Moving for Health Reasons Became a Priority

After living in Arizona for so long, I felt that I needed to move because I had so many problems with allergies there. It really affected my life on an ongoing basis. I was tired of not feeling good, so I began researching places that don’t really have plants and other things that affect people like me. After choosing a new state, I looked thoroughly at apartments in Shawnee Kansas to move into. I had heard great things about the state, and I felt that the city that I would be moving to would be comfortable for me. I had actually been there a couple of times in the past for business, so I knew what to expect.

Something about sneezing and a running nose always made me feel like such a wimp when I was in school. Kids would often tease me. No matter where I went in Arizona, I ran into things that brought on my allergies. I thought that I was destined to go through life that way until I took a couple of vacations outside of the state and noticed that I could breathe easier and never sneezed. My vacations were wonderful, but it was sad to learn that the place that I lived was too much for me. But I knew that moving is not always easy, so I stayed put for as long as I could.

My family is still back home, and they have promised to visit me often. I know that I can text, email and call them whenever I want to. My parents have even said that, after they visit me, they may even want to move to where I will be moving to. We are so close, that I don’t think we can be away from one another for very long. I would love it if they moved to my new state.

February 24, 2017 | Category: Blog