods on the plan is comparable to what they are already spending on food. Since 1980, this program has been advocated by over 20,000 doctors. They have recommended it to their patients and over one million customers have used it safely and effectively.
The diet comes with a 30 day money back guarantee where you can return any unused or unopened products for a full refund. 
Send us your personal review of Medifast!  If you have tried this weight loss service, please share your experience with thousands of other visitors. Post your Medifast Coupons and discount codes to help others save money. Sharing your personal experiences and insight can help others to make better value and quality .
Medifast Reviews
I Can Get Powdered Meals Anywhere
First, may I say it is nice to see a website that posts true reviews. When I did my due diligence for Medifast it seemed every review was perfect. Maybe their sales people are writing them because this diet plan is far from perfect. I do believe if you live on a diet of powdered soups you will lose weight. But these taste terrible. I can go the store and buy my own powdered chili (yuck) for much less. I think I am going to eat just jello. That has about the same calories as this plan and tastes much better. You have to be very strong willed for this plan, which I’m not.
Always Hungry
I gave Medifast a medal because I did lose weight, but I gained it all back. I was always hungry and my shipments were late. The food is bland and the servings are so small it is hard to stick to. The shakes were watery too, and they had a funny smell. I can’t believe doctors recommend this as a true weight loss plan.
How Long Can You Last Without Something that Tastes Good?
I have to say if you stick to this you do lose weight. The only issue is how long can you last without something that tastes good? The cost was reasonable since you only have to purchase and prepare 1 small portioned meal of meat and veggies daily.
I found the soups and pancakes to be the most edible portion of the program and wished I could eat those all of the time. Anything that was intended to be sweet was sickening as it was poorly sweetened with an odd sweetener (could have benefited from some Splenda here) and the flavorings could not overcome the vitamin taste which was overpowering and made you want to gag.
The preparation was easy enough which made me hopeful that I could tolerate it long enough to reach my goal, but, am sad to say I did not make it past a month.  The final straw was the fact that the products are soy based and apparently I have a soy intolerance.
Although I can eat soy on occasion I can not live on it as my main source of nutrition without experiencing some very severe allergy type symptoms which eventually landed me in the urgent care x3 and to my Dr. x3 before realizing that it all begin weeks after I started the program and when I finally got too sick to eat (or swallow since my throat was swelling), the symptoms began to subside.
I hope no one ever has to go through what I did. Now I am searching for a program, reasonably priced, to continue my weight loss goal.  
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Kosher Chefs Diet Reviews

Send us your personal Kosher Chefs Diet Reviews!  If you have tried this chef prepared meal delivery service, please share y
our experience with thousands of other visitors.
Post your Kosher Chefs Diet Coupons and discount codes to help others save money.
Sharing your personal experiences and insight can help others to make better value and quality buying choices. 
Kosher Chefs Diet Reviews
Shoddy Customer Service
While the food was delicious, it was overshadowed by the horrible delivery service.  They missed many days delivering to me as well as forgetting to pack all the days meals into my delivery.  It took hours and hours for a call back from customer service and when they finally did call me back, they made promises that they couldn’t keep as the week went on.  I could not recommend this diet to anyone I know because of the shoddy customer service as well as the poor delivery service.
Also Had Shipping Issues
I thought my meals were pretty good, once they arrived. I also had some shipping issues but not as bad as others. When I called customer service it took them a day to reach me but they fixed the problem and I didn’t have delivery issues after that.
The sizes of meals were perfect for me but the price made it hard for me to stay on the plan as long as I wanted to. I had some unexpected substitutions in my meals too, but there wasn’t anything that I hated. An unexpected car bill made me have to cancel the service. If you can afford them I would double and triple check the shipping information when you order.
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Freshology Review

Freshology provides fresh and well balanced diet food at your doorstep for those who are aiming for weight loss. Your food is prepared by calculating the appropriate amount of dietary needs for your body.

The variety of food is prepared by top chefs and the meals are delivered to your doorstep in stylish reusable coolers, which can be discarded is you don’t any additional use for them.

The special features of their food include nutritionally balanced food, handcrafted by top chefs, interesting and exciting gourmet menus, fresh and premium ingredients and use of all natural proteins.

If you choose a Freshology diet program the food will be door delivered accordingly.You will also receive small instructions on how to serve the food. Color codes of used for organizing the meals according to the time. You will not need to supplement other food materials because the program provides for the complete nutritional requirements.

Various benefits are associated with using their meals. It is an ideal way for effective weight loss, improves your blood pressure, energy and stamina, improves cholesterol levels and is heart & diabetic friendly. They have different programs according to your specific needs. Some of the popular meal programs offered by them are GetSlim Gold, GetSlim Silver and FreshMommy National. Each program is designed for special purposes and can be chosen according to your requirement. Apart from these programs there are the FreshDining, FreshLite and Lifestyle designed for weight loss and convenience. The program is also available for weekends.

This is a simple and healthy way to have a healthy lifestyle. The complete dining experience will help you reach your goal effortlessly because they use only natural and sustainable products. The packing materials used are biodegradable as well. You can have the convenience of eating freshly prepared healthy food anytime at home.

Freshology Reviews

Worth Every Penny, Highly Recommend to Everyone
I participated in this program over 2 years ago with a total of 100lb to lose. It was expensive but I had no trouble sticking to the program and lost a total of 50lbs.
I had to put the program on hold about a year ago due to the fact that I could not afford it. During this time I gaind back 15lbs, but still kept 35 off. I plan on going back on the program next week.
I can honestly say that I would probably be at my goal weight if I didn’t have to stop. In my opinion, it was worth every penny. The food was delicious and I lost weight consistently at a safe pace. I hated to go off the program and plan to be near my goal weight by this summer. Highly recommend to everyone!
Not Worth the Money
I have experience with other meal delivery plans. So far, for the money, I would not rate Freshology meals as particularly good. I rate the meals on a scale of 1-5 (bad-good) and so far out of 12 items (including desserts) tried, I’ve only got one 4 and two 3’s.  The rest are all 1’s (one meal even got 0). It seems in an attempt to call them “gourmet” they’ve not taken into account basic taste and texture. It’s particularly frustrating that they include so many egg dishes for breakfast where the eggs are these patties. Like “omelets”, these formed eggs do not hold up well to being dried, reconstituted, cooked, frozen then reheated.  The texture is just bad. And you can’t substitute them out (or make any logical substitutions).
They have a few categories of exclusions based on some odd logic that I can’t figure, but no way to ensure the meals you really dislike are left out. Also, they offer no opportunity with rating the meals on their website – all feedback would have to be in comments.  Other – heating instructions on one meal were wrong (failed to indicate something needed to be removed before heating) and one meal had different ingredients than on the packing list.  Overall, not worth the money.
Expensive But Okay
I know a lot of celebrities get these diet meals, but I thought they were just okay for the money you have to spend to have them delivered. I think I spent about $50 a day. I didn’t care for having to receive meals on their menu I didn’t want to eat. They do allow you pick different meals but my order came with some changes I didn’t order.
Highly Recommended if You Can Afford it
I got a discount for the 28-program, so investing in Freshology was well worth it for me.  I’m three weeks into the program and I’ve enjoyed every single meal they’ve sent.  I made three changes to the meals (no beef, pork or lamb) and they’ve honored my changes.
I’m happy there hasn’t yet been a repeat meal because the variety keeps me interested in sticking to the program. I’ve been very satisfied with my weight loss so far.
Also, I appreciated the call that I received from customer service giving me the option of opting out of a shipment because of the blizzard in the Midwest.  The woman I spoke to was VERY friendly.  I highly recommend them if you can afford this type of program.
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